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iPhone 15 Pro Review

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iPhone 15 Pro Review


The iPhone 15 Pro arrived on the market in September 2023, claiming to offer innovative improvements that more than justified its flagship title.

This device features an upgraded design, a higher-end camera system, and a new chip, all available in a more pocketable, portable size than its Pro Max counterpart.

Let's see if it lives up to the hype.

Or explore the wonders of this device today in our collection of refurbished iPhones.

Key Takeaways:

  • This phone has a sleek titanium frame, adding a sense of luxury that perfectly complements its advanced features.


  • It offers enhanced, laptop-level performance, perfect for keeping up with all high-demand tasks

Specs of the Refurbished Apple iPhone 15 Pro

The refurbished iPhone 15 Pro comfortably sits between the 15 Plus and the 15 Pro Max, combining the high-end specifications at more affordable price tag.

Upon release, the Pro models are often £100 cheaper than their advanced Pro Max counterparts. However, this has started to change.

Now, when purchased refurbished from us, you can receive the Pro for over £150 less than the iPhone Pro Max. Considering these fantastic specifications below, that's an incredible feat for the price point.

Feature Details
Display 6.1” Super Retina Display with ProMotion Technology, Always-on, and Dynamic Island
Processing Power A17 Pro Chip
Camera System 48MP Main, 12MP Ultra Wide, 12MP Telephoto
Storage Sizes 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Note: These specifications remain consistent whether the device is brand new or refurbished by us. This is all thanks to our in-house expert technicians, who perform a 90-point phone check on every device to ensure it functions like new.

The 15 Pro's Display and Design


As explored in our iPhone Pro Max review, the display of the high-tier iPhone 15 models appears quite similar to its predecessors, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. 

You still get the same 6.1" Super Retina XDR Display with ProMotion technology, which offers an advanced refresh rate of 160Hz over the standard 60Hz – an aspect now becoming a key feature in Apple's flagship models.

It also boasts an Always-On display and a Dynamic Island, the latter being an interactive pill-shaped function above the selfie camera that provides notifications and alerts, effectively replacing the notorious notch found in the iPhone 13 and earlier generations.

Without a doubt, this means you still enjoy the undisturbed screen quality of the previous iPhone 14 model, offering vivid, punchy colours regardless of lighting conditions. But look a bit closer, and you'll notice a world of difference in its overall design.

Renewed Design

Unlike the stainless steel casing found in previous models, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro now comes wrapped in a titanium frame, available in several colours: Black, Blue, Natural, and White. 

This material makes the device feel sturdier to the touch, almost feeling equipped to withstand multiple drops without significant damage – though it's always best not to try.

The device is also lighter in weight and smaller in stature, thanks to changes in the casing and smaller bezels, giving the device an almost all-screen finish akin to most modern-day Android phones.

Last but not least, Apple has removed the lightning port from this device, replacing it with a USB-C port that supports the same charging cable and battery found in recent Macs, iPads, and Apple Watches.

These developments also mean the device is more accessible to Android phone users, especially those with multiple USB-C cables and plugs scattered around the house, waiting to be reused.

Thoughts on Design? Fantastic! You still receive an excellent display everyone has come to love, alongside additional features that make the design that extra bit aesthetically pleasing. 

Performance of the iPhone 15 Pro

man listening to music

The iPhone 15 Pro has an upgraded processor - the A17 Pro chip - boasting capabilities that cater to everything from daily tasks to immersive, high-demand gaming.

It features a 10% faster CPU and 20% faster GPU performance than its predecessor, along with a range of other enhancements. These include a faster 16-core neural engine for accelerated machine learning capabilities and enhanced hardware-accelerated ray tracing, ensuring realistic games and other graphical media rendering. Learn more here.

In simpler terms? You can tap, scroll, and swipe for hours without the device even warming your hand.

Improved Battery Life

But how does the battery life hold up?

Interestingly, the iPhone 15 Pro has a smaller capacity than the standard iPhone 15, with the former equipped with a 3,274mAh unit. However, this doesn't mean you should expect a shorter battery life.

In fact, the 15 Pro lasts longer in video playback than its more affordable counterpart by 3-4 hours, varying slightly depending on whether it's downloaded or streamed. This is all thanks to the improved processor, which boasts enhanced energy efficiency to ensure the device lasts longer.

Like most recent Apple devices, it also supports wireless charging, allowing you to charge your device in multiple locations without being tethered to a plug.

Plus, all our refurbished models come with at least 80% battery health, providing you with more than enough battery life cycles to last for years to come.

Over thoughts: You get the performance of the 15 Pro Max without the hefty price tag to match. 

Camera Quality on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro

women with camera

The camera quality is exactly what you'd expect from a flagship Apple iPhone.

With the iPhone 15 Pro, you receive a 48MP main camera, a 12MP telephoto camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP front-facing camera - the last one enables you to take selfies and use the device's Face ID. The photos produced by this phone are clear, crisp, and sharp, often providing images that closely resemble the real subject, even in harsh lighting conditions.

This might sound similar to the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus, which have both received camera upgrades from previous generations. However, the 15 Pro has a few extra details that make it stand out.

It also boasts additional 3x and 5x optical zoom in the main camera, allowing you to capture distant shots without moving an inch closer. 

Plus, it offers more versatile camera app features useful in different situations, such as enabling night mode while using Portrait mode - an aspect currently unavailable in the standard iPhone 15.

Overall Thoughts: If you want one of the best smartphone camera systems without leaving the Apple ecosystem, this one is for you.

Reasons to Purchase the Device from UR.co.uk.

Now, why should you choose UR over other refurbished companies? To aid your decision, we've compiled a package that offers additional value.

Here's what you can expect in terms of services and extras when you purchase a refurbished Apple iPhone 15 Pro from UR:

  • 12 Months FREE Insurance: As an industry first, we offer 12 months of FREE insurance covering accidental theft, damage, etc. This ensures you can enjoy your new device without worries about unforeseen accidents.

  • £45 Worth of FREE Accessories: You also receive £45 worth of FREE extras, including a screen protector, USB-C cable, plug, and more. This is especially perfect for iPhone users who don't have the newer charging accessories.

  • FREE Delivery: Every phone purchased from us comes with FREE UK Delivery, allowing you to save even more money for that special occasion.

Plus, as a token of our commitment to sustainability, we also plant a tree as a thank you for every purchase made.

Final Thoughts on Our Refurbished iPhone 15 Pro Review

So, what are our overall thoughts after this iPhone 15 Pro Review?

From an upgraded design to a fantastic camera system, this device has features that'll make your day a little bit brighter.

Plus, if you purchase from us, you can save even more money by choosing the external condition yourself. Take a look at our FAQ section to find out more.

Happy shopping.

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