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Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 Deals

Are you looking for a watch that has it all?

Our refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 collection offers just that – a harmonious blend of Apple's revolutionary technology and an irresistible price point.

Designed for those who value both quality and affordability, these watches cater to anyone seeking a daily companion that offers convenience, connectivity, and health tracking.

Take a look at our refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 GPS and refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular today!

Apple Watch Series 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We provide refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 with a 12-month warranty plus FREE delivery and student discounts with the best UK prices on used refurbished Apple Watch Series 5. Are you currently searching for a new timepiece but struggling with the hefty cost that comes with it? are here to help.

Looking for more information on our low priced refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 deals? Below we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions our customers ask us.

We provide refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 with a 12-month warranty plus FREE delivery, FREE insurance, and student discounts at the best UK prices. Are you currently searching for a new gadget but struggling with the hefty cost that comes with it?

Buy a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5, which is thoroughly inspected to provide a gadget that works and looks like new.

We provide the best prices available for refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 at a fraction of the original cost of a brand-new device! We check prices on a daily basis to give you the cheapest Apple timepiece available.

We go above and beyond to ensure our customers benefit from a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 we know they will love.

12-month warranty for complete peace of mind.

30-day return policy to give you complete reassurance should you have a change of heart.

Strict check carried out by our expert engineers; nothing is missed.

Recycled watches re-crafted to as close to faultless as possible.

Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 are used timepieces that have undergone full repairs, cleaning, and testing before being re-sold.

Each device must pass a check to ensure it is in good working condition, providing quality comparable to brand new device at a lower cost. The condition of our refurbished timepieces varies based on usage, with more wear resulting in lower prices.

This inspection involves checking even the most minor details, including its microphone, headset port, and even its home button, to guarantee you have the best watch experience possible.

If purchased from a reputable seller, like us, our refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 come fully restored back to factory conditions, and with a 12-month warranty to cover various faults should any be found.

All our low-cost refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 also arrive in various external grades to ensure you can save even more money along the way.

Every aspect of the timepiece is analysed, and we would NEVER send out a device that is not performing as it should be.

We provide watches in three grades: Good condition, Excellent condition and Premium condition.

Good condition watches show signs of their past lives, including a few scratches here and there on their body and screen.

Excellent condition watches are the perfect solution for those wanting a happy medium. These refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 show some micro-scratches on their body and screen that won't be visible beyond 30cm away.

Premium condition watches look and feel like brand-new devices straight from their original packaging.

We included FREE delivery with every Apple Watch Series 5 purchased from us.

We provide the widest range of refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 with assorted colours, specifications and memory capacities so you can be sure to find the perfect one at a price right for you.

You'll receive a cleaning cloth, watch strap, charging cable, and plug free of charge alongside your device.

It’s a common misconception that pre-owned devices won’t always have a long lifespan.

Despite the lower prices, Apple Watch Series 5 that people hand in to us are rarely in a bad condition.

Quite often, people will pass their watch along with the intention to switch to the latest releases.

As a result, we get the best batches of used Apple Watch Series 5 to refurbish. As we have mentioned, we don’t just sell any old thing!

As part of our testing regime, we will affirm that the watch has an average battery life of 80% or more.

We have a team of experts sourcing and price checking all our Apple Watches.

Yes, we may buy your old Apple Watch from you - click here to learn more.

Sign up to our circle of good karma and after 12 months of watch use - we will send you a reminder at this point, and you’ll be pulled back into the Circle to find the next best timepiece!

Yes we offer a student discount as we know money is tight at the moment. We have partnered with Student Beans and offer a 10% discount for all students in the UK.

When buying a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 from UR you are helping to preserve the environment.

Incorrect disposal of a brand-new watches does more environmental harm than you might think, causing toxic chemicals to seep into the surrounding lands and resulting in land pollution to the local environment.

This is all without consideration for the wider environmental harm of Apple Watch production and its ultimate effects on the depletion of vital natural resources.

Our commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of what we do as we seek to fight these environmentally harmful issues head-on.

At UR we not only seek to recycle and restore old Apple Watches to provide them with a new lease of life, but we also plant a tree for every device repurchased from us.

Plus, your model will also arrive in a 100% biodegradable box, ensuring we can protect forests and wildlife along the way!

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