Refurbished Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Refurbished Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

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An iPhone 12 Max Pro refurbished should be above and beyond what you expect from a phone.

That’s exactly what the dedicated team at ur delivers, consistently. 

We take our refurbished devices apart, test each component, clean it extensively and put them back together with precision. We replace every part, including the screen and processor, to ensure that your iPhone 12 Max Pro is as good as new - and then some.

Shop now for the most pristine refurbished iPhones on the market - you won’t be disappointed.

Above and beyond your average refurbished device

We're committed to giving you the best possible experience with your refurbished phone.

When you buy a phone from us, we know that it's going to be a part of your life for a long time. We don't just want to sell you a phone. We want to make sure that when you've grown attached to it, it will still be working as well as the day it was bought. That's why we put our heart and soul into every device we repair: so that when you pick up your refurbished phone, it feels like new.

Not only that, but we offer an impressive 12-month warranty on all of our products, because you deserve complete peace of mind. 


What can you expect from us?

- A 90 point check as part of our rigorous testing process.

- High level of ‘excellent’ condition phones. Nothing inadequate leaves our warehouse.

- Complete attention to detail and a commitment to providing complementary accessories to maximise the life of ur device. 

- 30 day grace period to allow you to feel comfortable with the condition and working order of your phone.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max refurbished: 5 reasons to choose this phone

When you're looking for a modern, powerful device, there's no better place to start than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has impressive specifications that make it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Here are 5 reasons why this model is the one for you:

1. The iPhone 12 Pro Max boasts a wide screen and an HD-plus resolution. This means you'll enjoy crisp text, vivid colours, and sharp images all day long.

2. As for storage, the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with either 125GB or 512GB of internal storage capacity. The fantastic storage capability of this device means that if you need more room for your favourite apps and files, you're in luck.

3. This phone comes with two cameras on the back: one 12MP wide-angle lens and one 12MP lens that can switch between them seamlessly so you can get the right shot every time. The front camera has been upgraded to 7MP so selfies look even better than ever before!

4. The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a battery that will keep you going for days, even if you're a heavy user. The battery life is approximately 14 hours long (when web browsing). So, if you're looking for an iPhone that won't die on you halfway through the day, this is the one for you.

5. The content creators best friend. This clever little device has a spectacular video camera, enabling users to record HD footage in various settings. If you’re ready to capture all of your moments in stunning detail, look no further.

 ur circle: How does it work?

Buying refurbished is the right decision. You deserve rewards for your efforts.

As soon as you check out your phone, the cycle begins. What follows?

1. Congrats! This is the phone you've been waiting for. A phone that has been repurposed. For the next 12 months, you'll be using and loving this phone. 

2. As a thank you for choosing a pre-loved phone, we'll plant a tree in celebration of your choice. The goal of reducing e-waste is something we are passionate about, and we want to do everything we can to reach it.

3. You'll receive a reminder from us to upgrade your device for the latest model on our website once you're a part of our circle. 

4. Your warranty expires 12 months after purchase, so you will be able to sell us your phone back. Upon receiving your old phone, you will receive payment within minutes. 

5. In the meantime, our engineers will be working hard to restore your previous phone. However, you can go ahead and grab the replacement phone.

Then you're done. The advantage of joining our circle is that you will continue receiving low-priced phones while protecting the environment at the same time!

Explore your endless options of iphones and samsung mobiles with ur

Pre-loved phones are constantly being received for refurbishment. That means that whatever you're looking for, we're highly likely to get it right here.

With our wide selection of models such as the iPhone 8, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS, you'll find a device that fits your needs. 

As part of your package, you'll receive a lot of free extra accessories designed to enhance the performance of your phone and protect it from harm. 


In your box you will get:

- A 20W fast charging plug

- A compatible charging cable

- A 100% compostable phone case made of robust materials

- A premium glass screen protector 

- A luxury soft cleaning cloth

- Care package instructions to help you make the most of your device

- Packaging that is both stunning and eco-friendly 

Refurbished phones have never been so good - shop with ur now for refurbished phones that are second to none.

Join the ur Circle today - you’ll never need to buy new again.

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