What Are Haptics on iPhone? - A Sensory Journey Explained

Written by: Emma Morris


What Are Haptics on iPhone? Ever tapped your iPhone screen and felt it tap back? That's haptics at work.


This tactile feedback system transforms your iPhone from a simple screen to an interactive wonder.


Ready to dig deeper into iPhone haptics? Keep scrolling.

Key Takeaways

  • iPhone haptics are more than mere vibrations; they're sensory engagement.
  • System haptics offer an array of tactile sensations for diverse functionalities.
  • Utilise haptic touch to get the most out of iPhone apps and controls.
  • Increases accessibility, making it a great alternative for the physical button.

What Are Haptics on iPhone? Beyond Standard Vibrations

Haptics on iPhone aren't your run-of-the-mill vibrations; they're a leap in haptic technology.


Introduced by Apple to augment your interactions with the iPhone's various elements, haptics offers a distinct tactile feedback experience that goes beyond the simple buzzes felt on Android phones.


When you head over to the iPhone settings app, you'll find a specialised section for system haptics.


Here, you can customise everything from the tactile sensation you feel when sliding the volume slider to the subtle taps felt when sending direct messages.


Why not see yourself at UR.co.uk, our refurbished iPhones come fully equipped with this intricate haptic system, adding another layer of quality to your purchase.

What Are Haptics on iPhone?: How Haptics Engage Your Senses

Let's dive into the mechanics. Within the iPhone lies a crucial component called the Taptic Engine.


This engine drives the whole haptic feedback system, dictating everything from a quick vibration to two subtle taps when interacting with the home screen or built-in apps.


Every interaction is enhanced, from your phone app to your iPhone keyboard, giving an adds extra layers of immersion and interactivity when interacting with iPhones.


So, we've peeled back the first layers on iPhone haptics, but trust me, there's more to come.

The Hidden Language: Haptic Feedback and Your Daily Apps

When you think about it, haptics are everywhere in your iPhone experience.


From the way you interact with the lock screen, utilise the app switcher, or even the clock app, this technology speaks its own tactile language.


Want a few examples? tap each app icon mentioned below and see.

Haptic Vibration for Messages: Single Tap

iMessage effects? Those come with haptics too! Whether it's a full-screen effect like fireworks or a simple slam, haptics message effects enhance the emotion and impact of your text messages.


Test it out now! open iMessage apps - use a subtle tap on a message - and feel the short vibration as it pops open your text.


The technology is fine-tuned to offer a range of feelings from a subtle tap for starred messages to more forceful vibrations for VIP messages.

Dynamic Controls: Just Hold Down

And then we’ve got app organisation.


Want to reorganise your apps? Hold down the app you want to move and haptic will notify you when its ready.


This haptic alert is your phone's clever way of saying, "Go ahead, move me!"

It's all part of the iPhone's unique touch-sensitive interface, streamlining your daily tasks and making the whole user experience more interactive and enjoyable.

A User's Best Friend: Multiple Taps

Multiple tap haptics is more than a gimmick; it's a functional asset in new iPhones. Using Haptic Touch, you get different types of tactile feedback based on how long and hard you press the screen.


It works wherever 3D Touch does, like activating Quick Actions on home screen app icons. You can also use it for previewing content linked to phone numbers or addresses.


It's an intuitive way to make your interaction with your iPhone even more efficient and personalised.

Your Haptics: Haptics Enhance

Want to customise haptics further? The iPhone settings app is the gateway to unlocking a personalised experience.


  • Start by open Settings, select 'Sounds & Haptics' and scroll to 'Calendar Alerts.' Here, an array of alert tones await for you to change.

But the customisation doesn't stop there.

  • The 'Vibration' section lets you pick pre-set patterns or even design your own unique tactile sensation.

And if vibrations aren’t your thing, easy-to-find toggles for 'Vibrate on Silent' and 'Vibrate on Ring' let you turn off haptic feedback altogether.


But wait! why not personalise your phone further by viewing our experience guidance on how to turn on do not disturb and customise your alarm sound!

The Sensory Value of System Haptics

Once more, the value of Haptics to the user experience is beyond simple vibrations.


The tactile feedback serves as a non-visual guide, making navigation simpler and more intuitive.


For instance, when you're using the settings app or scrolling through your recent photos, the haptic touch sensitivity can be adjusted to make it easier to distinguish different elements on the screen.


And it’s not just in the iPhone settings app; this feature is integrated across other built-in apps, offering a seamless experience for those having issues viewing their iPhone screen.

Beyond iPhone System Haptics

Android phones are catching up in the haptic game, but the iPhone's Taptic Engine has an edge in providing a cohesive experience across built-in apps and settings.


The tactile feedback and system haptics are more nuanced, offering you the luxury of adjusting haptic touch sensitivity.


This way, whether you're dialling in for phone calls or diving into direct messages, the tactile sensation is uniquely yours.


However, don't let that put you off. Why not experiment our refurbished iPhone and Android phones, and see whose on top of their haptic game.

Final Thoughts

So, what are haptics on iPhone?


At its core, haptics breathe life into your iPhone, turning a collection of apps and settings into an ecosystem of interactive elements.


Whether it's feeling two subtle taps as you set a new contact or the tactile response in Control Center sliders, haptics add an extra layer of intuitiveness.


What are you waiting for? go have a play with haptics today.


And hey, while we're talking cool features, remember every iPhone from UR.co.uk comes with a 12-month warranty, and we plant a tree with every purchase. So, go ahead, feel the future in your hands.

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