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iPad Air vs iPad Mini: A Comparison

Written by: Emma Morris



iPad Air vs iPad Mini: A Comparison


At a glance, you wouldn't expect much of a difference between the iPad Mini and the iPad Air.

Both have compact designs made for portability and excellent specifications, making them more than able to keep up with everyday needs. However, look closer and small variations start to appear.


For those struggling to decide which one to buy, keep reading! Your answers are just a click away.


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Key Takeaways:


  • Want a more portable device capable of being held in one hand? Go for the iPad Mini.
  • Or, are you someone looking for better specs? The iPad Air might be the ones for you.

iPad Air Vs iPad Mini: A Simple-to-Understand Table

Below are a few differences between the iPad Air and iPad Mini, just to give you an insight into what we'll be investigating in this article.

Feature iPad Mini iPad Air
Display Size Smaller, more compact for easy handling Larger, offering more screen real estate
Portability Highly portable, ideal for on-the-go Less portable but still convenient
Performance Powerful, but slightly less than Air More powerful, suited for intensive tasks
Use Case Perfect for reading, casual use Better for creative work, multitasking

Note: These differences are the same whether it's a refurbished iPad or brand new. Just make sure the device is certified phone checked before buying.

Designs of the Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini

First things first, the differences between the iPad Air and iPad Mini vary between each generation. Sometimes you'll find that older iPad Minis are larger and heavier than their newer counterparts.


For instance, the iPad Mini 6th Gen has lost around 30 grams since the iPad Mini 2nd Gen arrived on the scene. So, it's always better to look at the specs of each model before purchasing.


However, put intricate detail aside and you'll discover that the Apple iPad Mini is slightly smaller than the Apple iPad Air in general.


Whilst both are designed with portability in mind, the newer iPad Mini's smaller size and lightweight design mean it can be held in one hand, ready to take out without drawing attention, no matter your location.


So, if you need a discreet iPad on the go, or simply one that's lightweight, the iPad Mini is your guy.

Display Between the iPad Air and iPad Mini

iPad with screen

With older variations, you can notice a slight difference in specs between the iPad Air and iPad Mini's displays. For instance, the iPad Mini 4 features a Retina display while its iPad Air counterpart is equipped with a Liquid Retina Display.


However, this is not always the case with newer additions.


The iPad Air 5th Gen and the new iPad Mini 6th Gen come similar technology, both boasting a Liquid Retina display with LED-backlit Multi-Touch.


The main difference, regardless of generation, lies in the screen size.


As you might guess, the iPad Air takes the lead on having the larger display two Apple products, often boasting a display better suited for split-screen multitasking and entertainment.


So, while the iPad Mini's smaller display is great for those on the move, it's best to opt for an iPad Air if you're someone who enjoys a larger viewing experience.

Best Processing Power: iPad Air vs iPad Mini

Throughout each generation, the iPad Air has always had a more efficient processing chip than the iPad Mini. However, more recently, the gap has grown larger.


Now, a large majority of iPad Airs have the same processing power as more luxurious Apple products, as evidenced by both the iPad Pro 5th Gen and the iPad Air 5th Gen sporting an M1 chip.


Therefore, with the iPad Air, you can expect smoother transitions when jumping between apps and games than ever before.


Both devices have the same battery life. But if you're someone who prefers slightly better specs overall, then the iPad Air wins again.

The iPad Mini and iPad Air Pricing

iPad on table

Along with improved processing power, the iPad Air is also compatible with Apple's Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. So, it should come as no surprise that this device is priced higher than its Mini counterpart.

To some, this can be quite taxing, especially when considering the already hefty price of both the iPad Mini and iPad Air when bought brand new.


But there are options.


Refurbished devices allow you to obtain all these special features and more at a fraction of the original launch price.


So, if budget is your concern, take a look at our selection of refurbished Apple iPads, like our refurbished Apple iPad Air 2022 64GB or the refurbished Apple iPad Mini 2021 256GB.


You might just find the best deal yet.

Final Thoughts on the iPad Air Vs iPad Mini

So there you have it, the difference between an iPad Air and a iPad Mini.

Whilst the iPad Mini comes in a smaller size, the iPad Air arrives with a range of high-features to justify it's larger price tag. Which one if the best depends on your personal preference.

Happy shopping!

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