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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - Unlocked
UR Compostable Eco Case for Galaxy S20FE

Samsung S20 FE Refurbished

Did you know you can buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE refurbished at ur for up to 70% less than if you bought it new? 

The Samsung S20 FE has been updated with new colours and features expandable storage, an AMOLED display, wireless charging, and a triple-lens camera.

Why choose a refurbished Samsung S20 FE?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a fantastic addition to the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Many of the same components are used as in the Samsung Galaxy S20 but at a reduced price. In comparison to earlier Samsung S10 entrants, this is a superb and evolved option, but not as strong as the Samsung S20 Ultra or the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. 

If you buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 FE from us, you'll get a 12-month warranty and free next-day delivery. Thanks to the S20 FE's incredible 4K@30/60 fps video quality and 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, you can watch your favourite shows or films in stunning quality, providing you with a unique online entertainment experience.

The S20 FE's high-grade triple-lens camera with 12MP, 8MP, and 12MP quality lenses is ideal for those who appreciate capturing great images on their phone.

This phone is for those who want it all. The Galaxy S20 FE 5G, designed for the social generation, refuses compromise. Get a cutting-edge Triple Lens Camera with S20 pro-grade capabilities. A 6.5" Infinity-O Display with a Super-Fast 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and an On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner keeps your favourite things safe. All of them are matte-finished and come in six different colours.

Our skilled engineers meticulously restore ur phones to their former glory


Every phone that comes through our UK-based workshops is subjected to 90 tests and inspections. 

This rigorous 90-point phone inspection guarantees that your phone is always ready for whatever you throw at it.

Our phones are evaluated using the industry's tightest diagnostic criteria carried out by our skilled phone engineers with unrivalled technical know-how.

The Approved Used status of ur phones is due to this thorough refurbishment process. Our experts have approved it for use by you and your family.

Our engineers certify each item with its Certificate of Identification and Functionality once it has been reviewed and certified, giving it the approval to become a part of the Circle.

Here are the highlights of our phone check:

- Battery Health

- Battery Charge Cycles

- Fingerprint Sensor

- Power Button mechanical functionality

- Face ID

- WiFi


- Bluetooth

- Home Button cracks

- Volume Buttons software functionality

- Loud Speaker

- Secondary Microphone

- Main Microphone

- Earpiece

- Headset Port

- Front & Rear Camera

- Flashlight

- UltraWide Camera Quality

- Touch Screen

- Network Connectivity

- Sim Reader

- Screen lifted

- Glass chipped

- Glass deep scratched

- Liquid damage marks

- Police stolen property

- Network blocked phones

- Insurance claim check

A path to positive karma for you

Your 100% biodegradable packaging serves as more than simply an environmentally responsible delivery method for your beautifully refurbished phone. It's the path to good Karma for you.

You'll ensure that when you're ready to upgrade your old phone, its chariot is waiting to rejoin the circle if you keep your box. We'll give you the maximum possible price to trade it in for your new one if you've loved it.

What is in ur box?

- ur new phone 

- ur Cable 

- ur 20W fast charging plug 

- 100% Compostable Case

- High-quality glass screen protector 

- Cleaning Cloth 

- Sim Tray opener 

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