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Samsung S22 Ultra Deals

Written by: Emma Morris


Samsung S22 Ultra Deals. Has the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra captured your interest in the vast ocean of mobile phones? It's hard to find someone who hasn't been impressed.

Boasting superior battery life, an exceptional camera system, and robust processing capabilities, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is brimming with premium features that truly live up to its flagship reputation. But how can you gain all this without the hefty upfront cost?

It's easy – consider buying a refurbished phone.

Keep reading to discover more about UR's  refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra  deals and how to save money today!

Or, if you want to expand your horizons, why not also take a look at our entire collection of  refurbished Samsung devices? Your next gadget is just a few clicks away.

Key Takeaways:

  • The S22 Ultra has a fantastic screen size and image quality, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.

  • It comes in a minimalist construct that's stylish even without a protective case.

  • Each phone sold by us undergoes a comprehensive  90-point phone check  to ensure it has all the same features as a brand-new device.

Features of the Refurbished S22 Ultra

If you're on the hunt for the top S22 Ultra deals, you might equally be keen to uncover the full potential of this device, a task that can prove daunting amidst a sea of websites bombarding you with technical jargon and no straightforward explanations.

Those that need clarification don't worry. Here's what's in storage when you buy one of these refurbished gadgets.

Sharp, Sleek Design

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra features a sleek rectangular design with sharp, square corners, crafted for ease of holding and providing a luxurious feel to the touch.

There's a slight curvature to the screen, but unlike recent models, all four rear cameras sit flush with the back, offering an aesthetically pleasing minimalist design that looks superb even without a case for protection.

At the front of the phone is a 6.8" Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz, double that of the standard 60Hz. 

To the last pixel, every aspect of this display is stunning, filled with vivid, bright colours that pop in all lighting conditions, whether at home at night or running errands in daylight.

Plus, it also adapts to your surroundings, reducing its refresh rate in certain situations to enhance performance and save battery life.

To top it all off, the S22 Ultra also arrives with a built-in S Pen, making tapping, swiping, and scrolling feel extra controlled and precise. 

Excellent Rear Cameras

But what's the point of an excellent display if the rear camera doesn't quite live up to the task? Well, you don't have to worry with this one.

The S22 Ultra boasts a 108MP main, 10MP telephoto, 10MP periscope telephoto, and 12MP ultrawide sensor, designed to take photos that perfectly match your desired expectations. 

From zooming in with the telephoto camera to capturing expansive shots with its ultrawide sensor, every snap will feel like a dream, filled with perfectly saturated colours that are almost true to life.

This aspect is only further enhanced with its improved optical image stabilisation and image processing power, ensuring you can take distant pictures of even the farthest reaches in crisp, clear clarity. Read more about its camera upgrades  here .

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Last but not least is its excellent battery life.

In a third party laboratory condition, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra boasts up to 16:54 hours of battery life when using Wi-Fi and unlimited data and up to 18 hours with video playback. 

This means you can browse your favourite shows and scour various websites for hours on end without needing to rush to a plug. Read more about the specs of the smartphone  here .

And these figures don't just disappear when you add the word 'refurbished' into the mix.

Every Galaxy S22 Ultra refurbished by us has at least 80% of its battery health, ensuring you'll also gain enough battery life cycles to last you for years to come.

Take a look at our  Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G refurbished  to find out more.

Deals at UR.co.uk

So, why should you consider purchasing one of these phones from UR.co.uk?

Well, even with the Consumer Price Index rate on older Samsung phones decreasing following the release of the S24, the S22 still commands a hefty price, making it nearly unaffordable for those on a restricted budget.

However, when you buy a refurbished S22 Ultra from us, you're not just acquiring a gadget at a competitive price, but also a whole package of FREE extras to assist you along the way.

  • 12 Months FREE Insurance:  As an industry first, each phone comes with   12 months of free insurance   to protect your gadget from unfortunate incidents, such as accidental damage or something else entirely.

  • FREE UK Delivery:  You also benefit from FREE delivery, so you won't have to pay any extra costs at the checkout.

  • Finance Plans:  We've also partnered with various finance providers to offer you the option to spread your payments out over a minimum term at a monthly price without needing to be tied to a phone network.

Your new phone will also be available in various colours to suit your taste, including Phantom Black, Sky Blue, Red, and more.

Final Thoughts on Our Samsung S22 Ultra Deals

So, there you have it - the complete package when you purchase an S22 Ultra from us. 

Plus, if you want to part with an old phone, why not   sell your device   with us? Here, we offer a straightforward four-step process to receive money for your old phone within days. 

Make the smart decision today!

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