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One of the most responsive and nimble refurbished iPhones out there is the 13. In fact, according to Apple's engineers, the A15 Bionic is now a whole 50% faster than its closest rivals thanks to the addition of a fifth graphics processor. You'll definitely notice that extra speed if you try playing the newest games on your new iPhone 13.

Another benefit of the iPhone 13 is its battery life. Compared to the previous model's 11 hours, it can stream video for up to 20 hours on a full charge.

Plus, the 6.1-inch organic LED (OLED) display has the highest possible maximum brightness for an Apple phone and an ultra-sharp 2532x1170 resolution.

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How Powerful is a Refurbished iPhone 13?


Selfies have taken a quantum leap with the 12MP front camera, bringing your best angles into the limelight.

Nestled in the rear, the two main cameras whisper a secret: Apple's Photographic Styles technology, dressing your snapshots in bespoke looks.

The magic doesn't end there; they've learned a new trick, snatching 47% more light to splash on your memories for crisper photos and videos.

And when the director's chair beckons with new camera features, the camera cinematic mode iPhone feature steals the scene, infusing your films with the kind of depth effects and focus transitions that scream silver screen mastery, elevating the totally advanced cameras to new cinematic heights.

The refurbished iPhone 13 Pro is also faster with the help of its cutting-edge A15 chip, one of the fastest available on the market, and a big boost in performance.

You're looking at the ultimate iPhone when you combine built-in durability with a ceramic edge-to-edge shield that is more durable than any smartphone glass.

Plus, the refurbished Apple iPhone 13 has a Super Retina XDR display and a battery life that is better than ever

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The Value of Buying Refurbished Devices From

At ur, purchasing a refurbished iPhone Apple is much more than just making a transaction.

Giving your item the lifespan it merits entails bringing in our knowledgeable professionals so we can minimise the number of phones heading for landfills.

You're doing a great thing by purchasing a pre-loved mobile phone and we think that one good deed merits more nice deeds.

When you purchase a ur refurbished phone, we'll plant one tree for every sale. And when you have finished with your phone, sell it back to us and return the original box and we will plant two more trees.

We check, check and check again with the iPhone 13 refurbished

Here are our 90-point phone check highlights:

- Battery Health

- Battery Charge Cycles

- Fingerprint Sensor

- Face ID

- WiFi


- Bluetooth

- Power Button mechanical functionality

- Home Button cracks

- Volume Buttons software functionality

- Loud Speaker

- Secondary microphone

- Main microphone

- Earpiece

- Headset Port

- Front Camera

- Rear Camera

- Flashlight

- UltraWide Camera Quality

- Touch Screen

- Network connectivity

- Sim Reader

- Screen lifted

- Glass chipped

- Glass deep scratched

- Liquid damage marks

- Police stolen property

- Network blocked phones

- Insurance claim check

You can also enjoy ur peace of mind with our 12-month warranty.

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