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What Does Refurbished Mean?

Written by: Cristian Fry


What Does Refurbished Mean?

You’ve heard the term “refurbished phones” but are still scratching your head about what it actually means, right?


Let’s cut to the chase: Refurbished phones are pre-owned devices that have been repaired, tested, and restored to a like-new condition.


And here at ur.co.uk, it's a process we follow in-house courtesy of our expert technicians - no outsourcing here!


Now, if you're intrigued by the world of refurbished tech and want to know why buying from ur.co.uk is a no-brainer, keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • Refurbished phones are rigorously tested and repaired to a near-new state.
  • Buying from ur.co.uk comes with perks like a 90-point check, 12-month warranty, and free insurance.
  • Know what you’re getting with UR's transparent grading system.
  • PhoneCheck highlights give you a glimpse into what exactly is tested.
  • Refurbished tech is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative to new devices.

A Peek Into the Refurbishment Process

Refurbished products get a bad rap for being "less than new," but let's debunk that myth right away.


When you buy a refurbished iPhone or other refurbished goods from ur.co.uk, you're not just getting any ol' phone.


Nah, you're getting a piece of technology that has been vetted 90 times over, thanks to our UK-based workshops.

The Mighty 90-Point Check

Picture this: a device arriving at our workshop and being greeted by our tech-savvy engineers.


These guys and gals put each phone through a robust set of tests that cover everything from battery life to WiFi and Bluetooth functionality.


It's not just a casual glance; it's a thorough investigation.

PhoneCheck Highlights - No Stone Left Unturned

We’re talking Battery Health, Fingerprint Sensor, Face ID, the works!


After these checks, each phone is certified with its very own Certificate of Identification and Functionality.


That’s right, it’s like a diploma for your phone! Check out why buying a refurbished phone from ur is your best bet.

Grading System: Know What You're Getting

You know that moment when you unwrap a gift and hope it's exactly what you want? With ur.co.uk, there's no need for crossed fingers.


We've come up with a transparent grading system to give you the confidence that you're getting what you paid for whichever refurbished model you choose.

The Holy Trinity of Grades

  • Premium: These are the crème de la crème of refurbished phones. They look as if they've never seen the inside of a pocket, let alone a tumble on the pavement.

  • Excellent: Slightly used but barely bruised. You might notice a few micro-scratches, but they're nearly invisible unless you're really up in the phone’s grill.

  • Good: These have lived a fuller life, rocking a few more noticeable scratches, but still, they're far from beat-up.

Each grade comes with a minimum 80% battery health. So, no worrying about your phone giving up on you halfway through a Netflix binge.


Curious About the Condition of Our Refurbished Phones? - Learn More Here

The Appeal of Refurbished: Why it’s Gaining Popularity

Tired of shelling out big bucks for brand new tech that's outdated in a year? Meet the game-changer: buying a refurbished phone.


It’s like giving technology a second life, but in a fabulous new outfit. Plus, going refurbished is a savvy move for your wallet and the planet.

Bang for Your Buck

We've all been there, lusting after the latest smartphone only to choke on the price tag. Buying refurbished iPhones or other popular brands like Google offers a middle ground.


Imagine grabbing an iPhone or Samsung at a price that won’t gobble up your monthly paycheck.


Sounds good, right?

Green Is the New Gold

E-waste is a pressing issue. You know what helps? Investing in refurbished electronics.

It's like planting a tree with every purchase—


Oh, wait, we actually do that at ur.co.uk!


Learn the Difference Between Used and Refurbished Phones

Avoiding the Pitfalls When Buying Refurbished Goods - A Handy Guide

There's a sea of third-party retailers out there, but not all are cut from the same cloth.


How do you navigate this maze and ensure you buy a refurbished product that won't betray you after the first month?


Here's why you should choose UR for your refurbished device.

Seal of Authenticity: Warranty and Guarantees

At ur.co.uk, all our refurbished devices come with a 12-month warranty. And not just any warranty; it’s like the VIP lounge of warranty coverage.


You can also breathe easy with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Your hard-earned money is safe with us.

Insurance and Accessories: The Icing on the Cake

Why stop at just the phone? With ur.co.uk, your purchase includes 12-month free insurance and £45 worth of accessories.


We’re not just talking about a sketchy screen protector; we’re talking quality stuff here.


Will a Refurbished Phone Last as Long as A New One? Get the Lowdown

It’s All in the Specs - The Inside Scoop on Refurbished Products

You're not just buying a phone; you're buying its specs, its soul. What’s under the hood matters, folks!

Battery Life - The Heart of the Matter

Your phone's battery is like its heartbeat, and at ur.co.uk, all our refurbished phones have a minimum of 80% battery health.


No more scrambling for chargers halfway through the day!

Camera and Connectivity: Picture-Perfect Performance

Snapping selfies or hopping on a Zoom call, the camera and network connectivity are crucial.


Our PhoneCheck highlights include extensive tests on the front and rear cameras, as well as network connectivity and sim reader tests.


How to Tell if A Phone Is Refurbished? Know What to Look For

Behind the Curtain: The PhoneCheck Highlights

Ever wondered what your phone's got to go through before it earns the ur seal of approval?


Our engineers run a 90-point check, from battery health to earpiece quality. And yes, even a police stolen property check. Talk about thorough.


  • Battery Health: You don't want a phone that drops dead on you.

  • Fingerprint Sensor & Face ID: Privacy, locked down tight.

  • Network Connectivity & Sim Reader: Making sure your phone is a social butterfly just like you.

These are just a few examples of the stringent criteria each device must meet.


Every checked and approved phone comes with its own Certificate of Identification and Functionality.


That's not just refurbishment; that's practically a knighthood!

What Drives the Price?

Refurbished tech is a smart way to snag quality for a fraction of the price. You might wonder why one refurbished iPhone costs more than another.


It's not random; it's all in the refurbishment process and the grading. Storage size and condition of the device are two of the main driving factors.


But remember, regardless of these factors, you're still getting a phone that's been tested rigorously, fits in your pocket like a charm, and doesn't break the bank.

Accessories: More than Just the Cherry on Top

When you buy refurbished from ur.co.uk, you're not just getting a phone. You're also getting £45 worth of accessories, including:


  • Charger

  • Charging Cable

  • Compostable Case (with selected devices)

A Warranty You Can Bank On

At ur.co.uk, each phone comes with a 12-month warranty and is PhoneCheck certified.

We also offer 12-month free insurance and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


So, if your refurbished phone doesn't meet your standards, we've got your back and your money.

Pixel, Samsung, or iPhone: Take Your Pick

Whether you're an Android aficionado or an Apple addict, we've got something for everyone.


Take your pick from a variety of refurbished Pixel phones or refurbished Samsung Galaxy devices. The world of refurbished phones is your oyster!


Ready to buy your next phone? Browse our collections and find the phone that’s right for you. 


Happy shopping!

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