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Best iPad for Students: What is the best iPad for students?

Written by: Emma Morris


Best iPad for Students: What is the best iPad for students?

Are you a student looking for the best iPad for your studies?

Let's cut to the chase: an iPad can offer a balanced blend of performance and affordability - perfect for a student on the go.

But, which one best suits you?

Stick around and find out with UR.co.uk.

If you're eager to snag a reliable tablet without emptying your wallet, don't sweat it. UR.co.uk has a curated selection of refurbished Apple iPads to meet your academic needs. Plus, feel good knowing you're contributing to a sustainable future.

Key Takeaways

  • iPad Air: Great performance, not so hard on the wallet.
  • iPad Pro: A beast in power, if you can afford it.
  • iPad 9th Generation: Less features, but great for the casual user.
  • Accessories: Apple Pencil and keyboards as well, oh my!

Calling all creative students! Unleash your imagination and take your artistry to new heights with our in-depth guide to the best iPads for drawing.

Why are Apple iPads Important to Students

Being a student is tough. Heavy laptops, back-breaking textbooks, and endless amounts of notebooks. 

But picture this—you can ditch all that for an iPad, a lean academic machine that packs all your school essentials into one sleek and easy-to-carry gadget.

Imagine you're in a lecture hall. The professor's droning on, and you've got an assessment due tomorrow. 

Don't worry! Your iPad's multitasking skills and touchscreen magic mean you can take notes in one window and discover facts for your essay in another.

It's like a study buddy that never stops.

So, start off your college or university year in style life with style, and feast your eyes on our guide to the best iPads for you.

It's a move you won't regret.

Fact: Based on a 2016 education statistics report, a whopping 86% of students believe that tablets like the iPad helped them study more efficiently. These numbers don't lie!

Choosing an iPad for Students

So, what do you look for when finding an iPad for your studies? 

Well, when you're on the hunt for the perfect iPad to keep up with your academic life, you should take several factors into account.

You have to think about storage space for all your files, apps, and battery life for those marathon study sessions!


Let's talk about storage capacity.

If you're someone who swears by Google Drive and keeps your life in the cloud, 64GB might cut it for you. 

But hold up—if you're that student who loves hoarding lecture slides, e-books, and those oh-so-important selfies, then the 256GB option is your best bet.

Think about it. You're juggling assignments, social media, and maybe a side gig or hobby. That extra space is like a breath of fresh air for your digital life!

Size and Weight

Considering which size and weight can feel like a balancing act. Right?

Well, you need an iPad that won't hurt your back when you're sprint between classrooms. But, don't skimp on screen real estate either.

You're going to need enough digital canvas for those furious note-taking sessions, endless e-books, and labyrinthine research.

So, pick an iPad that's a cosy middle ground—light as a feather, but big enough to keep your academic life running smooth as butter.

Battery Life

Now, let's dive into battery life.

Having an iPad that boasts a battery life of up to 10 hours isn't just a nice-to-have; it's absolutely crucial for those days crammed with back-to-back lectures, study groups, and library sessions.

The last thing you need is to be tethered to a charging plug when constantly on the move.

Display and Accessories

Don't short-change yourself on the display.

A good quality Retina screen with solid brightness isn't just a treat for your streaming marathons.

It'll make your eyeballs thank you when you're reading through 50-page PDFs or slogging through online lectures.

Also, don't forget the add-ons! An Apple Pencil isn't just a fancy stylus—it's your best friend for jotting down lecture notes.

And a magic keyboard? That's basically your secret weapon for cranking out essays like a professional.

Do you want some more tips and tricks to become a iPad professional? Go check out how to use your iPad as second screen and ramp up your multitasking game.

The Refurbished iPad Pro 11-inch 6th Generation

The iPad Pro 6th Gen isn't just another tablet; it's a powerhouse designed for people who want more out of their technology.

Let's dig into the features of this exceptional device.

  • Display: The display is nothing short of exceptional. At 2388-by-1668-pixel resolution, the 11-inch LED backlit Multi-Touch screen with IPS technology delivers clarity and vibrant colours. Altogether, making it one of the best iPad for students with artistic endeavours.

  • Storage: Storage is another high point. Choose from a wide range, starting at 128GB and going up to 2TB. Remember! The more storage you have, the less you'll need to rely on cloud services for your heavy files.

  • Battery: This iPad Pro has enough power to keep you entertained or productive for up to 10 hours with Wi-Fi. So, rest easy as you live life away from those charging plugs. 

So, summing it up: if you're a student looking for top-notch tech that complements your studies, the iPad Pro 6th Gen is your luxurious match made in digital heaven.


Although it's an expensive iPad, it's an ideal splurge for those who want the best tools in their educational arsenal.

Refurbished iPad Air 5th Generation

If you're on the hunt for a tablet that hits the sweet spot between performance and value, the iPad Air 5th Generation could be the one for you.

