Google Pixel Do Not Disturb: Removing Distractions Made Simple!

Written by: Cristian Fry


Google Pixel Do Not Disturb. Tired of constant digital disruptions? Discover the ultimate solution with Do Not Disturb on Google Pixel phones! Take control over notifications and interruptions like a pro.

Activate it instantly or tailor it to your schedule via the settings app. Prioritise alerts from your inner circle and essential apps while hiding notifications that can wait.

Create custom settings for work, sleep, or special calendar events. Access it swiftly through quick settings toggles.


Unveil hidden notifications when you choose, and troubleshoot common issues with ease. 


This guide dives deep into DND, so you can focus, create, and savour moments without disruptions.


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What is Do Not Disturb and How Does It Work on Pixel Phones?

Do Not Disturb or DND is a feature on Android phones including Google Pixel devices that allows you to mute sounds, vibrations, and visual notifications.


When enabled, your phone will not ring, buzz, or display any alerts that could distract you.


On Pixel phones specifically, Google has enhanced Do Not Disturb with additional capabilities:


  • Scheduling - Set DND to turn on and off automatically at certain times, like during your sleep schedule.
  • Exceptions - Allow calls or messages from selected contacts or apps to bypass DND and notify you.
  • Driving mode - A specialised DND activates when you're driving to keep you focused.
  • Bedtime mode - An enhanced DND experience is available optimised for sleeping.


Keep reading to learn how to fully customise it to match your needs and routines.

How to Turn on Do Not Disturb on Your Google Pixel

Activating Do Not Disturb on your Google Pixel only takes a few taps:


  • Swipe down from the top of your screen to reveal Quick Settings, then long press on the Do Not Disturb icon. This instantly enables DND.
  • Open Settings > Sound & vibration and toggle on Do Not Disturb. You can also set a schedule here.
  • Use Bedtime mode in Clock app to turn on DND during your set sleep hours.


Setting a schedule is by far the most convenient way to have Do Not Disturb automatically silence your phone during certain recurring hours like overnight while you sleep.

Customising Do Not Disturb with Exceptions on Google Pixel

While Do Not Disturb will silence all notifications by default, you can configure exceptions to allow certain contacts, apps, or calls to bypass DND and make a sound.


To set exceptions on your Google Pixel:


  • Open Settings > Sound & vibration > Do Not Disturb
  • Tap Exceptions and choose which contacts and apps can break through
  • Enable Repeat callers to ring if someone calls a second time within 15 minutes
  • Allow calls and messages from your designated Favourites contacts


You can also enable the setting to Allow calls if contact shares location, which is useful for family members you want to reach you in an emergency.


For even more control, tap the gear icon next to individual apps and contacts to specify if they can Override DND for calls, messages, or notifications. 


Get granular with exceptions so only true VIPs can interrupt!

Using Do Not Disturb on Your Pixel While Driving

Google Pixel phones have a special DND mode designed for the driving environment. 


When turned on, it will:


  • Automatically activate Do Not Disturb when driving is detected
  • Silence all notifications to minimise driving distractions
  • Provide an easy "I'm a passenger" button so others in your vehicle can still use their phone


To enable it:


  • Go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing & parental controls
  • Tap Driving mode and turn it on
  • Allow it to access your location to detect when you're driving
  • Choose whether to mute media sounds along with notifications


With the driving Do Not Disturb mode, you can stay focused on the road while your Pixel keeps distractions at bay.

Seeing Your Pending Notifications After Do Not Disturb

A useful aspect of Do Not Disturb is that all your notifications still come in as normal - they are just silenced and hidden from view temporarily.


Once you turn off DND on your Google Pixel, you'll be able to easily view any notifications you missed:


  • Your notification shade will show recently silenced alerts first
  • For older notifications, open the notification history log by swiping down fully on the home screen
  • Tap the overflow menu and select "All notifications" to see everything


You can also customise which types of silenced notifications appear once Do Not Disturb is deactivated:


  • Go to Settings > Sound & vibration > Do Not Disturb
  • Tap "When turned off" to manage visibility
  • Choose to show no notifications, all notifications, or only those marked as priority


Take control of which delayed notifications your Pixel displays after a period of uninterrupted Do Not Disturb.

Changing Do Not Disturb Notification Settings on Your Pixel

Beyond just silencing alerts, Do Not Disturb gives you options for customising exactly how incoming notifications are handled:


  • No sound or vibration - Mute just the noise while still displaying notifications
  • No visuals or sound - Total silence including hiding notification pop-ups
  • Block visuals for sensitive content - Hide only potentially sensitive notifications


You can also control the visibility of the DND status icon that appears in your status bar when Do Not Disturb is active.


To configure all these notification behaviour settings, go to Settings > Sound & vibration > Do Not Disturb and tap the gear icon next to "Behaviour".


Choose the exact DND experience you want.

Using Do Not Disturb with Digital Wellbeing on Your Pixel

Google's Digital Wellbeing features integrate tightly with Do Not Disturb to help you find better balance with your Pixel phone.


You can leverage Wind Down mode along with DND at bedtime to prepare for sleep:


  • Set a Wind Down schedule in Digital Wellbeing settings
  • It will turn on Do Not Disturb when Wind Down starts
  • Your screen will fade to grayscale to limit stimulation


For even more robust bedtime Do Not Disturb, use Pixel's specialised Bedtime mode:


  • Set your sleep schedule in the Clock app
  • When Bedtime mode activates, DND will silence notifications
  • Your Pixel screen turns dark and limits apps to promote rest


Use Do Not Disturb and Digital Wellbeing tools in tandem to enforce distraction-free downtime and get better sleep.

Troubleshooting Common Do Not Disturb Issues on Google Pixel

While Do Not Disturb usually works flawlessly, here are some fixes for potential issues on your Google Pixel:


  • DND not turning on automatically - Check your schedule, make sure Scheduling is enabled, and that your time zone is set correctly.
  • Allowed contacts not bypassing DND - Confirm they are properly added as Favorites or Exceptions both globally and for that specific app.
  • Bedtime mode not working - Ensure your sleep schedule is set correctly in Clock app and that Bedtime mode is enabled.
  • Alarms and media still making noise - Verify these are muted in your DND exceptions and behaviour settings.
  • Problems after software update - Restart your phone and recheck DND settings since an update may have changed things.


Usually a quick settings adjustment resolves any Do Not Disturb annoyances that pop up. 


But a reboot can also help refresh things if needed.

Do Not Disturb Compared to Other Interruptions Modes on Pixel

In addition to full Do Not Disturb, Google Pixel phones also offer lighter notification-limiting modes:


  • Alarms only - Mutes everything except alarm sounds. Good for short naps.
  • Total silence - Disables all noise including alarms. Maximum interruption-free mode.
  • Focus mode - Pauses select apps you find distracting for a period of time.


Do Not Disturb provides the most flexibility to mute notifications while allowing important exceptions. 


But try out Pixel's other options too and see if another mode better fits your current needs.

Mastering Do Not Disturb Settings On Google Pixel - Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide has illuminated all the possibilities you have for customising Do Not Disturb on your Google Pixel.


Take advantage of DND scheduling, exceptions, driving mode, and integration with Digital Wellbeing to reclaim your focus.


Use the tips provided here to limit interruptions, minimise distractions, and take back control of your valuable time. 


A blissful silence awaits where only your chosen VIP notifications can break through!

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