When is the New iPhone Coming Out?

Written by: Emma Morris


When is the New iPhone Coming Out? It seems just yesterday that the refurbished iPhone 15 was released in our store, and now we're already excited about the much anticipated iPhone 16.

Although nothing is set in stone, some rumours about what to expect have started to fly around. These include suggestions about upgrades in the display technology, rear cameras and overall design.

Want to know more? Keep reading as we uncover all the juicy details on this latest Apple edition.

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Key Takeaways:

  • You'll receive an updated Apple Music app with the help of the new iOS 16 update.

  • There's debate over a new design concept that looks very similar to the past iPhones.

  • Want to know when it's best to sell your old phone? Consider doing it just before the launch of the iPhone 16 to receive the best price possible.

Expected Release Date of the iPhone 16

We don't tend to know for definite when a new iPhone is released until Apple announces it a few weeks.

However, if Apple continues to follow tradition, we can expect the iPhone 16 to be launched around  early September 2024 , after an early-release period of around one or two weeks before.

Again, there might be delays if issues occur, as in 2020 – but here's hope those days are behind us.

Change is Display Sizes

Man with phone

The Dynamic Island feature has now become a staple in Apple iPhones ever since the release of the iPhone 15 series. So, it's pretty safe to say that you can expect this to be featured in the iPhone 16.

There are, however, some new rumours regarding its display size.

Many expect the iPhone 16 Pro Max and Pro edition to be slightly larger than the iPhone 16 Plus and standard iPhone models by at least 2 inches. Read more  here.

This is the first screen size change for Pro models since the iPhone 11 series, so what encouraged these developments? Well, this could be down to a new advanced camera system, which we'll explore further in a bit.

Design Prototypes

How it'll look is completely up in the air.

Leak images on three design prototypes suggest the standard iPhone 16 could look similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 15, including the same vertical camera arrangement set within a slightly protruding square box. Read more about the leaked prototypes here.

However, there's a third option – the one that's sparking debate.

With the third design, you can expect both rear cameras to be connected with black glass, harking back to the days of the refurbished iPhone X, but this time placed on the same slightly protruding square box found on the iPhone 15.

Some adore it, and others detest it - personally, we embrace any development that refreshes the slightly familiar design of previous iPhones.

Everything else appears to be the same as before, with the same completely flat screen and sides with curved rounded corners. You can also expect the same Action button found on the iPhone 15 Pros, which has ultimately replaced the mute switch.

Plus, there are suggestions about  a new Capture button  located on the same side of the Power button, but its exact function remains a mystery. Find more about the Capture button here .

Changes in the Camera Features

There are also indications that iPhone users will enjoy camera enhancements with the new Apple iPhone 16.

Many have indicated that a larger periscope lens is the reason behind the increased screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max editions, offering improved zooming options than those found in the previous generation refurbished iPhone 15 Pro.

Plus, you gain an upgrade in the ultra-wide camera, providing better low-light performance that can then be edited in the Photos app.

However, whether this comes to fruition is a whole new story altogether.

When is Best to Sell Your Old Phone

Now, the problem is what to do with your old phone. Do you wait until the release date of the iPhone 15, or do you sell just before, hoping you can get your hands on a new Apple iPhone before it runs out of stock?

Did you know your old gadget's price drops significantly with every new release? This could be up to 16.70% within the first year, without consideration for price variations due to its overall condition, including battery life and whether it has the odd scratch here and there.

Price drops remain consistent whether it's an Apple Watch, iPhone or something else altogether.

With this in mind, the best time to sell your old Apple devices is just a few weeks before the new model is released.

However, where's best to do it?

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Final Thoughts on the iPhone 16 Launch Date

There you have it - all the current rumours about the latest iPhone 16.

Plus, did you know that when you buy a UR device, you're also joining a commitment to sustainability? This allows you to receive a great price while protecting the environment along the way. 

Make the smart choice today!

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