Refurbished Apple iPhone 8

Refurbished Apple iPhone 8

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Apple iPhone 8 - Unlocked
Apple iPhone 8 - Unlocked 64GB
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Apple iPhone 8 - Unlocked
Apple iPhone 8 - Unlocked 256GB
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UR Compostable Eco Case for iPhone 8

You’ll never find an iPhone 8 refurbished to this level of perfection anywhere else

Are you looking for the best deal on a refurbished iPhone 8 that’s still in immaculate condition? You’ve come to the right place. 

Here at ur, we don’t just sell any old refurbished phone. 

Our expert tech engineers put their blood, sweat and tears into restoring old phones back to their former glory. If you want to buy an iPhone in excellent condition, ur can offer you a refurb phone for the lowest possible price but the highest possible quality.

If that doesn’t sound appealing enough, we also throw a couple of free cool extras into every order, too. Convinced? We thought you might be. 

We work hard to acquire a wide range of colours and storage options so that every preference and taste is catered for. Choose from space grey, silver, or gold and then simply select from our selection of price ranges, depending on your preferred level of refurbishment. 

Shop now for the swankiest, most premium, most sustainable and cost-effective refurbished iPhones on the internet - you’ll be joining the ur Circle before you know it. 

You’ll get more than just a like-new iPhone - ur gives you more

After 12 years in the industry, we know the ins and outs of repairing, restoring and revitalising technology. This knowledge, coupled with our dedication to providing an unrivalled service, makes us leaders in the market. We love our phones as much as we love pleasing our customers, so you’ll never get anything less than extraordinary when you choose us for your next handset. 

We understand that many customers feel hesitant to purchase a second-hand phone, so here’s exactly why we want you to feel confident in joining our Circle:

We thoroughly test every device 90 times over

To ensure our phones are fully functional and ready to be re-used by their new owners, we conduct a rigorous 90-point-check testing regime. Plus, our refurbishers are unmatched in the industry; they restore every device to immaculate condition with precision and diligence. The only contrast you might find between our ‘excellent’ and ‘good’ grade phones is minimal scratches to the body. Aesthetic condition is the only difference between a brand-new iPhone and a refurbished one!

Our packaging is deluxe, sustainable and reusable 

Many other refurbishment companies box phones in a simple, standard and (we hate to say it) plain-ugly box. We create stunning, 100% biodegradable packaging to ensure that you receive a 10/10 product that hasn’t cost the environment to make it. What’s more, every time you buy a ur phone, we’ll send it boxed with a free 100% compostable eco-case and also plant a tree in ur honour. Our mission is to carefully craft products that make amazing gifts. Impress your loved ones by purchasing a high-quality phone that comes wrapped in a funky, carbon-positive box - they’ll love it!

12-month warranty incase you change your mind 

Are you searching for an iPhone 8 with a great warranty? We know how important it is to feel protected, which is why we give you 12 months cover with every phone purchased. Should you encounter anything wrong with your device, you can send it right back to us. 

Added extras you just won’t find anywhere else

Fancy a freebie? With every phone purchased, we’ll throw in the following load of items worth £45 at no extra cost:

- Branded charging plug and cable

- A 100% compostable phone case in ur choice of colour

- Premium glass screen protector 

- Cleaning cloth

- Care package instructions

- SIM tray opener

- Confirmation of the tree that has been planted thanks to ur purchase! 

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 8 specifications

You may be asking yourself the question, is the iPhone 8 still worth it in 2023? To answer honestly, YES it certainly is. If you’re looking for a decent iPhone at an affordable price, the iPhone 8 offers that and much, much more. Moreover, this model has actually now been discontinued by Apple, meaning that our website may just be one of the only places you’ll find it available. So, what’s good about this handset?

Camera quality

Despite this phone’s age, the camera on this device is just as good as some of the newer models such as the iPhone SE (2020). Both are installed with a 12MP rear camera with autofocus and a 7MP front camera. Despite the fact that this model does not have the dual-camera set-up that is present in the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X, it’s still a very good camera for regular use. For example, if you plan to simply use your phone camera for random shots of your dinner or the odd selfie, the iPhone 8 is perfect for you. 

Water resistance

Apple graced the iPhone 8 with an IP67, meaning that it’s pretty tough and can resist some splashes and dust. This IP rating means that this phone should survive up to 3 feet of water for up to half an hour. Although we do not recommend challenging this, you can take great comfort in knowing that your phone should not be destroyed if accidentally dropped in a puddle! 

Fast charging and wireless charging

Gone are the days of waiting hours to charge your phone. The iPhone 8 was one of the first models to embrace the beauty of fast charging and even enables wireless charging. With the right charging cable, you can expect to have your phone charged to 50% in around 30 minutes. How’s that for convenience?

Browse our wide range of products to find the right phone for you

We’ve said it once and we will say it again. You won’t find a refurbished phone like ours ANYWHERE else. We pride ourselves on restoring excellent condition iPhones that are crafted to the highest standards. Our mission is to provide you with a phone that you adore. Once you’re done, package it back to us and we’ll touch it back up to perfection ready for its next owner. 

Not only do you benefit from quality phones at exceptional prices, you also contribute to a cleaner, greener planet. Purchase a phone today and we’ll plant a tree to say thanks. This really is a win-win situation all round! Take a look at our phone range to bag yourself an iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus or anything else that tickles your fancy. 

You’ll never want to buy new again.

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