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Is your student finance currently restricting your budget, causing you to miss out on top-of-the-range devices just outside your price range?

At, we believe you shouldn't settle for second best, so we're here to offer you a 10% student discount on all products and purchases, whether you're an Apple lover looking to explore the latest refurbished iPhone 15 Pro Max, or a Samsung devotee yearning to clutch the sleek, newly refurbished Galaxy S23.

Combined this with 12-months FREE insurance, and you've got yourself a worry-free refurbished phone at an even more
affordable price.

Student Discount at

Students save at with Student Beans.

For instant access to this discount simply register and verify your student status with Student Beans. It's free!

  1. Verify your student status with Student Beans
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  3. Discount will be automatically applied!
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Popular Asked Questions on Our Student Offers

Where do I register to gain a student discount?

Receiving this discount is as simple as a few quick clicks. To get started, pop onto the Student Beans website and input your student email address or ID to verify your student status.

You'll then receive a discount code to apply during checkout.

Who is eligible for these exclusive deals?

Worried you won't be accepted for a discount? Don't be.

This offer is available to nearly everyone in full-time education, whether you're at school, in sixth form, or at university;
it's even applicable if you're currently in an apprenticeship.

As long as you're over the age of 16 and have some method of verification of your status, such as access to a student ID card or email address, you'll be able to access this exclusive offer in mere minutes.

What products is this applicable to?

Got your eyes on one of our refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? Or are you a smartphone camera enthusiast looking to snap away on the latest refurbished Pixel phone?

Whatever your preferred taste, UR's student concessions can be applied to all our smart watches, phones, and tablets for as many transactions as you like, ensuring you can receive some of the best deals at the best discounts currently available on the refurbished phone market.

What else do I receive with UR's Student Discounts?

Want to know how we set ourselves apart from other popular student discounts?

While you might not get a free sausage roll or sweet treat, as with some offers, what you do get are truly valuable extras,
enabling you to embark on your new phone journey with flair.

£45 Worth of FREE Accessories: On selected devices within our refurbished phone range, you'll receive up to £45 worth of accessories, including a new 100% compostable eco-case*, a charging plug, and a cable.

12 Months of FREE Insurance: Each product will also arrive with 12 months of FREE insurance, protecting you and your device from a wide
range of unfortunate incidents, should any occur.

FREE UK Delivery: Your device will also arrive at your door at no extra charge, allowing you to save even more money along the way.

Beyond receiving one of the best student discounts available, we'll also plant a tree for every device we sell in an
effort to create a cleaner, greener future for all.

Join UR's circular economy today!