Apple Watch Ultra Review: Is this Refurbished Timepiece Worth the Investment?

Written by: Emma Morris


Apple Watch Ultra Review 

The Apple Watch Ultra is the ideal accessory for adventurers and Apple enthusiasts alike who want a smartwatch with extended battery life, a larger display, and durable housing.

But with the second-generation Ultra watch now released, does the original refurbished Apple Watch Ultra still stand the test of time?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Apple Watch Ultra's battery life is double that found in past series.

  • It's perfect for all manner of sports, provided you have the correct watch bands attached.

  • It's one of the biggest Apple Watch in the market, providing improved visibility when scrolling through apps quickly.

Brief Insight into Key Specs

Below are some key features and functions of the first-generation Ultra model.

Specification Detail
Display 49mm Always-On Retina LPTO OLED display
Chip S8 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor
Dimensions 49 x 44 x 14.4 mm
Material Titanium

Note:  All of our devices at undergo a comprehensive check by a team of expert technicians to ensure the device works like new. So, you can expect the same features and specs mentioned in this article to be exactly the same in your refurbished Apple Watch upon purchase.

The Apple Watch Ultra Design

With its screen dimensions approximately  4-8 mm greater  than those of the refurbished Series 8 and Series 7, it should be no surprise that the Apple Watch Ultra boasts one of the largest displays among all Apple Watch models.

For many, the Ultra versions, being twice as heavy as a regular Apple Watch, might feel too bulky for those with smaller wrists or for anyone who likes wearing their watch to bed. However, apart from these concerns, we can only say positive things about the design.

The titanium casing makes the timepiece look and feel sturdier than other Apple Watch models currently on the market, and the larger display is a blessing in itself, offering much better visibility when viewing apps and other important content in a rush.

It still has the digital crown on the right-hand side, but just under it, you also gain an  'Action' button  that allows quick access to fitness tracking features, such as the stopwatch and more, with just a click of a button. Read more about this feature here.

These enhancements make the first-generation Ultra even more appealing for those tracking their fitness progress or anyone seeking a durable smartwatch for various adventures. 

Verdict:  Its functionality outweighs any complaints about its larger size. 

Display and Features Changes

apple watch fitness

Apart from its size, the first-generation Ultra has the same  Always-On display  as other Apple Watch models mentioned previously, albeit slightly brighter, with a screen brightness reaching 2000 instead of 1000. This is designed to provide improved visibility when viewing the screen under direct sunlight, which is excellent for viewing various content on the go.

However, more significant changes can be seen in the device's extra functions.

Alongside all the features found in previous generations, the Ultra includes a water temperature sensor, depth gauge, three microphones, and dual speakers—40% louder than those in the Series 8.

The extra upgrade in the microphones and speakers is undoubtedly helpful for calling friends or family on the move, while features such as the water temperature sensor and depth gauge extend the watch's versatility, making it an indispensable tool for adventurers and athletes alike, especially those into diving or water sports.

Verdict:  The Apple Watch Ultra covers you at every angle, from daily activities to intense sports. 

Performance and Longevity

Finally, let's evaluate its performance.

As explored in our  Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8 review, we've found that the Ultra variant comes with the same fantastic  S8 processor  as found in the Series 8, which is more than enough to offer glitch-free, smooth performance when using various apps for hours on end, including using its sleep tracking feature at night or exploring social media during the day.

However, the Apple Watch Ultra stands out from previous Apple Watches in terms of its superior battery life.

This Apple timepiece has a  longer battery life  than any other previous generation, lasting up to 18 hours more than the Series 8, even without low power mode enabled - a substantial improvement to justify its higher price tag. Read more about the Ultra's specs here.

This means you can scroll away on features like Apple Maps, the compass app, and more without needing to recharge multiple times throughout the day; perfect for outdoorsy types needing a watch for extended hikes and outdoor exploration.

Verdict:  It's performance is just as endurable as the watch's outer shell. 

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Final Thoughts on our Apple Watch Ultra Review

To conclude our Apple Watch Ultra review, this device seems to have more than enough features and function updates to compensate for its slightly higher price tag.

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