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The Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G refurbished is the an impressive option in the S22 flagship range – between the petite sibling S22 and even larger S22 Ultra.

The S22+comes encased in robust Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ front and back, framed in a slightly shiny aluminium. Lightweight at 195g and only 7.6mm thick, the overall design is all about quality & elegance, however when combined with the high IP68 rating (how well the phone holds up against dirt, dust and water), we also have a robust, compact device.

Why should I choose a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G?


Although Samsung have not made many massive changes between the S22 and the Galaxy S21, if it’s a premium flagship phone you are after at a reasonable price, a refurbished Galaxy S22 5G+ from ur is the way to go. 

The S22 +does not have the biggest screen of the S22 range, however with the stunning Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, it’s vivid brightness & vibrant colour accuracy, you will not be disappointed at the output The Dynamic AMOLED screen has very thin bezels, enhancing the full display size of the 6.6-inch screen. 

The ‘Always-On’ display, of which Samsung was one of the first to incorporate into its devices and followed now by Apple, is one of the premium features of the S22+, where a small amount of information (such as time, date, notifications) is displayed on screen even while the device is asleep or inactive. 

As we do here at ur via our partnership with Ecologi, Samsung are endeavouring to help the environment with its sustainability initiative ‘Repurpose Ocean-Bound Plastics’.

This programme recycles material salvaged from old fishing nets to produce the power button and volume rockers for the Galaxy S22 range.

Looking inside, the Exynos 2200 chipset ensures that the S22+’s performance lives up to the high standards you would expect from Samsung’s flagship phones – according to GSMArena it scores highly across a range of tests. For regular day-to-day usage, the performance is quick with little evidence of lagging or issues.

The versatile rear triple camera on the refurbished Galaxy S22+ boasts a 50MP wide-angle lens, a 12MP ultrawide and a 10MP telephoto sensor with a 3x optical zoom. The camera is  where we see an obvious difference from the S21, which has a 12MP wide, a 64MP telephoto and a 12MP ultra wide lens.

Both the rear and front cameras can capture video at 4K 60fps, however the rear camera is also capable of shooting at an incredible 8K 24fps. 


What are the features of 5G?

Faster download speeds:

Most of the UK mobile networks now offer 5G services at up to 10 times faster than 4G. In fact, real-word examples have seen it achieving speeds of over 400Mbps (megabits per second) while tests in real-world conditions at Canary Wharf in London have resulted in over 1Gb/s or 1,000 megabits per second! Amazing when you consider the average fibre broadband speed is 30Mbps.

Lower Latency:

This means that 5G mobiles will have less lag, or buffering, with reaction times faster than a human brain! Many tasks that need quick responses that couldn’t previously be achieved, such as multiplayer gaming, are now possible.

Greater capacity:

All of the networks will be able to cope much better with the high demand from both customers and their apps.

Why should you buy your next Samsung smartphone from ur? 

There are many reasons why you should buy an expertly refurbished S22+ 5G from ur, the first being the hundreds of pounds you could save! We sell a huge range of Premium Samsung phones at ur, all at prices that make buying a brand-new phone instead simply unthinkable. 

Second reason is the industry-leading skills of our in-house technicians. Every phone that passes through our warehouse has been restored to the highest professional standards, checked and graded, to give you that ‘like-new’ phone experience and Approved Used status.

Or maybe it’s because of the 12-month extended warranty, up to £45 worth of accessories and free, fast delivery? You get all of this as standard when you buy a refurbished smartphone from ur

Then of course, there is the environment. E-waste (electronic equipment) is now the world's fastest growing domestic & commercial waste stream. With the UK being one of the largest producers of e-waste in the world, we would prefer our phones to live again by being refurbished and reused, rather than just adding to the already massive e-waste output. 

Why not sell your old phone to ur when upgrading to a refurbished Samsung S22+ 5G? 

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Our commitment to sustainability

The dedicated team at ur are extremely proud of our ongoing fight against climate change, even despite our love for technology. To offset the environmental impact, we have promised to plant a tree for every refurbished phone we sell while also helping fund projects based all over the world.

Follow our environmental progress here


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