Will A Refurbished Phone Last As Long As A New Phone?

For some, purchasing a brand-new phone is too expensive and therefore not an option. Whilst others cannot understand some of the absurd prices for a new phone, especially when last year's model is now half the price. 

Surely there must be a catch to buying a refurbished phone and that's why new phones have a heftier price tag...right? 


Here's why…

Why Do People Sell Their Phones to Refurbishing Sites Like UR?


Many people sell on their phones to get their hands on the newer model, mostly for vanity and aesthetic purposes. It’s rare to see refurbished phones which are significantly worse than the same model straight out of the box. 

Not to mention, we are extremely picky about which refurbished phones will make it to resale. We have strict and rigorous testing to ensure that any phone we sell is up to scratch. If you’re still not convinced, UR offers a 15 month warranty should you face any problems. 

We’d hope any reputable retailers in the business would do the same, but we can only speak for ourselves of course. 

Will A Refurbished Phone Last Long? 



A refurbished phone is practically a new phone. As previously mentioned, we do an extensive 90-point test and make any repairs necessary before putting the phones on sale for you. 

This includes ensuring that all of our phones have a battery life of 80%+, this should then last for a full-day of average phone usage. 

Is A Refurbished Phone Right For Me? 


If you want a decent camera, internet access, apps, and be able to call and text without a hefty price tag, a refurbished smartphone is perfect for you.


Take a look through the selection of phones we have on offer and make your own mind up as to whether a refurbished phone is the right choice for you. Each phone has an individual description and grading so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

Still not convinced? A member of our team will be more than happy to talk through any of your concerns with you.