12 Month Warranty Explained

Written by: Buyur Ltd


12 Month Warranty Explained


A ur warranty is peace of mind. We know having a phone that's covered if it stops working, is really important

So just to make sure we're all on the same page, here's a little more on how your 12 month warranty works.

What’s covered?

If there's a fault with your phone that wasn't your fault, then get in touch straight away. We'll ask you to send your phone to our tech engineers who will assess the problem. If it's covered under warranty, our experts will get onto fixing it up sharpish and if they can't, we'll get a replacement sent out to you pronto.

What’s not covered?

Your phone goes with you everywhere, so we know that accidents can happen. Sadly, we can't cover you for everything. That means if your phone is damaged or dropped, or it's stopped working because of unauthorised software changes – we won't be able to cover you.

We also don’t cover:


  • Liquid damage
  • Corruption caused by unlocking your device
  • Cracks to screen or casing body
  • Accidental damage
  • Intentional damage
  • Software defects
  • Unlocking issues
  • Damage caused by attempting to repair or adapt the device by yourself or a third party
  • Improper use of accessories
  • Faults or damage that may arise due to normal wear and tear e.g scratches to the touchscreen
  • Battery life – we set our acceptable minimum battery health percentage to be 80% of the original manufacturer's capacity