  • Display:  At 10.9-inch display with a resolution of 2360-by-1640-pixel at 264 pixels per inch, it's smaller than an iPad Pro models with a lower screen performance. But compared to others, its display is larger and higher quality than the more inexpensive Apple iPads.

  • Storage comes in two flavours: 64GB or 256GB. Light browsers or heavy-duty users, there's a slice of this digital pie for you. It's your pick, tailored to fit just how much you want to jam into your tablet.

  • M1 Chip: Boasting the Apple-crafted M1 chip, the 2022 iPad Air takes a gigantic stride in the performance arena, positioning itself as one of the mightiest tablets on the market.

Add the chip's prowess to its budget-friendly price, and you've got yourself a tablet that's not just a class act in performance but also a genius that represents the best value for money.

Overall, this makes it the top choice for students looking to snag themselves a great deal.

Refurbished 9th Generation iPad

So you're thinking, "I want the best tablet out there," you might be eyeing those new iPad Pros. But before you dive into the deep end of expensive iPads, let's chat about a gem that often gets overlooked: the iPad 9th generation.

  • Display: For starters, feast your eyes on its 10.2-inch Retina display, with 2160-by-1620 pixel at 264 pixels per inch ology.  With True Tone technology, the colours adjust to your environment, making it easier on the eyes.

  • Storage: The base iPad comes with 64GB storage, but if you're a digital hoarder, you can upgrade to 256GB.

  • A13 Bionic chip: Though not as powerful as the iPad Air 5, this 9th Generation's chip is a perfect tool for students wanting to use their Apple iPad for emails, taking notes, or checking their grades with its high refresh rate.

So if you want an iPad that's affordable without feeling like a downgrade, the 9th gen iPad is your best option.

This often-overlooked contender packs enough punch for day-to-day tasks, making it ideal for students or anyone who doesn't need the absolute top-tier features.

The Refurbished iPad Mini 6

Do you want something small and compact? Meet the iPad Mini 2021 6th Generation - one of the lightest iPad on the market.

  • Weight and Size: Weighing around 293 grams with a screen size of 5.3 inches by 7.69 inches, the iPad Mini is great for students who need a lightweight tablet that packs features similar to that of the larger iPad model.

  • Resolution: Count on crispy visuals with 2266-by-1488 resolution and 326 pixels per inch. Whether you're video streaming or scrolling through spreadsheets, that wide colour display and True Tone has got your back.

  • Camera: 12MP Wide camera is a shutterbug's dream. From 4K video recording to HDR photos, it's a portable studio that's more accessible than the 11-inch iPad Pro.

  • Performance: Armed with an A15 Bionic chip and Neural Engine, this petite dynamo can also juggle tasks like a professional.

So, calling all students—this is your luxury iPad! Its compact enough for your backpack but loaded with features that give bigger tablets a run for their money.

But why take our word for it? go ahead and test yourself with our range of refurbished iPad Mini, refurbished iPad Air and refurbished iPad Pro now!


Ah, you've snagged yourself a shiny new iPad, but wait—there's more. Let's talk about all the slick accessories that can turn your tablet into a multitasking machine, especially if you're a student.

  • Apple Pencil: For those of you in design or just keen on taking handwritten notes, the Apple Pencil is like magic. Doodle, sketch, or jot down with accuracy. Say goodbye to lugging around notebooks and messy pencil cases.

  • Magic Keyboard: Tired of tapping on glass? Hook up a Smart Keyboard and type like you mean it. With its keyboard folio designed to replicate a full-size version, this miniature number is perfect for cramming last-minute essays or firing off a quick email between lectures.

  • Cases and Covers: Let's face it, accidents happen—especially in the chaos of student life. A sturdy case can be a real iPad saver during unexpected drops or spills. Plus, it's a great way to personalise your tech.

  • Stands: Have you ever tried to juggle an iPad, a textbook, and a cup of coffee? A stand solves that problem. Park your iPad in it, go hands-free and focus on that tricky problem set. Some even charge your device while you study. Handy, eh?

So there you have it, a buffet of accessories designed to make student life both easier and a bit more stylish. Enjoy!

And hey, if you ever find yourself locked out of your device, don't stress. Our guide on how to unlock disabled iPad has got your back.

Best iPad for Students in 2023 - Final Thoughts

So, what is the best student-friendly iPad? Well, although choosing an iPad can be tricky, your choices are abound.

Whether it's the 12.9-inch iPad Pro or a basic 10.2-inch iPad, the tools that can transform your academic life are just at arms reach - Just choose the best that suits you.

And, with UR's PhoneCheck Certified process and one-year device warranty, you can pick your tech friend with total confidence. Choose your favourite today!

So dig deep, compare specs and features, and land yourself one of the best iPads for students this year.

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