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How Much is My Phone Worth?

Written by: Emma Morris


How Much is My Phone Worth?

Are you sitting at home, frantically searching you phone's worth after seeing the latest smartphone appear on your TV? If you are, you're certainly not alone.

We understand that discovering the best price for your device can be challenging, especially with so many factors to consider, such as its make, model, and condition, which all affect its value in one way or another.

However, don't lose hope just yet. Follow this simple guide to find out more.

Or receive an almost instantaneous quote for your gadget with our 'Sell My Phone' search engine at UR.co.uk. We ensure you'll receive an excellent price for your phone, no matter if it's old or new!

Key Takeaways:

  • Condition, make, and model can all affect the pricing of your device.

  • Finding a quote is as easy as four simple steps.

  • Selling your phone also helps the environment in the process.

So How Much is My Phone Worth?

Gaining a price for your old gadget can initially appear straightforward. You may think entering your model into various search engines will quickly reveal its value, right?

This might be true for shiny new models still wrapped in their original packaging, but it's slightly more complex for phones loved and used for a few years or more. Here are all the aspects determining your quote.

  • Brand: The price you receive for your model phone trade is brand-specific. For example, you're more likely to receive a better outcome from popular brands like Apple and Samsung than from lesser-known ones with fewer followings.

  • Model: You also need to consider its features and age - you're more likely to receive a higher quote for an iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB than for an SE 2020 with lower storage capacity, for instance.

  • Physical Condition: Last but not least is its physical condition. Suppose it's nearly like new, great! But for those with wear and tear, expect a lower quoted price.

Consider all these factors, and suddenly selling your old mobile phone becomes even more confusing.

But don't worry; that's why UR's here to offer you a simple solution with our four-step process.

How to Sell Your Phone at UR

man on phone

To begin, enter the make and model of your mobile phone into our search engine or find your it within one of our listings.

Whether you wish to sell an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy phone, we accept a range of brands in different conditions, so rest assured you won't miss out.

Afterwards, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Register Device

After finding your phone, you'll be taken to a page to register its details.

Here, you can input its storage size, condition, and network connection to make your instant quote as accurate as possible.

After you've completed this, press 'Sell This Device'.

Instant Quote

An instant quote should then appear on your screen, reflecting the true market value of the device based on the information you entered.

Do you need some time to consider this? No problem.

You have 14 days to accept the quote before the quote is revised.

Free Post Packaging

If you've accepted the offer, we'll send over a Freepost envelope so you can post the device to us free of charge.

All you need to do beforehand is clear your gadget of any data and logins, and pop your mobile phone trade into the Freepost package.

We recommend leaving any original packaging and accessories at home unless you'd like them recycled by our services.

Fast Payment

Now, here's the most important part - fast payment.

Once your mobile phone is in our hands, our experienced technicians will give it a once-over to ensure it matches the initial description.

As soon as it passes, we'll initiate a bank transfer so you can expect payment into your that very same day.

Receiving the best price for your phone couldn't be any easier.

Grades of Physical Condition

Now, we recognise that everyone has a different understanding of what 'Good Condition' for a mobile phone looks like.

To clarify things, explore the table below to discover how we grade the phones sent to us at UR.co.uk.

You can pick one of these options in your 'register device' stage.

Condition Category Criteria
Good Fully functional components, No internal faults, Original, unscratched LCD from 30cm, OEM casing, ≥80% battery health, No liquid damage, Includes stylus, Not modified (e.g., not jailbroken)
Poor Minor internal faults, Heavy scratches on original LCD, Good condition original casing, ≤80% battery health, No liquid damage, Functional home button, Touch ID, Face ID, NFC, Not modified
Faulty Minor functional faults, Heavy wear and tear, good condition original casing, Battery health not specified, No liquid damage, Functional home button, Touch ID, Face ID, NFC, Not modified

*Note: We accept a huge range of devices in various conditions, whether it's a slightly broken phone with a dodgy button or a sparkling new one straight out of the packaging, as long as it's considered economical to repair by our team. View our terms and conditions to find out more.

Environmentally Benefits

Apart from obtaining a great price for your device, your mobile phone trade also has many other benefits.

As explored in our Sustainable Technology article, unused and unwanted phones have environmental implications beyond cluttering your drawers and cupboards.

Overall, the UK produces 23.9kg of e-waste per capita, one of the highest in the world, contributing to issues like land and air pollution as a result. Read more here.

UR's Commitment to Sustainability

But this is where UR.co.uk helps.

Each device sent to us is reused and repurposed to provide it with a new lease of life, away from those ever-so-present landfill sites.

Plus, we also plant a tree with every device repurchased from us, ensuring that every step is a leap towards a greener, more sustainable future.

So, when you've sold that old Samsung phone, know that you've not only made your wallet but also the Earth slightly happier.

Final Thoughts on How Much Is My Phone Worth

There you have it – every piece of information you need to know about finding your phone's worth.

If you're also looking for a new device, why not look at our refurbished phone collection? Doing so ensures you can save money and the environment by joining our circular economy.

Embrace the smart choice with UR.co.uk today!

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