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Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2020 4th Gen Wifi
Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2020 4th Gen Wifi
Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen Wifi
Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen Wifi
Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2022 5th Gen Wifi + Cellular
 Refurbished Apple iPad Air 5th Gen Wifi
 Refurbished Apple iPad Air 5th Gen Wifi
Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2020 4th Gen Wifi + Cellular
Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen Wifi + Cellular
Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen Wifi + Cellular

Get UR Refurbished iPad Today! offers you an extensive collection of refurbished iPads, each restored with a meticulous check and protected by a robust 12-month warranty.

Our iPads come with Phonecheck certification, ensuring optimal performance and quality.

With every purchase, enjoy added peace of mind with our 12-month free insurance, FREE cable and charging adapter, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We take pride in contributing to the environment too - for every iPad ordered, we plant a tree.

Explore our collection now! With ur’s iPads, you’re not just investing in the best technology - you’re supporting sustainability.

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- iPad Air 2022

- iPad Air 2020

- iPad Air 2019

Discover the Savings: Refurbished iPad Air at

Ready for an incredible deal? Dive into the world of refurbished iPad Air at Our selection delivers the best of Apple’s tech innovation without denting your wallet.

Rest assured, each refurbished iPad Air undergoes a rigorous revamp process, ensuring you get a device that is visually and functionally as good as new.

By choosing refurbished, you unlock significant savings - enjoying the sleek design, rapid performance, and stunning display of an iPad Air for less than you’d expect.

Our refurbished iPad Air range makes high-quality tech affordable. It’s not just about stashing some cash; it’s about smart shopping and getting more value from your investment.

So why wait to experience brilliance? Explore the outstanding features of an iPad Air today and make a savvy saving with our superlative refurbished range.

Refurbished Devices: An Eco-friendly Choice

Discover a greener gadget pathway with ur, your certified refurbished device marketplace. Embrace sustainable technology without compromising on performance or style.

High-quality, fully tested, and bundled with unbeatable support - ur helps you save money and the planet in one savvy swipe. Be part of the circular economy today!

Space Grey or Silver? There's Plenty More Where They Came From!

Experience the charm of our meticulously refurbished iPads in classic Space Grey or Silver.

Don’t let colour limit your choice, though, as our extensive iPad Air range boasts more hues to match your style.

Each second-hand iPad in our collection works perfectly after rigorous testing, making them beyond just ‘worth buying’.

Dive into the world of premium technology with UR’s certified solutions, where old iPads get a new lease on life!

New Vs Old: How Our Refurbished iPad Air Models Measure Up

Choosing between new and refurbished iPad Air models? At UR, we ensure that choosing refurbished is a smart and sustainable choice.

Our rigorous refurbishment process guarantees iPad Air models that perform as good as new.

Refurbished at UR doesn’t mean compromised. It means premium tech, thoroughly inspected for functionality and aesthetics by skilled technicians.

By choosing our refurbished iPad Air, you get a product that’s been meticulously checked, cleaned and competitively priced while reducing the environmental impact.

UR stands for transparency and customer satisfaction. With each purchase, we provide a detailed report of the refurbishment process.

Choose UR’s certified refurbished iPad Air models - it’s sustainable, economical, reliable performance without breaking the bank.

Wi-Fi Compatibility & Connectivity: What to Expect from Your Refurbished iPad

Immerse yourself in a world of flawless digital experiences with a refurbished iPad from

Offering optimal Wi-Fi compatibility and connectivity, our devices undergo rigorous testing by certified experts to guarantee you uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and gaming.

With us, you don’t just buy an iPad; you invest in reliable technology that enhances your digital lifestyle.

Whether it’s video-calling loved ones, firing off work emails, or exploring new worlds in high-definition games, expect seamless performance from our products.

At UR, we’re committed to delivering not only quality but also affordability. We believe that premium tech should be accessible to everyone.

That’s why we’re here—to bridge the gap between desire and ownership with our range of professionally refurbished iPads.

Experience the UR difference today! Embrace the perfect blend of performance, reliability and cost-effective solutions without compromising on features or functionality.

Understanding Electronic Waste and the Value of Buying Refurbished Products

In an age where technology moves at a blistering pace, our hunger for the latest gadgets often leaves behind an enormous footprint in the form of electronic waste (e-waste).

It’s a growing global concern, but there’s an immediate solution that stands within your reach: purchasing certified refurbished products.

E-waste refers to discarded electronic devices or components. When you buy new gadgets only to replace them shortly after, you’re contributing to e-waste.

Staggeringly, around 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed globally each year—a number projected to increase exponentially if left unchecked.

But here’s where UR can turn the tide. We champion sustainability by giving these electronics a second lease on life—meticulously restoring them to near-mint conditions, while ensuring they meet our strict quality standards.

By choosing UR’s certified refurbished items over new ones, you’re purchasing products that are as good as new without causing further strain on our environment.

More than saving our planet, there are practical benefits when you go refurbished. You get high-quality tech for less money!

Our team ensures every gadget undergoes rigorous testing and repairs before being reintroduced into the market—guaranteeing optimal functionality at a fraction of the cost of buying brand-new.

Plus, every purchase comes with warranties and customer support rivalling those of fresh-out-the-box items. You won’t just be buying smart—you’ll be buying with confidence.

With UR, choosing refurbished isn’t just about getting great value for money—it’s about making responsible decisions that protect our planet.

Together we can reduce e-waste and create a sustainable future while enjoying the premium gadgets we love.

Shopping for a ‘New’ Device: Unpacking Your Refurbished iPad

Discover the perfect blend of quality and value with UR’s refurbished iPads.

Each device undergoes a thorough check, ensuring you enjoy the same functionality as new, but at a fraction of the price.

No need to worry about potential issues either – we’ve got you covered with a 12-month warranty and free insurance for your first year. In addition, every iPad comes complete with a cable and charger for immediate use.

Choose smart, choose secure, choose savings – unpack your ‘like-new’ refurbished iPad from UR today.

The Assurance of a One-Year Warranty and 12 months FREE Insurance on Every Purchase

Upgrade smartly and save money with UR! Our cheap refurbished iPad Air devices, complete with Phonecheck certification, deliver top-notch performance.

Each device is tested rigorously to ensure full working order. Save big without compromising on features - all packed with essential accessories.

Shop worry-free as each purchase comes with a one-year warranty and 12-month free insurance. Reduce e-waste while enjoying refurbished devices that feel new.

Choose wisely, choose!

From Screen Size to Storage Space – Everything You Need to Know About Our Refurbished iPad Models

Dive into the world of dynamic technology with our refurbished iPad Air models.

At, we deliver the perfect blend of functionality and affordability with each refurbished product we sell.

Experience stunning visuals on a grand scale as our iPad Air models offer impressive screen sizes, designed for vibrant presentations and immersive entertainment.

Worried about storage? We’ve got you covered. Choose from various storage capacities tailored to fit casual surfers or hardcore tech enthusiasts alike.

UR believes in quality that goes beyond aesthetics.

Every refurbished iPad Air undergoes meticulous inspection and servicing by certified experts before it reaches your hands, ensuring performance that’s akin to a new iPad.

Step up your tech game without breaking the bank. Explore our range of refurbished iPad Airs today; they’re not just devices, they’re gateways to a world of limitless possibilities.

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