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How to Sell My Old iPhone Quickly and Efficiently

Written by: Emma Morris


How to Sell My Old iPhone Quickly and Efficiently

Selling an old iPhone isn't an easy affair, especially when exploring a sea of online buyers, promising stuff that may or may not come true.

Good news: you can now put your panic at ease with the help of this guide.

Keep reading to discover all the ins and outs of selling your old iPhone online, all with the helping hand of UR.co.uk.

Want to sell your Apple iPhone right here, right now? Explore UR's sell my iPhone today. Join our commitment to sustainability and get a great deal in the process.

What To Look Out For When Selling an Apple iPhone

Before we start, it's best to know what to look out for when selling your particular iPhone model online.

If you're worried about trading in an older, broken iPhone, don't be. After searching around for a while, you'll discover that various sites will offer you cash for a range of iPhone models, even those that have seen better days.

For instance, UR.co.uk accepts various phones in a range of conditions as long as they are considered economically viable for refurbishment. So, it's always best to check the terms and conditions beforehand to make sure.

The main thing you have to consider is your iPhone's worth.

Although you're more likely to earn more with a sparkling new iPhone, you can also gain a hefty sum for an older model with a few scratches, like a well-loved iPhone SE 2020.

Before making your final decision, shop around and inspect the fine print for hidden fees.

This will allow you to gain the best deal possible.

Making Your iPhone Trade Easy

Ready for your iPhone sell? Great!

But before you do, you must undertake a few extra steps to make everything smoother.

Backing Up iPhone Data

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Many companies will want you to erase iPhone data before trading it in. To do this, consider how to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop or ways to back up your data through iCloud before you set off.

Here is one of the easiest iCloud ways:

  • Go to your iPhone settings and click your name. Here, you can click iCloud and iCloud Backup, allowing you to turn this feature on.

Erase Your Data For iPhone Trade

Now it's time to erase your iPhone, ready for resale.

  1. Log Out of Accounts: Before factory reset, make sure your iCloud, iTunes and App Store are all logged out on your phone.

    Is your device paired with any accessories, like an Apple watch or other devices? Unpair them as well.

  1. Factory Reset: After completing all this, you can reset your device by going to settings and then General. A 'Transfer or Reset' option should appear, allowing you to reset your device after entering your password.

Why do you need to do all this?

Apart from the companies' terms and conditions, erasing your data will ensure your information stays protected from any future threats, from hacking to identity theft.

So, it's best to make sure it's all cleared away just to make sure.

Sell Your iPhone with Accessories?

Before sending your device off, you should also include any additional accessories in the packaging, depending on the posting instructions of that particular sell site.

To some, this might affect your device's overall sell price, giving you extra money to help you on your way. But, again, check the site's FAQ section before doing so.

Some vendors might not accept these added bits and bobs and might throw them away instead.

Note: We do not recommend sending in any additional accessories when selling your device at UR.co.uk. Please keep that original box and screen protector at home, where they are safe and sound.

Reasons to Sell Your iPhone at UR.co.uk

Are you still a bit scared about selling your iPhone online?

These concerns are easy to understand with all the bad press with various online stores nowadays.

That's why, if you decide to sell your iPhone to us, UR is here to help you every step of the way.

  1. Easy to Use System: The process of selling your phone is easy. Whether it's a new phone or an old one, put your phone's information into our online system and receive a quote instantly—no need to wait around.

  2. Best Price Possible: Every offer truly matches your device's market value, giving you a price that fully reflects your iPhone worth.

  3. Fast Payment: We also provide immediate payment for all, ensuring your money lands in your bank account as soon as it's inspected.

  4. Great Customer Service: Want extra support? Give us a ring. We're here to help you regardless of whether the question is big or small.

The cherry on top? From removing a broken part to polishing a new phone, each device we receive is refurbished sustainably, helping reduce e-waste and protect the future.

Final Thoughts on How to Sell Your iPhone

So, there you have it.

Now you know how to sell your iPhone with ease, from finding the best price possible to clearing your device.

Plus, why not join UR's circle of good karma and buy a refurbished iPhone afterwards? Gain all the best phone features and help the environment while at it.

Happy selling!

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