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Best Apple Watch Accessories

Written by: Emma Morris



Best Apple Watch Accessories


Have you just purchased your first refurbished Apple Watch Series 8 and now seeking ways to add a personal touch?

Perhaps you're in search of an accessory to provide extra protection or maybe you desire something that adds a splash of colour to reflect your unique personality.

Whatever you're searching for, a plethora of options awaits beyond merely selecting your favourite coloured device.

From headphones to screen protectors, this article will delve into all the essentials required to make your Apple Watch distinctly yours.

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Key Takeaways:


  • Each of our Apple Watches comes with a wrist strap to start you off.

  • Use a case and screen protector to protect the device from future harm.

  • Shop for an Apple timepiece at UR and gain some extra benefits.

Apple Watch Wrist Straps

Jumping straight in, let's start with the most obvious – wrist straps.

If you've purchased an Apple Watch from UR.co.uk, your device would have already arrived with one of these attached, reflecting the gadget's colour, whether it's an refurbished Apple Watch Series 6 in light pink or winter blue.

But as you would when swapping shoes for walking, having various options to suit a particular situation is even better. And there are plenty of options for the taking.

Explore the internet, and you can find colourful wrist straps for kids' Apple Watches , sporty ones designed for breathability, and even those resembling cotton sweatbands, which are there to prevent skin irritation during extensive activity, as sometimes occurs with latex versions.

Whatever you decide, there are options available to truly make the gadget your own.

Screen Protector and Case for the Refurbished Apple Watch

man with apple watch

Each of our Apple Watches undergoes a comprehensive check to ensure the device works as new upon arrival. However, it's always best to add a extra lay of protection to your gadget, especially if you're looking to resale it later down the line.

Beyond a watch strap, various places also offer screen protectors and cases to protect your device from scratches, knocks and bumps.

These can arrive separately or in a form of a full, hard plastic shell, which protect the screen and back of the device simultaneously for an added layer of security.

You also can recieve these cases in a wide array of patterns and styles, including the same colour of the device itself, from storm blue, silver to gold, for those desiring a more seamless, luxurious look.

Headphones For Music on the Go

Nothing is worse when your running alone and the only thing keeping you company is your endless panting.

So, if you enjoy listening to music on the move, it's best to invest in a pair or wired or wireless headphones, both compatible with our refurbished Apple watches.

To link your headphone to your timepiece, you can either use the USB C port or connect them through Settings > Bluetooth, then clicking on the correct device from the list below.

Why to Shop at UR

When you receive an Apple timepiece from us, you'll also receive additional accessories like a charging plug, cable, and cloth. But did you know you also receive a range of extra benefits to help you along the way?

You can also expect:

  • Free Delivery: You can also expect your device to arrive with FREE delivery, so you can save extra pennies for a rainy day or a meal with friends.

  • Plant a Tree: For every gadget we sell, we also plant a tree as a personal thank you, all part of our commitment to sustainability.

Now, that's something worth looking into.

Final Thoughts on The Best Apple Watch Accessories

So there you have it; all the best Apple Watch accessories to buy alongside your refurbished device.

From wrist straps to casings, we've covered all the essentials to allow you to enjoy your new timepiece in style.

Plus, if you're in the market for an Apple phone, why not explore our range of refurbished iPhones as well? Each one comes with £45 worth of FREE accessories to enhance your experience perfectly.

Happy shopping!

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