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How to Unlock Disabled iPad: A Step-by-Step Rescue Mission

Written by: Emma Morris


How to Unlock Disabled iPad: A Step-by-Step Rescue Mission

Are you feeling the heat because your iPad's become a locked vault?

Don't worry. Unlocking your disabled iPad is easy, and we've got all the hacks you need right here.

Stick around to learn more.

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Key Takeaways

  • Unlock your disabled iPad with or without iTunes.
  • Know when to opt for Recovery Mode.
  • "Find My iPhone" isn't just for iPhones; it's your iPad's guardian angel.
  • Understand why Apple ID can be your saviour.

Remember! All options to recover a disabled iPad require deleting data. So, if you haven't backed up, you might need to start all over again.

Why Do iPads Get Disabled?

iPad on table.

When your iPad transforms into a locked vault, it's usually because of one of two scenarios.

It could be that you've just entered the wrong passcode one too many times, or due to a technical issue out of no fault of your own.

To better understand your iPad troubles, here are a few reasons why your iPad might be playing up.

Unintended Password Mishaps

Ah, image if your cat could walk across your laptop without locking you out. One could dream.

Unfortunately, failed password attempts caused by forgetting your login details or your cat tapping away, are usually the culprits for a disabled iPad.

Apple’s security protocols kick in and disables your iPad to protect your data, especially if the wrong passcode is entered multiple times in quick succession.

iOS Quirks

Life isn't perfect, and neither is iOS.

Although it's rare, sometimes an update or a bug can throw a wrench in the works. The result? A disabled iPad that leaves you scratching your head.

Maybe you've just updated your iPad, or maybe it decided to do its own thing; either way, it's possible to end up with a disabled iPad through no fault of your own.

Don't worry, however, there are a few tricks to get you back into your device in no time. Here are some.

How to Unlock Disabled iPad via iTunes

In nearly all instances, you'll need to reset your device to get back into your iPad.

If you've backed up your data via iTunes already, there's still a chance you can receive all your lost data.

Yep, going old-school often works.

Software Requirements

Before jumping into the iTunes bandwagon, make sure you've got the right version. iTunes updates can affect the restore process.

  • Simply log into your iTunes on your computer.

  • Scroll down the sidebar until you happen upon 'Help'.

  • Then press 'Check for latest version'. Afterwards, follow the prompts to get the latest update.

Note: you’ll need a USB cable computer with a stable internet connection for the next step.

Step-by-Step Process to Unlock Disabled iPad via iTunes Backup

It's time to make that device accessible again!

  • First put your iPad in Recovery Mode after accessing the recovery mode screen, either by pressing the Top button and the volume up or down button until the power-off slider appears.

  • Once done, connect your disabled iPad to the computer.

  • Open iTunes and look for your iPad icon in the upper left corner.

  • Click it, and you'll see an option to restore your iPad.

Follow the on-screen instructions, and you'll regain access to your iPad faster than you can say "Apple pie."

There you have it! The first part of the guide to unlock your disabled iPad is done and dusted. It's not rocket science; it's just knowing what steps to take.

But wait—did you know iPads also come in different flavours? If you're unsure about the quirks of your particular model, our handy guide on the difference between iPad and iPad Air can clear things up for you.

Unlock Disabled iPad without iTunes: Erase iPad via Find My iPad

Do you want to unlock disabled iPad without access to a computer or a USB Cable? Well, Find My iPad is your go-to tool for remote access.

  • Head to the Find My iPhone on iCloud and sign in with your Apple ID.

  • You'll spot all your Apple devices on a map.

  • Select your iPad icon and, voila, you have a few options.

  • Click "Erase iPad," and you'll initiate a factory reset.

  • This will erase your iPad, including your iPad passcode, making it ready for setup again.

It's a neat way to restore your iPad remotely back to its original factory settings - no iPad password needed.

Restore iPad via iCloud Account

So you've navigated the murky waters of unlocking a disabled iPad. Bravo! You had to erase your iPad to get rid of that pesky "iPad is disabled" message.

Now, with the right Apple ID and password, your precious iPad data can be restored in a jiffy via iCloud.

  • Power up your now unlock iPad and connect it to an internet Wi Fi connection.

  • Proceed through the on-screen instructions until you land on the "Apps & Data" display, and then select the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option.

Just continue to follow iCloud's prompts, and your data will reappear on your iPad screen like magic.

Your digital life is now back on track.

Note: These options work with most iOS devices, regardless of whether its an older refurbished Apple iPad 2017 or a newer refurbished Apple iPad Pro 2022.

Third-party Apps to Unlock Disabled iPad

Look, we get it. Sometimes you're willing to try just about anything to unlock a disabled iPad.

If you've exhausted the official Apple routes and you're still stuck at the lock screen, you might be tempted to go down the third-party app road to bypass the password on your iOS device.

Before you get all excited, tread carefully.

While there are software solutions out there claiming to unlock your iPad without passcode or iTunes, they're not endorsed by Apple.

In fact, these apps usually require you to disable the Find My iPhone feature, which can put your iPad's security at risk.

Note: If you're grappling with multiple Apple devices and need them to be in sync, check out our guide on how to sync iPhone and iPad. It might not solve your locked iPad woes, but it's a lifesaver for keeping your Apple ecosystem in harmony.

Final Thoughts: How to Unlock Disabled iPad

Your iPad is a treasure trove of memories, apps, and binge-worthy TV shows. So, getting locked out can feel like a tragedy.

Thankfully, as we've seen, unlocking your iPad is achievable. From iTunes to Recovery Mode, from Find My iPad you've got options.

And speaking of options, if you're considering a refurbished iPad next, check out our commitment to sustainability and how we're planting a tree for every order with our Karma program. We make your next move a little bit greener.

So go ahead, and breathe easy with your now usable iPad!

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