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Kids' Apple Watch Deals

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Kids' Apple Watch Deals


Have your kids constantly been asking for an Apple Watch, but you're not quite sure what it actually does? Perhaps you're concerned about their safety or whether the watch has features that'll genuinely be useful in your child's daily life.

To cut a long story short, a refurbished Apple Watch can offer your child a range of benefits beyond just bragging rights among their friends.

Keep reading to discover which Apple Watch Series is best for kids now.

But if we've piqued your interest already, go ahead and explore our curated selection of refurbished Apple Watches at UR.co.uk.

Key Takeaways:


  • Family Setup: A fabulous tool for connecting with your child when they're out and about.
  • Parental Controls: Make your watch kid-friendly with the help of Parental Controls.
  • Refurbished Apple Watches: Receive all the best features of a brand-new Apple Watch for nearly half the price.

The Uses of a Refurbished Apple Watch

Apple Watch on hand.

We understand that sometimes, buying new tech for your kids can cause a headache. Maybe you're concerned about their safety online, or if they might download something they shouldn't when you're not around.

But what people often overlook is the family-friendly nature of Apple products.

With the correct settings, a refurbished Apple Watch can be an excellent tool in a parent's arsenal, allowing them to monitor their kids' health, provide educational support, and more.

Let's explore all these benefits further.

Apple Family Setup for Apple Watch

Using this Apple Watch app, family members can connect with their kids through their Apple Watch via messaging, calls, and more, giving your child zero excuse not to stay in contact when they're out and about.

It essentially turns the Apple Watch into a phone, making it also great for younger kids who aren't quite ready for a full-blown iPhone. You just need to make sure you have a GPS + Cellular model to allow this feature to work.

Undertake the following steps to setup Apple Family:

  • After setting up your Apple ID, switch on your own iPhone and open the Apple Watch App, tap 'All Watches' and then 'Add Watch'.
  • Afterwards, go onto 'Set Up for Family Member' and continue to follow its on-screen instructions for setting up this feature.

Plus, you can also monitor and restrict your child's watch usage using parental control, making it completely safe for when you're not around. This includes limiting access to specific apps such as Apple Pay, providing a secure and controlled environment for your child's digital interactions.

Already interested in one of these devices for yourself? Take a peek at our best Apple Watch deals to find more great offers at UR.co.uk.

Educational Values of Apple Watch

Aside from opening another communication link, the Apple Watch can also be a great educational tool for kids.

Every Apple Watch mentioned in this article comes with a range of health features that not only allow you to monitor your kids' health but also encourage them to be more active.

Take, for example, the 'Activity app', a function specifically designed to track physical activities and motivate kids through fun challenges and achievable goals with family and friends.

Of course, this can't replace traditional parenting techniques, but it can surely help encourage your child to move away from the TV or gaming console.

Now, let's see which refurbished Apple Watch is best for your child.

The Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular


The refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 emerges as a stellar choice for parents concerned about spending hundreds on an Apple Watch, only for it to be broken by their youngster.

Like its newer counterparts, it boasts a robust stainless steel and titanium outer case, capable of withstanding a knock or two should unfortunate accidents occur.

Plus, it shares similar features, such as the highly regarded emergency SOS, heart sensor, and GPS found in the most recent generations, ensuring it doesn't fall short in offering the crucial functionalities parents seek in a smartwatch for their children - find out more about their features here.

The refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 is available in multiple versions - the 40mm and the 44mm, both known for being among the lightest in weight, making them ideal for little ones' wrists.

Factor in that it's one of our collection's most affordable refurbished Apple Watches, and you've got an excellent starter watch suitable for all ages.

Advantages of the Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5:

  • Arrives with cellular service to support the family setup feature.
  • Comes with features unfounded in newer versions like the Apple Watch SE Series 2022, such as an Always-on display.
  • Capable of downloading third-party apps.

The Refurbished Apple Watch 6 GPS + Cellular


Are you looking for something a bit more recent? The refurbished Apple Watch Series 6 might be the one for you, balancing affordability with a range of features perfect for your little ones.

It has largely the same features as the Apple Watch Series 5, but with improvements. With this model, you get a brighter Always-on display and a 20% faster processing chip, the S6, providing your child with more punchy, vivid colours and ensuring they have no excuse not to answer their watch with swift precision when you call - learn more about the new S6 chip here.

Unlike the prior version, it also comes in a wider range of colours to suit your child's taste, such as Black, Blue, Pink, Red, and Silver, offering a personalised touch that appeals to the diverse preferences of young users.

This device comes second to the refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 because of its higher price tag, which might not make it as suitable for that first Apple Watch purchase.

Nevertheless, nearly all Apple Watch wearers will love this one with its up-to-date features and snazzy colours. Take a look at our refurbished Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular version today.

Advantages of the refurbished Apple Watch Series 6:

  • Arrives with cellular service to support the family setup feature.
  • Has fall detection to notify emergency services in case of accidents.
  • Capable of downloading third-party apps.
  • Price tag and features to suit all ages.

The Refurbished Apple Watch 7 GPS + Cellular


Want to know the best Apple Watch for older kids? Look no further than the refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 at UR.co.uk.

For the best of the best, you can't go wrong with newer devices like the refurbished Apple Watch 8. However, with the Series 7 model, you also have GPS + Cellular options, allowing you to utilise features like Family Setup when your kids are out and about.

This comes alongside updated health features such as its new Blood Oxygen sensor, which is great for mid to late teenagers looking to monitor their activity during a run or at the gym.

Moreover, the refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the first to offer a larger screen size with its 41mm and 45mm models. These new dimensions might be slightly too large for younger children, but for older ones, it allows them to tap and scroll with a wider field of vision.

Plus, it comes in the much-adored Apple Watch designs solidified in the Apple Watch Series 5, adding a touch of luxury and style known to Apple products. Interested? Take a peek at our refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular model now.

Advantages of the Apple Watch Series 7:

  • Offers larger displays for older children.
  • The most recently released watch in the line-up, meaning you get iOS updates for longer.
  • Improved battery life from previous models.
  • Capable of downloading third-party apps.

Values of Buying a Refurbished Apple Watch from UR.co.uk

Plus, you also receive a range of benefits when you purchase a refurbished Apple Watch from UR.co.uk.

Here are some to name a few:

  • Refurbished to Perfection: Each Apple Watch sold by UR.co.uk is meticulously refurbished, guaranteeing performance on par with a brand-new device.
  • Complimentary Delivery: Enjoy the convenience of free delivery, making your purchase hassle-free and cost-effective.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: In a commitment to the environment, UR.co.uk plants a tree for every Apple Watch sold, aligning your purchase with a greener future.

Each device comes with an adjustable wristband to fit perfectly around the wrists of older children.

Final Thoughts on our Apple Watch Deals for Kids

Here you have it, our comprehensive guide to the best Apple Watches for kids.

For an excellent starter watch for all children, opt for the refurbished Apple Watch Series 5.

Consider the refurbished Apple Watch Series 6 for those seeking additional features.

Lastly, for older teenagers desiring a perfect blend of style and functionality, take a look at our refurbished Apple Watch 7.

That's not all; save even more money by choosing the external condition yourself! Explore our FAQ section to discover more.

Happy shopping!

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