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Is your smartphone on its last legs, and you're faced with the daunting task of choosing a replacement?

Before you rush out to purchase the latest and greatest device, let us introduce you to an alternative that's not only great for your wallet but also for Mother Earth: refurbished phones.

When it comes to the question - are refurbished phones good? The quick answer would be a definite YES. But why?

Here are just some of the reasons:

  • They help to combat the issue of excessive electronic waste
  • They help to lower your carbon footprint
  • You get a cost-effective option without compromising on quality

Ready to get the lowdown on why buying a refurbished phone is a great option in 2023? Let's dive right in!

What Are Refurbished Phones?

Have you ever been eyeing up a brand-new phone, but the price has stopped you in your tracks?

If that's the case, then a refurbished mobile phone could be right up your street!

Refurbished phones are essentially pre-loved devices which have been checked out by a professional and given a clean bill of health.

When buying refurbished phones from a reputable retailer like ur.co.uk, all devices we sell come with a 12-month warranty period, so you can upgrade your device with confidence.

Plus, you can expect to save a significant amount of money: refurbished phones are far more cost-effective than buying the latest version of an iPhone or Samsung device straight off the shelves.

And yes, you may sometimes have some doubts when you're not buying a brand-new device - but no worries here!

Professionally refurbished smartphones sold by ur are checked thoroughly, unlike a second-hand phone sold by a private seller.

And with several tests carried out before being resold, you can be sure that you're getting top quality at a fraction of the price.

No major faults to worry about. Just choose your phone, select the grade (Good, Excellent, or Premium), and away you go!

Still not convinced? Here are 7 reasons to buy refurbished phones that are well worth considering, especially if you're looking to make more eco-conscious choices.

What Makes Refurbished Phones Good? - 7 Reasons to Consider Buying One

1. Be an eco-conscious shopper: Reduce electronic waste by choosing refurbished phones

With technology advancing at an exponential pace, it's easy to find yourself tempted by the latest devices on the market; but before you succumb to consumerism, consider opting for a more eco-conscious choice.

Refurbished phones offer a great way to stay connected without contributing to electronic waste - and the added bonus of being able to potentially save hundreds compared to buying a brand new handset!

Don't forget: we all have a responsibility to make sure that future generations can enjoy our planet as much as we do.

2. Choose sustainability: Lower your carbon footprint with a refurbished phone

Don't waste your money on a brand-new phone – you can do better by choosing sustainability!

With a refurbished phone, you can lower your carbon footprint and get all the same advanced tech with fewer environmental consequences.

Refurbished devices come with enhanced quality checking for maximum satisfaction and performance. Plus, if you shop ethically, you'll be helping to make sure more gadgets don't end up in our landfills.

3. Contribute to resource conservation through your purchase of a refurbished phone

Investing in a refurbished phone is not only an environmentally-friendly decision but also one that supports the conservation of resources. You'll be doing your bit for the environment and grabbing yourself a great bargain in the process.

With a range of different phones available at the best prices guaranteed, you can pick up a powerful device without breaking the bank and make sure that you're reducing your carbon footprint! What's not to love?

4. Smart shopping: Cost-effective and affordable alternative to buying new phones

Finding the perfect balance between cost and quality for a phone can be quite tricky. But smart shopping is here to save the day: you can now get your hands on reliable, used phones at extremely affordable prices!

And that's not all- these cost-effective alternatives offer a wide variety of functions, so you won't be sacrificing anything when it comes to features or performance.

No need to worry about splurging; shop smarter and find what you're looking for without breaking the bank.

5. Quality is guaranteed: High-quality smartphones that come with warranties when you choose to buy refurbished products

At ur, we believe that buying refurbished doesn't mean sacrificing quality.

All our phones are PhoneCheck certified, meaning they go through a 90-point inspection to ensure you're getting a great device at an amazing price.

With ur, you can shop confidently knowing that your purchase comes with a 12-month warranty, and you can expect the same high-quality standards as buying brand new.

Get the power of reliable and quality guaranteed smartphones - choose wisely and buy certified refurbished models.

6. Join the circular economy movement and support a business that practices sustainable principles

Being part of the circular economy is more than just reducing our environmental impact – it's about ensuring that businesses are held to a higher standard of sustainability.

That's why we are on a mission to become a carbon-positive phone business and why with every order you place, we plant a tree.

Show your commitment to quality and sustainability by shopping the circular economy movement today. It's time to make the world a greener and cleaner place!

7. Make an impact with every purchase - positive ethical, social, and environmental impacts

Shopping for a refurbished phone is more than just about finding the latest model; it's about making an ethical, social, and environmental impact.

When you purchase a refurbished device, you choose to extend the life of a gently used phone, thus using fewer resources and producing less waste.

By investing in pre-loved phones, you don’t only get to reap the benefits of amazing savings - you even get to do your part in contributing to a better world.

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How the Production of Your Phone Is Impacting Climate Change

The production of mobile phones relies heavily on fossil fuels, one of the leading contributors to climate change.

Fossil fuels release excess greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which depletes the ozone layer.

The ozone layer is a critical component of the earth’s atmosphere as it blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, which exaggerate the greenhouse effect further.

While some industries are trying to use renewable energy where possible, the effects of fossil-fuel-based factories are ruining the ozone layer to an irreversible extent.

But it’s not just the factories that are damaging the environment. The raw materials needed to make your smartphones require 1.4 billion phones are produced each year and research shows that a single phone results in 10-15 kg of ore that needs to be mined.

Mining results in a myriad of environmental problems, such as deforestation, erosion, and sinkholes. Not the mention many mines lack the safety precautions necessary to keep workers safe and healthy.

We currently live in a world where business trumps all, and while there is demand, there will also be production.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (and Refurbish)!

Picture of a bin with a recycle symbol on encouraging someone to recycle their phone so it can be refurbished

You should know the three Rs by now: reduce, reuse and recycle.

But we suggest adding a fourth R to your list - refurbish.

Refurbished tech will slow the demand for new phones, therefore, should reduce the amount of new smartphone technology being manufactured.

By choosing to buy a refurbished phone, you will be helping to lessen the number of phones that end up in landfills. There is estimated to be 49.8 million tonnes of e-waste every year, and with new models being released year on year, this is only going to increase.

Arguably, this is the area where you can make the biggest impact, as we have little control as consumers over how products are produced.

Our Promise

Although we love our tech, ur prides itself on positively contributing to the fight against climate change.

With every refurbished item sold, we have pledged to plant a tree, with our forest home to well over 10,000 trees and counting.

But this is only the start, we want to keep reducing the amount of e-waste and get people thinking circular.

By choosing a refurbished phone from ur, you will be part of the change.

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