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Google Pixel Alarm Not Going Off? - Let's Fix It

Written by: Cristian Fry


Google Pixel Alarm Not Going Off? - Let's Fix It Together!

Google Pixel Alarm Not Going Off? Has your morning routine been thrown off by a Google Pixel alarm that didn't sound? You're not alone.


Some Google Pixel users have reported issues with alarms not going off or having no sound on their devices.


But don't worry if you're one of them - there are several troubleshooting tips you can try to get your Pixel's alarm back on track.


Continue reading as UR.co.uk lifts the lid on this issue and what you can do to address it!

Google Pixel Alarm Not Working? - 7 Quick Solutions

Check Your Alarm Settings

The first thing to check is your alarm settings in the Clock app. Open the app and ensure the alarm is actually scheduled for the correct time with the days of the week selected properly. 


You'll also want to check that the alarm volume is turned up high enough to wake you.


Go into the app's settings to confirm that all alarms are enabled, and that the default alarm sound is set. Consider setting a backup alarm as well in case your primary alarm fails.


It's also worth checking Do Not Disturb settings, as having this enabled could prevent alarms from sounding. 


Make sure alarms are allowed under Do Not Disturb to avoid missing them.

Restart Your Pixel

If your alarm didn't sound even with proper settings and updated software, try restarting your Pixel. A simple reboot can clear up system-level issues that may be affecting the alarm functionality.


To restart, hold down the power button and select Restart from the menu that pops up. Let your phone fully reboot and then try setting an alarm again to see if the behavior has improved.


Restarting daily or every few days is a good device maintenance habit for your Pixel. This clears out memory leaks and cache buildup that can degrade performance over time.

Reset App and Clear Cache

For persistent Google Pixel alarm issues, you may need to reset app preferences or clear the app cache. This erases any problematic data or configurations in the Clock app so it starts fresh.


Go to Settings > Apps > Clock > Storage to clear the cache. 


You can also go to Settings > System > Reset options > Reset app preferences.

After resetting the app, check if your alarms now work properly. 


Resetting the app may be needed if updating and restarting hasn't resolved your alarm issues.

Check Third-Party Alarm Apps

If you use alarm apps other than the default Clock app, issues with those could also be the culprit. 


Open any third-party alarm apps you have installed and make sure the alarms are properly configured there.


Popular options like AlarmMon and Alarmy may not sound if they don't have the proper permissions enabled. Go into the app settings and check things like allowing alarms over Do Not Disturb.


You can also try removing and reinstalling the third-party alarm app in case the installation has become corrupted. A fresh install may resolve any glitches.

Adjust Do Not Disturb Settings

Take a closer look at your Do Not Disturb settings to make sure they are not silencing alarms. Go to Settings > Sound & vibration > Do Not Disturb and check that alarms are allowed under the "Exceptions" section.


You can also set your Pixel to automatically turn off Do Not Disturb when an alarm goes off. Enable "Turn off as scheduled" and set a schedule that coincides with when your alarms are set.


Adjust any other Do Not Disturb settings as needed to prevent it from blocking your alarm sounds in the morning.

Check Connected Devices

If you listen to your alarm through a connected device like Bluetooth headphones or a Google Home speaker, connectivity issues could prevent the alarm from sounding properly.


Make sure your device is properly paired and connected. Try listening to your alarm directly through the Pixel's speaker to isolate the issue.


You can also go into Settings and disconnect any devices to see if that fixes the behavior when using the built-in speaker. 


Troubleshoot connectivity with your wireless headphones or speakers separately.

Set a Backup Alarm

As a precaution, set a backup alarm on your Pixel in case your primary alarm fails. You can use the Clock app's setting to set multiple alarms with different tones.


Alternatively, download a secondary alarm app, so you have two independent apps with alarms set. This provides a back-up if one alarm doesn't sound.


Having multiple alarm sources can ensure you still wake up on time if you encounter issues with one alarm option. 


Just be sure to spread out the alarm times, so they don't become a nuisance!

Tinkering Under the Hood - Advanced Troubleshooting

If the basics didn't solve the problem, it's time to delve a bit deeper. 

Before moving on, make sure you've backed up all important data then follow these steps:

  1. Update Your Phone: Always ensure your Pixel is running the latest version of its OS. Outdated software can sometimes mess with settings.
  2. Factory Reset: As a last resort, consider resetting your phone to its original settings. Remember, this will erase everything. For a step-by-step guide, check out "How to factory reset Google Pixel"

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Google Pixel Alarm Not Working: Wrapping Up

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