Is an Apple Watch Worth It? The Value of Refurbished Options

Written by: Emma Morris


Is an Apple Watch Worth It?

Are you currently looking to buy a new smart timepiece? Are you wondering whether the Apple Watch is truly worth the purchase?

We know these devices can be expensive, and they might not be for everyone, especially if you prefer the simplicity of a traditional wristwatch.

But before giving up hope altogether, continue reading to discover whether the Apple Watch is worth the purchase.

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Key Takeaways:

  • They offer some great features for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Provide fantastic entertainment when out and about.

  • It comes with functionality to keep you up-to-date about your general health.

Positives and Negatives of an Apple Watch

The key factor to consider before purchasing these devices is whether its daily utility will justify its cost.

Are you looking for something to track your fitness? Need something lighter to replace your refurbished iPhone while out and about? Or are you just looking for something more stylish and interactive than your traditional watch?

Either way, the table below offers some key insights into the positives and negatives of Apple Watches for your easy viewing.

Positives of an Apple Watch Negatives of an Apple Watch
1. Health and Fitness Tracking 1. Cost
2. Convenience for Notifications and Calls 2. Dependence on iPhone
3. Seamless Integration with Apple Ecosystem 3. Limited App Functionality Compared to a Smartphone
4. Access to Music, Apple Pay, and the App Store.

Positives of the Refurbished Apple Watch

...Excellent for Exercise Motivation

From the modern refurbished Apple Watch Series 8 to the classic refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 models, these timepieces are unparalleled in driving fitness motivation.

Apps like the Apple Watch's  Activity Rings  not only track your activity and calories burned throughout the day but also encourage you to get up and move, whether through challenges or activity streaks. 

You also share this information with the wider Apple Watch community or friends and family to foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition.

Apart from encouraging exercise, apps such as  Apple Fitness+  can also help you maintain your wellness goals with the help of guided meditations and deep breathing exercises, providing a guiding hand for those experiencing anxiety or generally wanting to improve their mental health.

Plus, it's all accessible right on your watch screen, making it superb for those wanting all this without being encumbered by multiple gadgets.

...Fantastic Health Features

All Apple Watch models are also excellent at monitoring your health. 

Although the quality of these features changes with each generation, you generally receive Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring, High and Low heart rate notifications, and even an ECG app, designed to provide you with insight into your heart rhythm to detect any irregularities early on. 

The Apple Watch Series 8, in particular, comes with two temperature sensors, which can be used to measure your body temperature throughout the day and night, perfect for tracking any oncoming illnesses or monitoring fertility. 

These shouldn't be used to replace traditional medical apparatus. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable tools for informing you about your general health.

...Great Tech for Kids

kid with Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch offers a range of features designed for children—an aspect explored further in our Kids Apple Watch article.

Nearly all recent series come with the Apple Family Setup, which you use to implement parental controls and encourage childhood fitness. 

Devices with Cellular connection, such as the refurbished Series 6 GPS + Cellular, can even be used to contact your little ones as you would with a phone, allowing you to make calls or send texts when they're out and about.

Altogether, these features make it perfect for children who aren't quite ready for a full-blown iPhone, but still wanting the latest tech.

...High Tech Smartwatches

The last point can be extended to adults as well.

With the Apple Watch, you can also gain a range of features found on other Apple products, such as Apple Pay, Apple Music, and even the App Store, which you access using the digital crown.

All these features are excellent for anyone on the go, whether buying goodies on a shopping trip or finding entertainment while tackling those pesky household chores.

These devices are also known for their aesthetic appeal. Whether it's an Apple Watch Ultra or an Apple Watch SE, each timepiece has a sleek, rectangular design that feels both luxurious and sturdy to the touch, with only a few variations here and there, depending on the series.

Plus, all the Apple Watches we sell come with an always-on Display and more than excellent battery life, making them a practical and stylish choice for anyone looking for an interactive timepiece.

Negative Aspect of Apple Watches

Apple watch on mans hand.

Like all things in life, these devices have some negative aspects.

  • Connection to Other Apple Devices:  These gadgets are best paired with an iPhone, meaning you might miss out on some key features if you're a Samsung or Google Pixel phone user.

  • Anti-Watch Fan: This might seem obvious, but if you're not keen on wearing a traditional watch regularly, these timepieces might not be the best fit for you.

  • Pricing:  These devices can be slightly expensive when bought brand new.

However, if pricing concerns you, don't worry; UR's here to help you with your first Apple Watch purchase.

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You also gain.

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We also plant a tree for every device purchased from us as part of our commitment to sustainability.

Is the Apple Watch Worth Buying?

At the end of it all, there are certainly more positives than negatives when deciding whether an Apple Watch is worth buying.

It all comes down to what you're after in this device and whether it'll suit your particular lifestyle.

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