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buying used

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At ur, phone buying means a whole lot more than just a purchase. It means giving your device the lifespan it deserves, looping in our expert technicians so that we can loop out the landfills. By buying a ur phone, you’re doing something great. And we believe one good turn, deserves another.

Complete the Circle

When you are ready for your new phone – we'll take your old one. It's that simple

Send your phone back to us within 12 months and we'll give you the best possible trade in price. The more you've loved it, the more we pay

And it's not just your pocket that benefits, but the planet too. Each time you return your phone to us, we plant two trees in honour of your good deed.

Is your phone ready to trade in? Let's loop you in.

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Charging change with refurbished phones,
planting trees with every purchase

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