Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8: A Comparison Guide for Your Next Refurbished Smartwatch

Written by: Emma Morris


Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8

With great titans on the market, such as the refurbished Apple Watch Ultra and the refurbished Apple Watch Series 8, deciding which timepiece to buy next can be difficult.

Both have a wide variety of features perfect for different activities, such as counting your steps or exploring social media.

However, before you resign yourself to a random choice in despair, continue reading.

Here, we're putting both of these devices in a battle to see which one is the ultimate winner.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Either one will offer you a fantastic smartwatch experience for all daily activities.

  • Yet, the refurbished Apple Watch Ultra comes with a few functionalities to push it to the next level.

Similarities and Differences

Explore below to find some quick similarities and differences between these two models.


  • Both come with similar fitness features, including a heart rate, oxygen sensor and temperature sensor.

  • Each version also has an S8 chip, offering comparable processing performance.

  • Both models also arrive with nearly the same Always on display.


  • The Apple Watch Ultra has a larger display, reaching 4mm more than the Series 8 counterpart.

  • The Ultra version comes with a slightly larger battery.

  • The Ultra has a titanium casing, whereas the refurbished Apple Watch Series 8 has an aluminium frame.

  • You also gain twice the battery life with Watch Ultra, even without low power mode enabled.

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Design Comparison

Both smartwatches have a rectangular frame inspired by the refurbished Apple Watch 5, which, from a distance, makes them look quite similar. However, upon closer inspection, changes start to become more noticeable.

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a complete Titanium casing with a Sapphire crystal cover for the display, rather than the Aluminium frame with Ion-X Glass found in the Series 8. This substantially increases the former's durability without needing a case.

On the right-hand side of both devices, you'll also encounter a digital crown, an component slightly larger on the Watch Ultra to complement its bigger size. 

One key fact that has changed between the two devices is an Action Button exclusive to the Apple Watch model, allowing you quick access to the Siren, workout features, and more with just a simple press. This might seem small to some, but you'll soon notice a difference when you're attempting to scroll through various apps in a rush.

Verdict:  Though both come with fantastic designs, if we were going to choose, it would be the watch Ultra all the way just based on the extra Action Button alone. 

Display Differences

As mentioned previously, the refurbished Apple Watch Ultra arrives in a slightly larger frame than the Series 8, measuring 49mm instead of the 41mm or 45mm found in standard Apple Watches.

Some might perceive this as being too large for small wrists; however, aside from this concern, its larger size offers significantly more viewing space than the Series 8, facilitating easier scrolling and tapping than ever before.

Regarding technical display elements, both designs come with the same Always-on Retina LTPO OLED screen, which allows you to view content even during downtime to save battery life. However, the Ultra variant again takes everything up a notch, offering an extra 1000 nits of peak brightness over its more affordable counterpart. Find out more about the Ultra's specs here.

The reality of this? You receive an improved viewing experience with the Ultra variant in bright conditions.

Verdict:  Go for the Ultra Apple Watch Series if you're looking for a fantastic viewing experience. 

Features Comparison

The Apple Watch Ultra features are much like the Series 8 but with a slight twist.

Both offer excellent functionalities to support your day, whether you're embarking on a new and exciting exercise journey or travelling through urban locations with friends.

For instance, you gain a new body temperature sensor and an electrical heart sensor to track your general health and fitness goals, alongside features like Emergency SOS, crash detection, fall detection, and more to help support you in a pickle. Learn more about emergency Apple Watch features here.

But again, the Apple Watch Ultra takes everything up a notch, offering GPS, a microphone, and a speaker – the latter two particularly handy when making calls directly from the watch itself.

Verdict:  The Ultra is again the winner in the battle of best features. 

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Final Thoughts on our Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8 Review

To conclude, you'll receive a fantastic smartwatch experience with either device.

However, if you're looking to achieve top-tier results, then it's best to opt for the refurbished Apple Watch Ultra despite its slightly higher price tag.

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