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The Best Phone Under £300

Written by: Emma Morris


The Best Phone Under £300

Top Refurbished Picks Reviewed for Quality and Value

The Best Phone Under £300. Another year brings another list of budget refurbished phones, carefully curated to offer you the best technological features without breaking the bank.

As explored in our guide to the  best phone under £200  , we've discovered that finding the perfect phone for you doesn't have to come at a cost to you or your wallet. 

But for those wanting more options, keep reading to find the best phones under £300 out of the Google, Samsung and Apple lineup. 

Have we already caught your attention? Afterwards, why not explore our range of  refurbished phones  at UR.co.uk  ? Each one comes with   12 months of FREE insurance   and more to make your tech game extra special.

Key Takeaways:

  • Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22:  Gain flagship specs at a budget phone price.

  • Refurbished Google Pixel 6:  Has the most impressive battery life out of the lineup.

  • Refurbished iPhone SE 2022:  This is more than just a cheap iPhone; it offers a powerful punch in a compact form.

Refurbished Vs Brand-New Phones

In today's market, finding a phone under £300 is quite easy. Samsung boasts its A series, iPhone its SE models, and Google its A variants, each offering an experience akin to their flagship counterparts, albeit with some specifications scaled back.

These options may all seem tempting, especially the   refurbished iPhone SE 2022  , as explored further below. Nonetheless, sometimes it's just nice to have something more without spending a hefty sum.

This is what refurbished phones are all about.

If properly renewed and rejuvenated correctly, preferably under a comprehensive 90-point phone check, you can receive a fully functional flagship phone for a fraction of the price if bought brand new.

With this in mind, let's explore some of the best phones under £300 in our refurbished collection.

The Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22: Best Cheap Android phone

Specification Detail
Display 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X
Processing Chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200
Camera 50MP wide-angle, 10MP telephoto, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP front
Storage sizes 128GB, 256GB

Now, it's been a close call deciding on the best budget phone when you have titans like the    refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22   and the Google Pixel 6 in the lineup. But if we were deciding between the two, the former is the clear winner.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes in a 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.3 inch entire Armor Aluminium case with a Gorilla Glass Victus+ front panel, perfectly designed to feel luxurious in the hand with its frosted-glass, flat back design available in a wide array of colours, from Graphite to Sky Blue.

The S22 features a triple camera system consisting of a 50MP wide-angle, 10MP telephoto, and 12MP ultra-wide camera. Its primary camera is largely comparable to the Pixel 6 mentioned below, providing near similar, if not slightly sharper, results when capturing photos in various lighting conditions.

But the standout feature is its processing power -  the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200 chip, depending on your region.

In various tests, this component gives even the latest Pixel phones a run for their money by offering faster gaming and CPU task performance, solidifying the S22's top-ranking position in this best phone under £300 series. Learn more about its processing power  here .

With an original starting price of £769 upon its release, this phone was never expected to be a cheap phone, like those in the Samsung Galaxy A series. So, the fact you can retain all these flagship features for nearly half the price when purchased refurbished is an incredible feat.

The Refurbished Google Pixel 6: Best Cheap Google Phone

Feature Specification
Display 6.4-inch FHD+ OLED display
Processing Chip Google Tensor
Camera 50MP wide, 12MP ultrawide, 8MP front camera
Storage Sizes 128GB, 256GB

Next up on the list is the   refurbished Google Pixel 6   – one of the best overall Google Pixel phones under £300.

Undoubtedly, the Google Pixel 6 boasts one of the finest camera systems in the industry, enhanced by its innovative Real Tone technology that captures a broad spectrum of colours as perceived by the human eye. 

But it's its comprehensive camera features that make this device truly stand out. 

Similar to its predecessor, the Pixel 5, you gain Photo Unblur and the Magic Eraser tool, the latter doing exactly as it says on the tin, removing unwanted objects with AI-driven software to help you capture the perfect picture.

Plus, with everyday use, you also get excellent battery life for its low price tag, lasting just under 3 hours longer than the iPhone SE 2022. This is more than enough to play your favourite mobile games or social media feed for hours on end without running to a plug. 

As a bonus, this device arrives significantly under the £300 budget when bought from UR, meaning you'll have more than enough money for accessories like a case and screen protector, with some even left over.

The Refurbished iPhone SE 2022: Best Cheap iPhone

Specification Details
Display 4.7-inch Retina HD display
Processing Chip A15 Bionic chip
Camera 12MP main camera, 7MP front camera
Storage Size 64GB, 128GB

Moving away from Android phones, let's look at a great, inexpensive phone in the Apple lineup - the refurbished iPhone SE 2022.

Apple phones tend to retain their higher price longer than those from Google Pixel and Samsung, which unfortunately means you'll struggle to find flagship specs under £300 unless you opt for an older model like the   refurbished iPhone 12  .

However, we've opted for the SE model rather than the iPhone 12 due to its more recent release date, ensuring it will receive iOS updates for a longer period and thereby guaranteeing prolonged access to vital security updates.

Plus, this budget phone has more than enough features to make your everyday tech experience a little bit brighter.

With the Apple SE 2022, you gain the A15 Bionic chip, one that rivals the Samsung Galaxy's 8 Gen 1 in various tests even today. 

This, alongside a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, makes the device perfect for anyone wanting a compact design that offers smooth, hitch-free graphics and unmatched efficiency at a lower price. Learn more about its processing power  here .

To top it all off, this affordable phone also arrives significantly under the £300 mark if brought refurbished, making it ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the Apple ecosystem without the associated high costs.

Value of Cheap Phones from UR.co.uk

Group of phones

So, why should you buy one of these budget phones from UR.co.uk?

Well, in addition to receiving the gadget for a fraction of the original price, you also gain these extra benefits to assist you along the way.

  • 12 Months of FREE Insurance:  All our refurbished phones come with 12 months of FREE insurance to protect you and your device from any unfortunate accidents, whether that be accidental damage, theft, and more.

  • FREE UK Delivery:  We also offer free UK delivery with each device, so you can expect no added nasty costs at the checkout. Gaining one of the best cheap phones around and free delivery? That's a win-win.

  • Various Payment Options:  Can't quite make the full payment? Don't worry. We've also partnered with various finance providers so you can spread the cost of your device over several months.

We also plant a tree for every gadget we sell as part of our   commitment to sustainability  .

Final Thoughts on Best Phone Under £300

So, there you have it, a full insight into the best affordable phones currently available under £300, all refurbished by UR.co.uk.

In summary, if you're looking for the best, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22 is your go-to.

Looking for something slightly more budget-friendly? Try out the Google Pixel 6.

For those wanting to stay in the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone SE 2022 offers great features in a compact design.

Plus, if you want to   sell a gadget  , why not sell your old phone at UR.co.uk? Here, we offer an easy-to-use system that'll provide a quote in seconds.

Take a look today!

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