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Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular Aluminium Case
Apple Watch Series 5 GPS Aluminium Case

Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5

Are you looking for a watch that has it all? A sophisticated design with all the innovation of a modern gadget?

Our refurbished Apple Watch Series collection offers just that – a harmonious blend of Apple's revolutionary technology and an irresistible price point.

Designed for those who value both quality and affordability, these watches cater to anyone seeking a daily companion that offers convenience, connectivity, and health tracking.

Here's what you get with a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 GPS and a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular.

A Closer Look at the Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5

Below are some of the key features of the refurbished Apple Watch Series 5.

A Display Where Clarity Meets Functionality

Each refurbished Apple Watch in our series is a testament to refurbished design and technology.

With a choice between a 44mm display boasting 368 by 448 pixels and a 40mm option offering 324 by 394 pixels, clarity is at the forefront of the refurbished Apple Watch Series 5's design, bringing every detail to life, whether you're glancing at the time, tracking your next workout, or reading a message.

Plus, each one comes with an Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display, enhanced with Force Touch technology, allowing you to view important information, such as notifications, messages and time, without touching the screen.

Robust Processing Power

Coupled with the robust S5 SiP with a 64-bit dual-core processor, these watches offer not only unmatched display quality but also the speed and efficiency that Apple users adore.

This seamless integration of advanced display technology with powerful processing capabilities makes every refurbished Apple Watch not just a device, but a gateway to an elevated digital experience.

You can expect every scroll and every tap to be smooth as butter, regardless of daily demand.

Additional Features

That's not all; the Apple Watch Series 5 isn't just about its stunning display and powerful processor; it also has a hub of other features designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Here's a glimpse of what these refurbished devices offer:

  • GPS/GNSS: Navigate and track your location with unparalleled accuracy. The GPS functionality is ideal for explorers and fitness enthusiasts alike and ensures you're always on the right path.
  • Electrical Heart Sensor: This advanced feature offers a comprehensive view of your heart health. It's like having a cardiologist on your wrist, monitoring your heart's rhythm and alerting you to any irregularities.
  • International Emergency Calling: Safety is paramount, and with international emergency calling, your watch becomes your guardian. Whether travelling abroad or on a home adventure, help is just a wrist tap away.

Each feature of these refurbished Apple Watches is meticulously designed to cater to both your connectivity and health needs, proving that technology can be both a luxury and a necessity.

Plus, you can expect your device to work like a new Apple Watch with the help of our in-house expert team, who refurbish every gadget with the utmost care, making it better than any second-hand Apple Watch currently on the market.

Customising Your Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5

Do you want a cheap Apple Watch that suits your personal preference and style? The refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 does that as well.

Like nearly all our refurbished watches, you can expect a range of choices before you check out.

  • Various External Conditions: All our Apple Watch deals come with a variety of external options.
  • From Good condition, Excellent condition and Premium condition, you can choose whether you want your Apple Watch like new or showing some signs of its past life.
  • View our FAQ section for more information.
  • A Range of Colours: Get a device that suits your personality. Whether it's Gold, Grey or Silver, we have plenty of options to make your Series 5 your own. Space Grey is currently not available.
  • Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular: Do you want to explore the world without Wi Fi restrictions? Well, we also have Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular options to help with that too, ensuring you stay connected with cellular data, no matter your location.

Plus, every cheap Apple Watch from comes with at least 80% battery health, so you've got battery life to last you years to come.

Value of Refurbished Apple Watches from

But wait, there's more to come. All our Apple Watches come with a whole host of other benefits to make your day even more pleasant.

  • 12-Month FREE Insurance: As an industry first, every refurbished Apple Watch we sell comes with 12-month FREE insurance to ensure your phone is protected from any unfortunate incidents. 
  • Free Delivery: No one enjoys nasty surprises at checkout; that's why we've included FREE delivery for all devices, allowing you to save money even more.
  • 100% Biodegradable Packaging: Every device purchased will arrive in 100% biodegradable packaging so we can reduce e-waste and protect the future together - all part of our commitment to sustainability

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