Refurbished Apple iPhone XR

Refurbished Apple iPhone XR

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Apple iPhone XR - Unlocked - Black
Apple iPhone XR - Unlocked 64GB
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Apple iPhone XR - Unlocked - Black
Apple iPhone XR - Unlocked 128GB
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UR Compostable Eco Case for iPhone 14 pro max

Are you passionate about technology and the environment? We are too. Which is why we supply fantastic quality refurbished phones. We’re looking to make a difference to our planet through restoring recycled devices. 

Join us in our mission to be environmentally friendly. Join the ur circle.

Get your hands on a gleaming, like-new refurbished iPhone XR for a fraction of the RRP price. By purchasing a ur phone, you’ll save your bank account a fortune and, what’s more, you’ll be joining others in the effort to save the planet too - who can argue with that?

Our phones undergo a robust 90-point-check testing regime to ensure that the handset is completely functional and ready to be reused by its new rightful owner. On top of this, our professional refurbishers are like no other - every single device is restored to immaculate condition through the utmost precision and diligence. 

The iPhone XR is one of Apple’s most fast-performing devices that boasts a wide range of brilliant specifications. 

Browse products now and purchase your better-than-new unlocked iPhone today. Find your iPhone XR 64GB and other storage capacities, including the 128GB and 256GB, at the best market price now.

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What can you expect from ur refurbished iPhone?

We don’t put in all of this hard work refurbishing phones to neglect the packaging. You can expect ur phone to arrive in a beautifully designed box packed with goodies and necessities.

£45 worth of free accessories* including a funky compostable phone case, cleaning tools and a premium glass screen protector.

A completely unlocked refurb phone, ready and waiting for you to insert any SIM card.

A branded charger is placed in each package at no additional cost to optimise your phone’s battery life.

The satisfaction of knowing you just contributed to the growth of a tree, by simply clicking ‘checkout’! 

12-month warranty for complete peace of mind (we’re pretty confident you’ll love ur phone!)

We pride ourselves on our firm commitment to our customers. Because of this, we pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the product you receive is top-notch. You won’t find deals, variety, packaging or initiatives that come anywhere close to ours.

Why is the iPhone XR so good?

Sitting comfortably as one of Apple’s most popular mobile phones, the iPhone XR boasts a variety of attractive features and software specifications. From the sleek, curved design and beautiful finishes to the bright LCD screen and powerful A12 Bionic chipset, the XR is a brilliant choice for those looking for a high-performance device. 

Battery life 

The performance of this phone leads us to talk about the battery life. We understand how frustrating a phone with a poor or unreliable battery can be, but the iPhone XR has no issues here. In fact, the XR has been highly commended by users and critics alike for this feature. Outranking previous models, the XR is a solid choice for a battery that won’t let you down. 

Colour range 

Fun and vibrant colours make the iPhone XR range stand out amongst other models. Choose from a range of colour options to suit your taste. We stock the XR in blue, red, white, yellow and coral - simply select the colour that tickles your fancy. Feeling spoilt for choice? Luckily, our assortment of phone cases are just as bold and wonderful - pick a contrasting colour case for maximum aesthetic appeal! 


Because this phone integrates Apple’s A12 processor, the performance is competitive - particularly in comparison to most Android phones. Gone are the days of waiting for slow loading pages, with the iPhone XR being impressively responsive. Because of this, the XR can pretty much handle any large app without skipping a beat. If you plan to use editing tools or gaming Apps on your phone, this model is ideal for you. 


The iPhone XR is both water and dust resistant. This phone is crafted with strong, but lightweight, materials and has been commended for its exceptional durability against damage. Moreover, Apple states that their engineers have made significant improvements to the glass display, making the XR tougher than any other previous model.  


For the iPhone XR, Apple has developed a liquid retina display that spans edge to edge and top to bottom with minimal bezels. It also boasts an impressive resolution of 1792 x 828. For its security features, Apple has fully embraced facial recognition technology when creating this phone. What’s more, some users claim the XR to be faster at unlocking the phone through face ID than the iPhone X

What is a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is a previously owned iPhone that has been restored to like-new condition. You should not be discouraged by the fact that these phones have been recycled. Quite the opposite actually - UR's team of technicians will restore any previously returned or damaged devices to like-new condition at a far cheaper price.Each handset is thoroughly inspected inside and out, and any necessary repairs are completed to ensure each phone is ready for sale. You should choose certified and experienced suppliers to obtain products that are authentic and high quality, which is why you should choose us.

Is a refurbished iPhone as good as a new one?

Refurbished and new Apple products are basically identical except for their price and condition. Refurbished iPhones are far more affordable than new iPhones despite only varying in cosmetic condition. There is no functional difference between the two - both work exactly the same. Used phones are guaranteed to work and are thoroughly wiped of any information from their previous owners. The grading categories we split our products into are as follows:

Premium: Not many refurb companies can offer this. We sell phones in immaculate condition that look good enough to be brand new (psst - buy one as a gift and your loved one would never know you got it cheaper!).

Excellent: The screen is flawless with no damage, but you may find the odd scratch on the body of the phone. In other words, a phone in excellent condition has cosmetic flaws, but these flaws are barely noticeable.

Good: This is the lowest grade we categorise phones into. The product will have signs of wear and may have some cosmetic damage, but it will function as you would expect any Apple product to work.

The expert team here at ur know exactly what they’re doing, so much so that you’ll be kicking yourself for not finding us sooner. You’ll never buy new again!

Keep ur device in circulation - Love it. Use it. Recycle it.

Bag yourself a like-new iPhone XR unlocked from ur for the best deals on the market. We look after our phones as much as we look after our customers - you won’t experience anything else like the ur circular economy. 

Why purchase a brand-new iPhone when you can get one - without an inch of quality compromised - for a far cheaper price right here? Find a wide range of refurbished phones, such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 11 or a host of Samsung phones, at unbeatable prices - you won’t want to miss deals THIS good. 

It’s not just us that thinks our refurb phones are unrivalled, our Circle members vouch for us too. Make your first purchase today and join 250,000 ur phone members in our Circle. 

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