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Best Apps for Apple Watch

Written by: Emma Morris


Best Apps for Apple Watch

The advent of the App Store on the Apple Watch has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Gone are the days of being limited to basic functions; now, you can dive into the App Store and explore many downloadable options, each offering unique entertainment to add an extra spark to your day. 

But out of all that's out there, which app is the best? Keep reading to find out more at UR.co.uk. 

Afterwards, why not also explore our curated collection of refurbished Apple Watches? Each one is revigorated and renewed the work like its brand new counterpart, providing you with long-lasting entertainment at a lower price. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Accessing some of the best Apple Watch apps doesn't have to cost you a penny.

  • The App Store is available on Apple Watch version 3 and above.

  • Combined quality and affordability with one of UR's refurbished devices.

The Best Fitness Apps

women fitness apple watch

Apple timepieces are popularly known to provide great functions and features when monitoring your fitness goals. 

So, jumping straight in, let's explore some of the best fitness apps available on these gadgets.


Runnance, a free running app, is crafted with a paramount focus on privacy to ensure your data remains exclusively yours.

By removing popular features of broadcasting activities on public leader boards, Runnance guarantees that the only eyes on your data are yours and your iPhone Health app

On the timepiece, you can receive a range of functions, such as the ability to check your heart rate, average tempo and more.

Plus, it strips away the complex, unnecessary jargon found in others like it, instead presenting an intuitive, user-friendly watch face that is both straightforward and easy to understand.

Just press record, and you're good to go.

Apple Watch Fitness Plus

Those who wish to enhance the features already present on their timepiece may appreciate Apple's Fitness Plus offerings.

As a subscription-based app, you gain access to various workouts and other health features designed to boost your fitness regime, including strength training and cycling classes, which vary from five to 45 minutes long.

It also provides on-screen metrics to give you deeper insights into your health, including your heart rate and the number of calories burned during your physical activities. Find out more here.

The best part? It's also compatible with all Apple Watches the Series 3 and above, meaning you'll be assured of gaining this feature even with older models like the refurbished Apple Watch 5.

Best Health and Wellness App

meditating apple watch

Now, let's move on from the best Apple Watch fitness apps to other excellent health and wellness feature, each created to improve your lifestyle and overall mental health. 


Calm is one of the many third-party apps designed to help improve your mental wellbeing throughout the day.

On it, you have various breathing exercises, meditation classes, and guided stretch workouts ranging from three to 25 minutes to encourage a happy and healthier life.

It's also a great Apple Watch companion app for anyone struggling with sleep, as it offers a library of relaxing natural sounds and sleep stories, including some narrated by celebrities who lull you into dreamland gently.

Combine this with the improved sleep tracking monitor on the refurbished Apple Watch Series 8, and you'll never have to worry about a restless night again.


Streaks is another excellent third-party Apple Watch program for those wanting reminders to encourage themselves to build better habits.

These reminders could include prompts for drinking more water, exercising, or even brushing your teeth. The latter is particularly beneficial for young children who require extra motivation throughout the day, a topic we delve into more deeply in our article on the best kids' Apple Watch.

All you need to do is turn on this feature and create tasks to notify you throughout the day. Plus, you can even make notes about those negative habits to ensure you don't ever repeat them. 

You can also share data with other users and Apple devices, altogether making it one of the best Apple Watch productivity apps.

Best Apple Watch App for the Adventure

Man hiking with watch

Beyond the basic information in Apple's Weather App, there are also other applications designed to help wandering adventurers.

Here are some you can download if you fit this description. 


Citymapper, a once beloved iPhone app, has developed its own Apple Watch app, which provides real-time information about your surrounding location.

This handy feature offers details on local places and transportation links, helping you easily plan your journey before you even arrive. 

More significantly, it's excellent for those looking to avoid rush hour traffic and wanting to share their location with friends, altogether ensuring a smoother and more informed travel experience when out and about.

So, be assured that if you purchase a timepiece with a cellular connection, like our refurbished Series 7 GPS + Cellular device, you'll never have to worry about being lost again.


Last but not least is Tipsy, an invaluable program for those needing to store all their information in one place when travelling abroad.

Like Citymapper, this app enables you to plan your trip down to the last detail, from storing important flight and hotel information to inputting notifications for important events when you arrive.

It also offers a 10-day weather forecast, real-time travel updates, and the ability to share your holiday adventures with friends and family.

That's not all; you can also customise your Apple Watch face when using the app, as it offers a range of backgrounds and colour choices to match your particular style.

With this in your arsenal, your travel experience becomes more seamless and personalised, enhancing your adventures with both convenience and flair.

Reasons to Shop at UR.co.uk

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If so, UR has an array of refurbished devices just waiting for you.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Apps for Apple Watch

There you have it, all the best downloadable features for your new device.

Whether you're monitoring your fitness goals or venturing into the unknown, your options are plentiful.

Plus, know that when you purchase a refurbished device from us, we also plant a tree as a thank you to yourself and Mother Earth.

Now go on, a world of new tech is waiting to be explored.

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