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Best iPhone 13 Deals: Bag a Bargain at UR.co.uk

Written by: Emma Morris


Best iPhone 13 Deals

With the release of the iPhone 15 prompting a price drop across all iPhone models on the market, now is the optimal time to invest in its earlier predecessor, the iPhone 13, while still enjoying top-notch features that'll serve you well for years to come.

The real question, however, is where to make your purchase: should you head directly to the manufacturer's store, or opt for a refurbished model?

Although buying new might seem appealing at first glance, choosing a refurbished iPhone 13 from UR.co.uk opens up a world of benefits beyond mere cost savings.

Continue reading to uncover what else we offer today.

Do you want an iPhone 13 now? Get top-notch quality without breaking the bank by browsing our collection of refurbished iPhone deals   - the same dazzling features minus the hefty sum. 

  • Experience a more vivid OLED display than ever before.

  • Ample battery life to last you all day, whether that be for video playback or surfing the web over Wi-Fi.

  • Comes with a range of camera features to adapt your images to your personal taste.

Specifications of the Refurbished iPhone 13

If you typically gravitate towards the latest technology, you might question why you should opt for the refurbished iPhone 13 over its newer counterparts, the refurbished iPhone 14 and 15. The most recent models boast enhanced chips, rear camera systems, and battery life, among other upgrades. So, why choose a model that might appear slightly outdated to some?

Herein lies the misconception.

With the continuous cycle of new releases, many overlook that older models like the iPhone 13 still offer top-tier specifications that promise excellent performance for years to come. Plus, prefix the term 'refurbished' to it, and you've got an Apple iPhone at a fraction of its original cost.

So, before we delve deeper, here's what you can expect when purchasing one of these devices from UR.co.uk.

Design of the iPhone 13

The refurbished Apple iPhone 13 is encased in a rectangular aluminium frame with a glass back and a Ceramic Shield front, crafted for durability to ensure the phone withstands the test of time, even without a protective case. 

It features flat sides, softly tapered corners, and a top-notch that houses the front selfie camera, a feature 20% smaller than the previous generation, making it significantly less intrusive than anything experienced before. Read more here

The iPhone 13 has a similar size to the iPhone 14, measuring 146.7mm in height, 71.5mm in width, and only 7.65mm in depth. This slim profile allows you to easily slide it into your pocket while still offering a great viewing experience thanks to the allowance of a larger screen size.

It also features the same captivating 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display, renowned for its ability to deliver bright images that come alive with deep blacks and vibrant, punchy colours across various lighting environments.

Exceptional Camera Performance

Aside from the Photographic Engine feature exclusive to the iPhone 14, the Apple iPhone 13 comes equipped with similarly totally advanced cameras, including a 12MP main, front, and ultra-wide camera. 

This ensures your photos are not only crisp and well-balanced but also rich in saturation and deep contrasts, crafting images that are remarkably close to reality. Read here for a more in-depth camera review. 

You also receive beloved camera features like cinematic mode, night mode and various filters to adapt your photos to your personal taste.

Plus, it comes with a cutting-edge video capture system. The camera cinematic mode iPhone 13 offers to transition your footage into Hollywood-worthy video shooting experiences, making every moment you capture not just a memory but a masterpiece.

Fast, Efficient Processing Power

The iPhone 13 also comes with an advanced A15 Bionic Chip, offering more improved processing power and a big boost in battery life efficiency than that experienced in the iPhone 12. Every motion will be smooth and swift, ensuring you can transition between apps and games without any hindrance.

Nor does this reduce with re-owned variants.

Amidst worries that refurbished models may suffer a short life span from limited recharge cycles, leading some to consider the official Apple service provider, we ensure that all our Apple devices undergo a comprehensive 90-point phone check, guaranteeing  at least 80% battery health.

This commitment ensures your gadget possesses ample battery life, promising longevity and reliability for years ahead. 

Deals at UR.co.uk

But why should you buy one of these devices from UR.co.uk?

Well, apart from receiving a device for a fraction of the original cost, you also gain these extra perks.

  • 12-Months FREE Insurance:  Whether it's an iPhone SE or this one in particular, each device we sell comes with 12 months FREE insurance, protecting you from a range of unfortunate incidents, whether that be accidental damage or theft.

  • £45 Worth of Accessories:  No signs saying 'accessories sold separately' with this one. The iPhone 13 will arrive with £45 worth of extra goodies, such as a cable, power adapter, and more, ensuring you have everything you need right out of the box.

  • SIM FREE:  Annoyed at paying a monthly cost with a network connection? Don't worry. Every Apple iPhone we sell comes SIM FREE, allowing you the freedom to choose your provider or switch as you please, without the hassle of contractual obligations.

Final Thoughts on Our iPhone 13 Deals

So, there you have it: some of the many special benefits of buying a refurbished iPhone 13 from UR.co.uk.

That's not all; did you know that buying a refurbished Apple iPhone 13 from us also helps the environment? Take a look at our commitment to sustainability to discover more.

Happy shopping! 

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