How Do I Get My Emails Back on My iPad?

Written by: Emma Morris


How Do I Get My Emails Back on My iPad? Have you ever had a heart attack when discovering your emails have disappeared on your iPad?


You're not alone.

To get your emails back, ensure you haven't deleted them by checking your email's Junk folder.

Still not resolved? Read on for more tips and tricks on restoring your emails on your iPad.

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Key Takeaways

  • Your email provider could offer a built-in recovery feature for deleted emails.
  • There's a difference between "deleted" and "permanently deleted" emails.
  • Remember, time is of the essence when it comes to email recovery.

The Junk Folder

You've accidentally deleted some important emails, and panic sets in. Don't worry. Check your 'Junk Email' folder on your iPad's Mail app.


  1. To do so, open the Mail app on your iPad and then tap "Junk Email."
  2. If you've found the one you're after, simply swipe left on the email and click 'Move.'
  3. An option should then appear to move emails back to 'Inbox'.

This simple trick could save the day and prevent data loss, ensuring your important messages are safely back where they belong.

Junk Folder Time Limit

Be careful! Emails stashed in your Junk folder are on borrowed time—wait too long, and they'll vanish forever from your account.

Check out the table below for how long popular email providers let your messages linger in the Junk folder before they are gone for good. 

Make the clock work for you, not against you!

Email Provider Initial Action for Deleted Emails Duration in Trash Folder
Gmail Moved to Junk folder 30 days
Outlook Moved to Junk folder 30 days
Yahoo Moved to Junk folder 30 days Moved to Junk folder 1 day

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What if Emails are Permanently Deleted?

"Oops, I did it again!" Have you permanently deleted emails on your iPad?


If you've gone the extra mile and emptied that pesky Junk folder or left your emails too long in your Junk folder, your next stop is your email service provider.

Places like Gmail are lifesavers here, offering nifty features that allow you to retrieve those permanently deleted emails via settings like the Admin console.

But not every email service is as forgiving, so check their FAQs or hit up their customer service to know your options.

Everyone makes mistakes. Just take care next time you're looking through your Mail app.

Third-Party Apps

If those emails are essential, you can also consider Third-party apps accessible through your browsers or in the Apple App Store.


These handy little systems can specialise in data recovery, including those elusive deleted emails you're pining for.

All you need to do is download one of these gems onto your iOS device and follow the prompts that let the app scan your Mail app.

Note: Always read user reviews and ensure you're not compromising your device's security by downloading one of these apps. It could save you some time and money in the future.

Checking your Archive Folder

When you archive an email, it doesn't get moved to the bin; it gets its own special folder.


If you're not seeing deleted emails in the Junk folder, they may have accidentally been stored here.

  • Simply tap the 'Archive' folder in your iPad's Mail app to check.
  • If you've found it, tap the folder icon at the bottom of the screen and move it back to your 'Inbox' folder.

Well done. You can now breathe more easily.

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The All Mail Folder

If you can't find your deleted emails in the usual spots like the Junk or Archive folders, your next move should be to check the "All Mail" folder.


  • Head over to the Mail app on your iPad, and then scroll down until you spot 'All Mail.'

Tap to open it. This folder is like a catch-all for your emails—it stores everything.

You may discover your deleted emails there, mixed in with your current ones.

It's an often-overlooked folder, but it can be a lifesaver when you're in a bind.

Turn Emails Off and On Again

If emails aren't showing up in the Mail app at all, the issue might lie within your email account settings.


  • Head to your iPad's Settings app, tap "Mail," then tap "Accounts."

  • From there, tap on the problematic email account and hit "Delete Account" in red text at the bottom.


Wait, don't panic! Your emails aren't gone for good; they're safe with your email service provider.


Now, go ahead and re-add the email account.


Just like magic, your emails should return.


Are your emails still not appearing on your iPad device? Poor WIFI connection could also be an issue preventing those messages from coming in.


Confirm you're connected to Wi-Fi via the Control Center or through settings, and then refresh the Mail app.

If you're not sure how to refresh, it's simple: tap the screen and drag it downward.

You should see your inbox populate with new messages.

Missing Mail App

Do you need help finding the Mail app on your iPad? No worries, this happens even to the best of us.


  • Start by swiping down from the middle of your home screen to access the 'Search' function.
  • Type "Mail" into the search bar, and if it pops up, great! Tap it to launch the app.

Is it still missing in action? It could have gotten offloaded to save space.

  • Go to 'Settings' > 'General' > 'iPad Storage.' Scroll through to find 'Mail,' and if you spot it, tap 'Reinstall.'

Remember, messing with settings can affect data and accounts, so tread carefully.

Worst case scenario, consult your email service provider's support for troubleshooting your missing app ordeal.

Final Thoughts

You're not the first iPad user to find their inbox emptier than a deserted beach.

But now you're armed with the know-how to retrieve deleted emails. Whether they've gone to the Junk, Archive, or even the elusive All Mail folder, you've got the tools to bring them back to the spotlight.

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Go ahead and check out our commitment to Sustainability and plan to plant a tree with every purchase. Trust us, it's a win-win for you and Mother Earth.

Now, have fun and conquer your digital world with newfound confidence.

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