Unveiling the Best Refurbished Deals: Discover How Much is an iPad in Today's Market!

Written by: Emma Morris


The answer to 'How much is an iPad' is more complex than you might think.

First, there's the initial launch price, which generally decreases over time. Then, there are different generations, whether that be the standard iPad, the iPad Air, the iPad Mini, or the iPad Pro.

What we do know, right off the bat, is that no matter the model, you're always going to get it cheaper when you buy a refurbished Apple iPad.

Now, let's see what you can get for your money at UR.co.uk today!

Key Takeaways:

  • Apple iPads hold their value well compared to other brands.
  • The winner of the most affordable iPad? The standard Apple iPad takes the cake. Winner of the most expensive? We're looking at you, the Apple iPad Pro.
  • Consider the benefits of refurbished models ‚Äď get it all for a fraction of the original price.

How Much is an iPad: An Introduction

Like most devices, the prices of an iPad fluctuate over time depending on its market value.

In general, however, the most inexpensive models are the standard iPads. These entry-level models are suitable for children, everyday tasks, or as a stepping stone to luxurious models like the iPad Air or iPad Pro.

The most expensive? The iPad Pro, designed for professionals and hobbyists alike who seek to use the device for work or artistic endeavours.

Regardless of which one you purchase, you'll get the device for a fraction of the original price if you buy it refurbished.

And the best part? You'll get all the same features as a new one if it's phone-checked and certified by tech experts, much like ours!

Here's a further breakdown of each one.

The Refurbished Standard iPad

When you buy refurbished standard iPads from us, you can expect them to come in at £135.95 to £439.95, depending on their generation, storage capacity and whether it has Wi Fi or Wi Fi cellular capabilities.

Explore before to see what we offer.

Make Price Range
iPad 2017 5th Gen £135.95 - £139.95
iPad 2018 5th Gen £149.95 - £155.95
iPad 2019 7th Gen £209.95
iPad 2020 8th Gen £249.95 - £259.95
iPad 2021 9th Gen £299.95 - £319.95
iPad 2022 10th Gen £429.95 - £439.95

The Refurbished iPad Mini

Upon release, the refurbished iPad Mini was designed for versatility and portability, making it the best iPad for Kids, alongside the base model iPad.

This portable device can be purchased for around £289.95 to £319.95, though pricing is subject to change.

View the table below to find out more!

Make Price Range
iPad Mini 2019 5th Gen £289.95 - £299.95
iPad Mini 2021 9th Gen £299.95 - £319.95

The Refurbished iPad Air

Stepping things up a bit, the refurbished iPad Air balances affordability and quality, having some of the same features as the iPad Pro and the standard iPad.

Whether a new iPad or refurbished, this model is one of the best iPads for students.

Here's how much they cost from UR.co.uk.

Make Price Range
iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen £269.95 - £279.95
iPad Air 2020 4th Gen £309.95 - £379.95
iPad Air 2022 5th Gen £499.95 - £539.95

The Refurbished iPad Pro

Do you want the best of the best and nothing less? The refurbished iPad Pro is your guy, arriving with all the best features like a Liquid Retina XDR Display and more.

This impressive device is available in two display sizes - the iPad Pro 12.9-inch and the iPad Pro 11-inch - sometimes offering slightly different specifications, depending on the generation.

So, remember to take note of this before you buy!

iPad Model Price Range
iPad Pro 2017 2nd Gen £199.95 - £209.95
iPad Pro 2018 £359.95 - £439.95
iPad Pro 2020 £509.95 - £629.95
iPad Pro 2021 £629.95 - £719.95
iPad Pro 2022 £699.95 - £849.95

Final Thoughts on How Much is an iPad

So, there you have it! The answer to how much an iPad costs in today's climate - a refurbished edition.

From the standard iPad to the iPad Pro, options are aplenty when you decide to buy from UR.co.uk. Plus, you gain 12-month FREE insurance to help you on your way, allowing you to relax, knowing you're protected.

Don't wait any longer! A great deal is just a few clicks away.

*Note: Pricing is subject to change. Apple Pencil not included.

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