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UR Compostable Eco Case for Galaxy S10

Are you looking for a refurbished phone? Do you want it to be current and at a reasonable cost? A ur refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 is a perfect choice.

For many reasons, Samsung is the world's best-selling smartphone brand, and you're looking at one of them. The Galaxy S series' slimline, curved-edged elegance has been extensively imitated but never surpassed.

If you want to benefit from amazing deals, devices in pristine condition and a 12-month warranty for complete peace of mind, shop with ur today.

What to expect from the camera on a refurbished Samsung S10

he Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ phones have a variety of enhanced camera functions that allow you to take professional-quality photos at any time.

Make the most out of the 16MP ultra-wide camera, excellent video quality and 10MP selfie camera, perfect for capturing precious moments.

The circular aperture for the camera, which is new to the S10, is another standout design feature. This breakthrough allowed Samsung designers to expand the dynamic AMOLED display area to 6.1 inches, offering cinematic, edge-to-edge viewing of movies and games. It replaced the notch on prior Galaxy S series models. It also makes for some amusing wallpapers.

The Scene Optimiser software detects subjects in a photograph and automatically improves their quality. The Samsung S10 cameras now offer ten more scene categories, bringing the total number of scenes to 30. Face, Baby, Cat, and Dog are some of the new sceneries.

Live Focus now includes a variety of blur effects, allowing you to create a wide range of artistic images.

You can capture Super Slow-Mo recordings for two times longer on the refurbished Samsung S10 than on prior versions - you can record for up to 0.8 seconds and listen to it for up to 27 seconds.

With three back cameras on the Samsung S10 and S10 Plus, you have three views to select from. The ultra-wide lens provides a 1230-degree field of view, as if you were looking through a human eye. It also allows for even more expansive panorama photos.

To get the best shot, tap the leaf, tree, and forest icons on the screen to effortlessly swap between cameras.

Other specifications that make the Samsung S10 the perfect device for you

The Samsung S10 is a powerful phone that has a ton of great features. It has a sleek design, a super-fast processor, and it's waterproof too. But if you're looking for a smartphone that lets you do everything from gaming to streaming TV shows on Netflix, this phone is definitely for you. Here are some of its best features:

- This phone comes with different storage capacities: 128GB and 512GB - so there's something for everyone who wants to store their favourite photos or videos on their phone!

- With its fast processor and large battery capacity, this smartphone lasts up to 10 hours between charges despite its larger screen! That means you can take it with you wherever you go without worrying about having enough battery life for all your activities throughout the day.

- The in-screen fingerprint sensor on the front of this phone makes it easy to unlock your device with just one touch.

- This model is renowned for its beautiful screen and cutting edge technology that goes above and beyond many other phones on the market at its time of release.

All ur refurbished smartphones come with a warranty

To make sure we're all on the same page, here's a bit more information about your 12-month warranty.

What exactly is covered?

If your phone has a problem that isn't your fault, please contact us right away. We'll ask you to send your phone to our technical support team, who will investigate the issue. If it's covered by warranty, our technicians will get to work quickly to repair it, and if they can't, we'll send you a replacement as soon as possible.

What isn't included?

Because your phone is always with you, we understand that mishaps can occur. However, as you’d expect, if your phone is damaged or dropped, or if it stops working due to unauthorised software updates, this won’t be covered by your warranty.

Why not sell your old phone to ur when upgrading to a refurbished Samsung S10?

When you sell your phone to us at ur, it's about much more than a transaction. It means giving your device the longer life it deserves and bringing in our professional specialists to keep used phones out of landfills - protecting both the environment and your wallet.

See how much your old phone is worth

What’s in the box with a Samsung Galaxy S10 refurbished? 

Each and every ur phone comes fully equipped with:

- Charging cable and 20W fast charging plug with a branded logo

- A 100% biodegradable phone case in the colour of your choosing

- Screen protector made of premium glass

- Cleaning cloth

- Care instructions on the package

- SIM tray opener

- Proof of the tree that was planted as a result of your purchase!

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Here at ur, quality and customer service is something we take extreme pride in. So much so that you can rest assured that your device will:

Be in excellent condition - we have a high rate of pristine products with minimal signs of wear readily available.

- Undergo robust quality control checks as part of a 90-point testing regime

- Be checked for battery health and have a minimum battery capacity of 80%

- Come with a whole bunch of freebies designed to maximise the performance of your phone

Impressed? We thought you would be. Explore our wide range of refurbished Samsung phones to find the right device for you. From the Samsung Galaxy Z to the Samsung S20, our collection is sure to meet your needs.

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