What is the Newest Samsung Phone 2024

Written by: Emma Morris


What is the Newest Samsung Phone 2024? With all these new Samsung releases emerging from the woodwork every year, determining which one is the latest and greatest becomes a task in itself.

You've got the Samsung S Series, Flips, Folds, and a plethora of A series launched in the same year alone. However, before you throw in the towel altogether, keep reading.

We're here to provide you with all the insights on the three Newest Samsung Phone 2024? currently available in the market.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Premium Galaxy S24 Ultra has new AI features to improve user experience.

  • Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip5 also has a new design, which puts it light-years ahead of phones with similar designs from other brands.

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Samsung Galaxy S Series

Galaxy S24

Starting with the most recent variant is the Samsung Galaxy S24, released mere moments ago on  31 January 2024 . With it come the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Plus, each offering various specs in their own right to justify that variation in pricing.

Generally speaking, however, these Samsung Galaxy phones come with significant enhancements beyond that of their predecessors, the refurbished Galaxy S23,  and others within its line-up.

If we were to look at the standard S24 alone, you'd find enhancements in these three key areas.

  • Display:  The latest Galaxy phone boasts a slightly larger display than the Galaxy S23, now reaching 6.2 inches instead of 6.1 inches. It also has a slightly higher peak brightness than its predecessor, which now reaches 2600 nits instead of the S23's 1750, ensuring you have a better viewing experience even in direct sunlight.

  • Processing Power:  The new Exynos 2400 chip also offers improved processing power, designed to offer glitch-free performance even when undertaking highly demanding tasks.

  • Galaxy AI Technology:  It also has a versatile camera setup with new AI technology, offering enhanced zoom capabilities and improved image quality.

The S24 Ultra also comes in a brand-new titanium casing as an added layer of protection against multiple drops - the first to have this new material in Samsung's flagship smartphone line.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

z flip 5

Moving down the list, we have the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, launched on 11 August 2023, offering some minor improvements in specs compared to the series before it, the refurbished Galaxy Z Flip4.

Key differences include the following:

  • New Design:  The Flip5 model now has a 'gap-less' design when folded and comes slightly slimmer than the Flip4, allowing it to compete courageously with similarly styled phones from other brands currently on the market.

  • Larger Cover Screen:  It also comes with a larger outside screen, 80% bigger in fact than the Flip4s. This development ensures more functionality for apps, emails, and phone calls, without unfolding.

  • Improved Processing Power:  The Flip5 now has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which is 11% improved from its predecessor in multi-core scores. This ensures glitch-free performance when undertaking a range of tasks. Read more  here.

All these combined make this device one of the best Samsung phones currently on the market, offering a blend of style, functionality, and power that sets a new standard for flip phones everywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

z fold5

On the exact same day as the Z Flip5, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 also entered the market.

Again, as expected, this device comes with significant enhancements to push it a notch above the rest. Some, but not all, of these include:

  • Lighter Design:  Carrying on the trend, the Z Fold5 is 11 grams lighter and a few millimetres thinner than its previous model, making it feel better to hold in your hand.

  • New Hinge:  It also has a smaller gap when folded, much like the Flip5, and now lies completely flat when unfolded, overall providing an improved viewing experience.

  • Improved Processing Power:  Again, this device also comes with the 8 Gen 2 chipset, which makes it much faster when switching between multiple apps or undertaking high-demanding tasks.

Camera quality-wise, it's much like the Samsung smartphone before it, all the way down to the 10MP telephoto camera.

So, as foldable phones go, it might be best to look at the refurbished Galaxy Z Fold4 if you're seeking something with great specs at a much more affordable price.

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