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Samsung Galaxy A55 Release Date

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Samsung Galaxy A55 Release Date

Samsung has finally announced that the Samsung Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 are both set to be released between 11 and 17 March 2024.

The specific specifications and prices of both phones have yet to be clarified.

However, here's what we know so far about what you can expect.

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Key Takeaways:


  • The Samsung Galaxy A55 appears to have enhanced processing power.

  • Both the A55 and A35 will have designs similar to those of the S23.

Software News

Recent news of the Galaxy A55's software and security updates has caused some controversy.

Samsung has now suggested that these new Galaxy mid-range phones will only receive software updates for up to four years and five years of security updates instead of the seven years experienced with the Samsung Galaxy S24 flagship phone.

Why has Samsung implemented these changes? Your guess is as good as ours.

Alongside these changes, there are rumours that the new A series may not feature the latest Samsung generative AI software, as this has not been mentioned in the teasers for the upcoming phones.

However, taking this with a pinch of salt is best until further details are revealed.

Processing Power

On a more positive note, it has been confirmed that the A55 mid-range phone will boast significant upgrades in processing power.

The device is set to feature 12GB of RAM, a specification typically reserved for high-end flagship models like the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G.

These enhancements are further supported by the inclusion of the new Exynos 1480 chip, which has garnered more than satisfactory results across a variety of benchmark tests since its announcement in December. Read more here.

These combined advancements suggest that the A55 is poised to deliver enhanced performance, ensuring smooth, seamless graphics during demanding tasks.

While details on battery life and the inclusion of wireless charging remain scarce, prospects for the latter appear dim in the new A series, as Samsung has yet to introduce them in this lineup.

Design Changes

Based on leaked renders, we know what the A35 and the A55 will look like.

Both phones will look remarkably similar to the new design verified in the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S23, including the same 'slab-like' appearance consisting of a completely flat front and back with flat edges and rounded corners.

As far as we can tell, they will also feature the same three-tier camera system, presented vertically one after another on the top left-hand corner without the little rectangular box used to house them all, as found in the Galaxy S22.

Similar to the refurbished Samsung Galaxy A53, the front camera will also be placed in a hole-punch cutout in the top middle of the phone, a welcome addition that minimises obstruction to the display without removing the camera altogether.

Final Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy A55 Release Date

There you have it, full insight into details and rumours of what to expect with the new A series.

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