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It happens to the best of us: your phone has a massive crack in it after being dropped and you desperately need a new one. Perhaps it fell out of your back pocket and into the toilet, or perhaps you simply don't want to pay an arm and a leg for your new Galaxy S10. Whatever brought you here, we've got you covered.

We are extremely ecologically conscious at ur, and we are equally as enthusiastic about gadgets and our customers. All of this adds up to a 10/10 service and a large choice of immaculately restored Samsung phones that you won't find anywhere else.

Join us in our effort to save the world, one phone at a time.

What to expect with a refurbished Samsung S10 5G


The gorgeous Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5G has all the amazing features of the Galaxy S10, but with the added benefit of being able to connect to 5G networks.

Get rid of slow browsing speeds and improve your online experience.

A magnificent triple camera with 12MP (wide), 12MP (telephoto), and 16MP (ultra-wide) and an exceptionally smooth and stunning video quality (operating at 2160p@60fps) are just a few of the wonderful features available.

What is 5G, and why should I buy a 5G refurbished phone?

The speed of 5G is around ten times that of 4G. It's designed to operate at speeds of 150-200Mbps on average, with peak speeds exceeding 1Gbps. This means that you'll be able to download a full HD movie in under three minutes (compared to over 15 minutes on 4G).

If speed is important to you, then Samsung has a range of 5G ready phones - S10 5G, S20 5G and the S21 5G - all fully refurbished and ready for a new home on the ur website.

What are the advantages of buying refurbished phones?

Climate change is a huge topic right now, and while we're all doing our part to help, many of us still opt to upgrade our phones as soon as our contract expires.

But did you realise that mobile phones are the most harmful of all technology, with 9,023 phones discarded every second of the day?

Refurbished phones come in many shapes and sizes, so you can still get one whether you just need something cheap and cheerful that works, or you're desperate for a newer model. 

You're saving money and protecting the environment at the same time.

Our commitment

UR is proud of its good contribution to the fight against climate change, despite its love for technology. We've promised to plant a tree for every refurbished phone we sell, and we've already planted 5,800 trees in our forest.

But this is only the beginning; we want to continue reducing e-waste and encouraging people to think in a circular manner. You can be a part of the change if you choose a refurbished phone from ur.

Follow our environmental progress here.


We hope we’ve sold you the benefits of going refurbished - your wallet and the environment will thank you.

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