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How Old Is My iPad?

Written by: Emma Morris


How Old Is My iPad?

Ever find yourself pondering, "How old is my iPad?" Don't worry; you're not alone.


Knowing your iPad's age is crucial for resale, updates, and understanding when your warranty ends.

A quick tip: Your serial number is the key to this age-old mystery.

Keep reading for more.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Your iPad's serial numbers could offer the quickest age clue.
  • iPad's model numbers aren't just for show—they can tell you plenty.
  • An older software version? Dead giveaway for age.
  • Age affects resale value and warranty. Good to know, right?

Why Knowing Your iPad Age is Crucial

There's more to that sleek device than meets the eye, and its age tells a story that could influence everything from performance to resale value.


Let's get into it.

Trade-In and Resale Value

Here's the best part: Apple iPads hold their value incredibly well.


The newer the model, the more bucks you'll bag if you decide to sell it. Figuring out your iPad's age can give you a ballpark idea of it's worth.


The more recent your model, the higher your trade-in and resale value. Simple as that.

Software Compatibility

Have you ever tried downloading a killer app only to find your device isn't compatible?


The iPad model you own can limit your access to Apple updates and specific models of apps. Even your browser app could be affected, depending on the age of your iPad.


Knowing your iPad's age lets you anticipate which apps you can and can't run, saving you from a world of download disappointment.


Knowing the age of your iPad is more than just trivia—it's essential for keeping tabs on your warranty.

Say you've got an iPad Air and you're not sure if you're still covered for repairs; finding out the age of your iPad could offer information about when your Apple Limited Warranty ends.

So don't go spending unnecessarily if Apple's got you covered.

The iPad Serial Number Way

Want to age-check your iPad without breaking a sweat? Your serial number is the golden ticket.


Quick and user-friendly, this method gives you an idea on how ancient or new your Apple device really is.

Retrieving your iPad Serial Number

Serial numbers: they're the digital thumbprint of your iPad.


Ever stumble upon this string of characters in your Settings app? It's not just a meaningless sequence; it can actually provide keen insights into the age of your iPad.


  • Pop open the Settings app,

  • tap 'General,' and from there, press 'About.'


Your iPad serial number should be listed there.


But don't let the random numbers and letters throw you off.


Apple has a unique way of incorporating manufacturing dates into these cryptic codes. For instance, the fourth character could represent the manufacturing year.


You can also cross-reference it in your browser, but remember—you'll need an internet connection for that!

Cross-Referencing iPad's Serial Number

Now you have your serial number, one little-known way to check your iPad's age is through checking its warranty status.


If your iPad is relatively new and still under warranty, you can hop onto the Apple coverage website.


  • Just input the serial number on the Apple coverage website, and you'll be greeted with your iPad's warranty end date.


Now, let's say your iPad is out of warranty. Don't fret; This method will still show when your warranty ended, offering clues to your device's age.


Take that end date and rewind 12 months or 24 months based on your initial warranty period, and voila, you're back to your iPad's manufacturing date.


Note: You can also find out your warranty end date by logging into mysupport.apple.com and selecting your device. The information will be displayed alongside other coverage details.


Want to get more from your device? Learn how to screenshot on an iPad and discover other tips to make the most of your Apple gear with UR.co.uk. It's just another way to be iPad savvy!

iPad Model Number

"Hey, what's this number on the back of my iPad?" Well, welcome to the world of model numbers!


Model numbers can help you identify the specific type of iPad you have, be it an iPad Air, an iPad Pro, or even an iPad mini.


  • Just turn over your device and find a code in the format of 'A' followed by four digits, like "A1395" for an iPad 2.

  • Then, enter your iPad's mode code on a trusted third-party website for your iPad's generation.


This method might not give you an exact date, but it does offer an estimated date based on when your iPad was released.

Latest Apple Releases and iPad Model

Do you already know your iPad's generation? This table can serve as a speedy reference for those who want to gauge their iPad's age without diving into settings or serial numbers.

Just match your iPad's model with the release date below.

iPad Model Release Date
iPad (8th generation) September 2020
iPad Air (4th generation) October 2020
iPad (9th generation) September 2021
iPad Mini (6th generation) September 2021
iPad Air (5th generation) March 2022

Still puzzled about your iPad's generation? Don't worry. For a detailed walkthrough, head over to our in-depth guide on what generation is my iPad. It's a game-changer.

Third Party App

Want an alternative? Third-party apps offer another layer to your detective game.


Once you've snagged that serial or model number from the settings app on your iPad, you can plug it into a specialised third-party app designed to offer information on your device's age.


These apps often pull data directly from Apple's database and can provide manufacturing dates in the coveted YYYY MM DD format.


Whether you're wielding an iPad Air or an iPad Mini, the accuracy of these apps can be astonishing.


Note: Ensure the app you choose is reputable; the last thing you want is to compromise your iPad's security.

Your iPad's Software

Outdated software? That could tell you something. Older models aren't eligible for the latest Apple Updates.


  • Navigate to Settings.

  • Hit General, and then choose Software Update to see if you're missing out on the newest features.


If your iPad is stuck on a dated iOS version, you’re holding an antique.


The software speaks volumes about your iPad generation, not to mention it’s an effective method for double-checking the age you found with the above methods.

Final Thoughts: How Old Is My iPad?

You came here with a simple query: "How old is my iPad?"


We've paraded you through several methods to crack the case—from poking around the Settings app, rummaging through third-party websites, to consulting with Apple Support.


So go ahead, flex your newfound knowledge and enjoy your iPad even more.


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