What Condition Do Refurbished Phones Come In?

Written by: Cristian Fry


What Condition Do Refurbished Phones Come In?. Are you considering buying a refurbished phone? Maybe you have your eye on a Samsung S22 Ultra or a budget-friendly Galaxy A52 5G handset.

More of an Apple fan? Then maybe an iPhone 12 or a top-of-the-range iPhone 14 Pro Max could be right up your street.

Either way, it's important you know what to expect when it comes to the condition of refurbished phones.

Here at ur.co.uk, we keep things simple by grading our refurbished devices accordingly:

  • Premium: Like-new refurbished phones with no visible scratches and a minimum of 80% battery health.
  • Excellent: Refurbished phones with minimal wear and tear, unnoticeable scratches beyond 30cm, and at least 80% battery capacity.
  • Good: Visibly used refurbished phones with light scratches on body and screen, and a minimum of 80% battery health.

Regardless of the grade you choose, knowing the ins and outs of buying refurbished phones can not only save you money but give you peace of mind, too.

Let's explore what condition refurbished phones come in so you can make a confident decision when you buy a refurbished phone.

Are Refurbished Phones Good?

Refurbished phones are the ultimate eco-friendly choice, allowing us to keep up with the latest technology without contributing to the ever-growing rate of electronic waste.

By opting to buy one, you're giving your wallet (and the planet) a break while still gaining access to great features and specs that can rival many brand new devices.

As well as helping to reduce landfill waste, refurbished mobile phones promote a circular economy that's essential for sustainability. 

So, yes - refurbished phones are a good purchase if you're looking for an affordable and eco-friendly option.

If you're looking to play your part in reducing e-waste, why not take a look at our selection of certified refurbished phones today?

How are Phones Refurbished?

Are you curious about how we refurbish our phones?

Well, let us tell you: each and every phone that passes through our UK-based workshops undergoes 90 different tests and checks - yes, really!

Here are just some of the highlights to ensure all devices are fully functional (with plenty more where these came from!):

  • Battery Charge Cycles
  • Power Button mechanical functionality
  • Insurance claim check

It's this rigorous Phonecheck certified 90-point rigorous testing process that guarantees the quality of your refurbished phone and means it'll be perfectly fit for your pocket.

With such detailed scrutiny and fantastic customer care, you can rest assured that ur has you covered when it comes to refurbished phones.

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Will A Refurbished Phone Have Scratches?

Any phone owner will know that minor scratches are inevitable on any device refurbished phone retailers have for sale.

We’ve all dropped it onto a hard floor, and no case will be able to protect it from all signs of wear and tear. So yes, inevitably, our refurbished phones will show some minor signs of damage.

However, any repairs we can make to improve the look and feel of our refurbished phones will be taken care of before being sold.

On top of this, all devices we sell have a unique description which states the amount of damage, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

In the grand scheme of things, even if you were to buy a brand new phone, you’d eventually end up with the same minor scratches - but will have spent a LOT more money for the privilege of being the first to scratch it.

Does A Refurbished Phone Come With A New Battery?

Battery life is possibly the biggest concern you may have with a refurbished handset, as it is a problem that cannot be seen at a glance but can really affect your day-to-day life.

We get this. That’s why UR has an 80%+ battery life guarantee.

All of our phones are guaranteed to have a battery life of 80% and above, which should be more than enough to get you through a full day without the need to recharge.

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Does A Refurbished Phone Come With A New Warranty?

All ur refurbished devices come with a 12-month warranty, so you don’t have to worry about any underlying issues that may crop up.

We would highly recommend that anyone looking to make a refurbished phone purchase makes sure to check the warranty period is as generous as possible.

Any reputable retailer would be happy to do this as they know their products are top-notch. For you, a warranty is not just a safety net but also acts as a way to find reputable businesses.

It’s one of the many reasons why buying a refurbished phone is a no-brainer. You’ll be saving money on the initial purchase, and you’ll be covered if anything unexpected happens.

What Condition Do Refurbished Phones Come In? - Final Thoughts

With the amazing advantages of buying a ur refurbished phone, from our 12-month warranty to free insurance, as well as £45 worth of accessories, including a charging cable and charging plug, there’s no reason not to invest in a professionally checked refurbished device today!

Not convinced? We even have a 30-day money-back guarantee in the likely event you're unhappy with your purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our refurbished phones today and get the best price, guaranteed!

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