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iPhone 13 vs 14: A Comparison

Written by: Emma Morris



iPhone 13 vs 14: A Comparison


Without a doubt, some could perceive the differences between the refurbished iPhone 13 and the refurbished iPhone 14 as minor.

The iPhone 14 and 13 feature the same display technology, two rear-facing cameras, and an A15 Bionic Chip, making the decision to buy either one that little bit harder.

However, look a bit closer, and you'll soon realise that though both offer high-quality features, one makes a more compelling case than the other.

Want to know which one it is? Keep reading and find out with UR.co.uk.

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Key Takeaways:


  • The refurbished iPhone 13 is excellent for those wanting high-quality features while saving even more money.
  • The refurbished iPhone 14: Want some extra safety on the road? The refurbished iPhone 14 could be the one for you.

Refurbished iPhone 13 or the iPhone 14: A Table Comparison

In 2022, the iPhone 14 generation claimed to offer significant upgrades from its predecessor, providing updated and new specs with features like Crash Detection, Satellite Emergency Services technology and more.

These changes may seem small, but the devil is in the details.

So, before we get started, explore the table below to gain a general understanding of the differences mentioned in this article.

Feature Category iPhone 13 iPhone 14
Safety Features Standard safety features (SOS, Emergency calling) Enhanced safety features (Crash detection, Satellite SOS)
Battery Life Up to 19 hours video playback Slightly improved battery life
Camera Quality Dual-camera system with 12MP Wide and Ultra Wide cameras Advanced camera system with Photonic Engine for better low-light performance

*Notes: These specs are the same regardless of whether the device is brand new or refurbished by UR.co.uk. This is all with the help of UR's expert engineers, who ensure each device is renewed to the best internal quality out there.

Camera Quality Between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14

While the refurbished iPhone 14 Pro boasts a significant upgrade with its 48MP rear camera, both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 13 feature a similar dual-camera system: a 12MP main and Ultra Wide camera, complemented by a 12MP front camera.

Although the iPhone 14 slightly improves the technology, the overall differences might be subtle, as both offer crisp, striking imagery in most lighting conditions.

This could mean that some may be drawn more to the iPhone 13 than to its newer counterpart due to the price difference, or to the iPhone 14 Pro - a winner in the iPhone 14 or 14 pro camera battle.

Slight Camera Differences in the iPhone 14

Girl with camera phine

On the other hand, we shouldn't underestimate the finesse of the standard iPhone 14 either.

Unlike past models, the standard iPhone 14 also comes equipped with Photonic Engine technology, which enhances low light performance by optimising photos through a combination of hardware and software.

Plus, the iPhone 14 boasts an upgraded cinematic mode and a faster and larger aperture for its front camera, significantly elevating its capabilities beyond those found in the iPhone 13.

This is all alongside the already well-loved camera app features like Portrait Mode and Night Mode that have graced iPhone models before.

Final Thoughts? If these small changes tempt you, opt for the refurbished iPhone 14. For those wanting to save money and still gain excellent camera specs, the iPhone 13 could be the one for you.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13: Safety Features

Besides this, the main difference between iPhone 14 and 13 is their safety features.

Software like Emergency SOS, a feature that quickly allows you to call emergency services during an unfortunate accident via a cellular connection, has been a staple of iPhones for years. But yet again, the iPhone 14 takes everything up a notch.

Diverging from the iPhone 13's safety system, the iPhone 14 was the first to feature Emergency SOS via Satellite, enabling users to call for help outside cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.

And that's not all; the iPhone 14 also comes with Crash Detection, ensuring the user is protected during crashes or accidents by automatically calling emergency services if such instances were detected.

Again, these differences are minor, but these updated safety features could make a world of difference for the unfortunate few.

Battery Life in the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 13

phone on charge

Another key difference between the two comes down to their longevity.

Both devices will offer you exceptional battery life that'll last you nearly all day, whether you're streaming your favourite videos or exploring your favourite social media sites.

On paper, a brand new iPhone 13 will last you up to 19 hours of video playback, while the iPhone 14 takes things up a notch, offering up to 20 hours of video playback and up to 80 hours of audio playback.

For those who want to be untethered from the plug for longer, then the iPhone 14 is your guy.

But did you know you also get exceptional battery life with refurbished models?

At UR.co.uk, all our models come with at least 80% battery health to ensure you can scroll, tap, and swipe for years to come. Plus, the best part? They are significantly cheaper than brand new models.

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The Value of the Refurbished iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 from UR.co.uk

When you buy a refurbished iPhone 14, a refurbished iPhone 13, or any previous model from UR.co.uk, you also receive these extra benefits:

  • £45 worth of accessories: Most of our phones also arrive with £45 worth of accessories so that you can save even more money for that special day out.

  • Free Delivery: Nothing is worse than getting to the till and having to pay more for delivery. That's why we also include free standard delivery with every order.

  • Various Payment Options: Can't quite pay for the device in full? Don't worry; we have a range of payment options available at checkout.

Final Thoughts on iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

So, which one is the winner in the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 battle?

Well, while you still gain great specs with the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 comes with improved features that make the device even more compelling.

But, no matter which one you choose, rest assured you're going to get a great deal when you decide to buy a refurbished iPhone 14 or a refurbished iPhone 13 from UR.

Go ahead, take a look at our collection and join a commitment to sustainability today!

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