How Old is My Phone?

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How Old is My Phone? Have you just bought your new refurbished phone and wondering what to anticipate performance-wise? Or are you simply trying to get some verification on what to expect when selling your old device?

Whatever you're looking for, knowing the age of your mobile phone can be quite handy when you're in a pickle.

Just follow these simple steps to find out more at

Key Takeaways:

  • The simplest way to check the manufacturing date is by inputting the device's IMEI number on a trustworthy website.

  • Want to know the purchase date? Take a look at the receipt in your inbox.

  • Need to sell your old phone quickly? UR offers an easy-to-follow process that does just that.

Finding out the Manufacturing Date

There are a few ways to find the manufacturing date of your old device.

Sometimes, it involves a bit of Nancy Drew work, and for others, it's as simple as just popping onto the phone's Settings app and searching for a few details.

Here are some of the most straightforward methods out there.

...Checking the Box

Those who enjoy keeping boxes for potential future sales will appreciate this strategy.

The original box your device came in will display the phone's manufacturing date, either found as a barcode or a sequence of numbers on a white sticker.

The exact location of this sticker changes depending on the make and model, so a bit of investigation is needed for this method.

...Exploring Phone Settings App

Don't have the box? No problem; you can also discover your phone's age by checking the IMEI number.

This nifty little code offers comprehensive details about when the device was made and additional information helpful in identifying your phone in case of theft.

Here's how you do it on an Apple and Android phone.

  • On iPhone:  The most straightforward way to find this number on an iPhone is to go to the Settings app - '"General" - "About" and then scroll down until you find the IMEI number.

  • On Samsung:  Again, without the hassle of trying to call different numbers, you can find the code on a Samsung by going to the Settings app - "About Phone" or "About Device", and scrolling until you find the number displayed.

You can then enter this information into a trustworthy third-party website or app on the Google Play Store to determine your phone's manufacture date.

Decoding the Serial Number

women with phone

You can also find the manufacturing date of your phone via its serial number.

Again, this code will be on the same page as your phone's IMEI number, so you can just follow the above steps to find its location.

After you found it, there are a few ways to discover your smartphone manufacturing date.

...iPhone Serial Number

The easiest way is to copy and paste the code on the Apple Serial Number website here.

However, for those who love some investigation work, you can also decode your serial number by checking its  fourth and fifth digits.

Each one offers insight into the year or half a year the phone was made. Explore here for a more comprehensive explanation.

...On Samsung Devices

You can also enter your Samsung's serial number on a third-party website to obtain results quickly.

Alternatively, it's also possible to decipher the number yourself by looking at the fourth and fifth digits again. The  fourth character  represents the year your phone was manufactured, while the  fifth character  indicates the actual month.

Discovering the date via the manufacturing code varies across different makes and phone brands, so again, more investigation is needed with this method.

Discovering the Launch Date

If you are trying to discover your phone's age since its initial launch date, you can generally discover this information straight away via the Google search engine.

All you need to do is type in your phone's make and model (which you've probably already found on the same page as the IMEI number in your phone info app) and conduct a quick search online.

You'll normally find the information immediately, but it's also best to verify the dates on the actual site where you bought your phone to receive the most accurate details possible.

For example, we offer a range of in-depth articles discussing the launch of various models, such as the iPhone 15 release date and the Samsung S24 release date.

Finding Out the Devices Purchase Date

You've now scoured your phone box and researched its launch date; what's next if you're aiming to find out when the phone was actually purchased?

Now, you can sigh in relief as this part is relatively straightforward.

  • Check Receipt:  Do you have the paper receipt? Great, it should display the purchase date. If not, look at your inbox history, as some companies send invoices via email.

  • Checking Warranty:  Alternatively, you can check by understanding when the product's warranty ends. If it's an Apple product, your purchase date should be exactly one year before its warranty stops.

Final Thoughts on How Old Is My Phone

So, there you have it, the ins and outs of discovering the age of your phone.

Plus, are you looking to get rid of your device? Here, we'll provide you with a quote in seconds that truly matches the worth of your old mobile phone, whether you're looking to sell an iPhone 15 Pro or something else entirely. 

Just pop onto our system and take a look today.

A great deal awaits.

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