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The Galaxy S21 5G may be the smallest of the 2021 flagship range, however Samsung has made it abundantly clear by the tons of features crammed into the S21 that good things really do come in small packages! 

That’s not to say this phone is tiny – after all we know size is relative – so maybe calling this a ‘compact’ phone instead may be more accurate. It does however, come with the smallest screen size of the three S21 models, at 6.2-inches. 

The thin bezels & tiny punch hole front selfie camera play a significant role in keeping the display area as large as possible. The flat surface & edges of the front, opposed to the earlier iterations with rounded sides, are protected with Corning Gorilla Glass, while Samsung have gone with a matte back made from ‘Glasstic’, a specially reinforced Polycarbonate material for an overall classy vibe. 

This gorgeous looking phone is available in 4 Samsung Phantom stylish shades, with the ‘Contour Cut’ metal island that houses the triple rear camera creating a striking contrast, evident on the Phantom Violet model with the rose gold contour wrapping around from the side.

When you buy your refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 5G from ur, you’re not only choosing a wonderful device, but you’re also choosing to help the environment too!

Is the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 5G a good phone?

The team here at ur think yes, the Galaxy S21 5G is an exceptionally good phone! Typically aesthetically pleasing, as you would expect from a Samsung flagship range device, this vanilla version of the S21 models is a smartphone that is as dependable as it is good-looking and the multitude of positive Samsung Galaxy S21 5G reviews out there will confirm our humble opinion.

The Dynamic AMOLED 2X display is beautiful and bright with fantastic colours and high, strong brightness levels. The display boasts a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which means viewing moving content in videos & while gaming is smoother and clearer than at a lower refresh rate (ie.60Hz). Using this higher rate constantly would usually be a massive drain on the battery however, hence Samsung introducing the ‘adaptive refresh rate’, giving the Galaxy S21 5G the capability to change rates according to what content is being displayed and extending the battery life. 

The triple rear camera comes with 3 lenses – the main 12MP wide sensor, the 12MP ultrawide and the 64MP telephoto lens, with 3x Hybrid zoom. Able to shoot 8K video at 24fps and with the ‘Super Steady Video’ capability, this is a dependable and versatile camera setup that will allow you to capture high quality content and images every time.

The 10MP selfie camera on the front allows to you take either Natural or Bright selfies, great for when we’re not feeling our best! With loads of Samsung software features also available, the S21 5G camera is the ultimate combination of quality and fun.

What condition will Premium refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 5G come in?

When you buy a Premium graded refurbished phone from ur, the only noticeable difference from buying a brand-new phone is, of course, the affordable price. Often saving £100s on brand new phone prices, our range of Samsung phones at ur have all been expertly restored by our in-house technicians to a like-new condition. 

All our used phones have passed a stringent health check, have a minimum of 80% battery health and have been wiped clean of any previous data. 

The price of the phone will depend entirely on the ‘Grade’ or condition. Here at ur we assign the following grading categories to our products:


All our premium refurbished phones are sold in immaculate condition, not a single mark or scratch on the body or screen.


Phones graded as being in ‘Excellent condition’ may have a tiny micro-surface scratch that can’t be removed, but which won’t actually be visible beyond 30cm. Your friends will never realise this was not a brand-new phone – definitely ‘excellent’ value!


This category of phones shows more signs of being loved previously, with either small marks or very tiny scratches visible on both the body and the screen. 

What’s in the box? 

Every expertly refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 5G phone, in fact all of our refurbished phones, are sent out to their new home in a beautiful 100% biodegradable box.

With every refurbished phone bought from ur, we also offer free fast delivery, a 12-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, plus a set of accessories worth up to £45. 


Our Commitment

The dedicated team at ur are extremely proud of our ongoing fight against climate change, even despite our love for technology.

To offset the environmental impact, we have promised to plant a tree for every refurbished phone we sell while also helping fund projects based all over the world.

Follow our environmental progress here

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