Best Budget Smartphone Under £100: 3 Top Picks For Tight Budgets

Written by: Cristian Fry


Best Budget Smartphone Under £100. Looking for a smartphone that doesn't make your wallet cry out in despair? 

The Samsung Galaxy A12, Samsung Galaxy A40, and Google Pixel 4a are all you need to know.

With, each of our sim-free devices comes with a 90-point check, 12 months of FREE insurance, and £45 worth of accessories.

Stick around; we're dishing out the ins, outs, and in-betweens of these budget gems.

Best Budget Smartphone Under £100

  • Samsung Galaxy A12: Your go-to for a balanced mix of essential features.
  • Samsung Galaxy A40: Known for its stylish design and gaming performance.
  • Google Pixel 4a: Takes great photos, even in low light.
  • Factors like battery life, camera quality, and performance can't be ignored when choosing a budget smartphone.

What Puts the "Best" in Best Budget Smartphone?

So, you've landed here. You're hunting for the best budget smartphone that won't make your wallet cringe.


Great! Budget phones have come a long way, folks. They're no longer the laggy gadgets that die halfway through the day. 


Nope, they’re the unsung heroes in the realm of modern smartphones.


Here's the thing: Not all cheap phones are born equal. Some offer decent camera quality; others wow with a long battery life.


It's all about the balance between what you want and what you need. Sounds like a cliche, but it's the gospel truth.

Best Budget Smartphone Under £100

Still reading? Awesome. Let's chew the fat on what makes a phone worth your hard-earned cash. 


Your budget smartphone should be more than just an affordable alternative to flagship phones. 


We're talking about:


  • Battery Life: It's no fun if your phone calls it a day before you do. Long-lasting batteries are a must.
  • Camera: Taking pictures isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle. Look for a phone with a decent camera.
  • Performance: You want reliable performance. No one likes a phone that freezes in the middle of a crucial moment.


Don't just go for any cheap smartphone. Make an informed choice, because, hey, that's what smart people do.

Samsung Galaxy A12: The Underdog With a Punch

Meet the Samsung Galaxy A12, a phone that takes the word 'budget' and slaps a whole bunch of features on it.


It might not be as big a name as flagship phones, but it's got its own set of tricks up its sleeve.


 Essential features? Check. Decent camera? You bet. Battery that lasts? Oh, yes.

Essential Features in the A12

We've got a phone here that flaunts an octa-core processor and ample internal storage. Why does it matter?


For snappy performance, of course. If you're eyeing a phone that can multitask without throwing a tantrum, the A12 is it.


No need to ponder if you can game and stream at the same time. The answer is a resounding yes.


Check out the Samsung Galaxy A12 at, where each phone goes through a rigorous 90-point testing process and comes with a 12-month warranty.

A Camera That Keeps Up

We're living in an age where every picture is a potential Instagram post. If your phone's camera isn't up to snuff, it's time to reconsider.


The Galaxy A12's camera quality pulls its weight. From great photos in broad daylight to decent low-light captures, it covers a lot of ground.


It even sports a wide-angle lens for those group shots where you need everyone in the frame.

Google Pixel 4a: More Than Just a Cheaper Option

If Samsung doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps a phone from Google's arsenal will.


Say hello to the Google Pixel 4a, a phone that turns heads with its camera capabilities and delivers on performance.

Picture-Perfect Clicks

Ever taken a selfie in the dark and thought, "Meh"? The Google Pixel 4a is here to change that.


Its low-light capabilities are impressive, so your evening selfies will look just as good as your day shots. 


No more adjusting brightness and contrast for an hour; this phone gets it right the first time.


Find your Google Pixel 4a at, complete with a 12-month free insurance offer and a tree planted for every order.

Galaxy A40: The Balanced Act in Your Pocket

Alright, let's shift gears and gab about the Samsung Galaxy A40. 


It might be on the more affordable side of Samsung’s A-series, but this little number can absolutely hold its own in the smartphone arena.


Looking for something that’s not too flashy but still ticks all the right boxes? The A40 is your jam.

Screen Real Estate: More for Less

You've got a large display that's bright and vibrant, ideal for binging your favorite shows or scrolling through memes.


While OLED displays often dominate higher-end models, this phone proves you don't need to shell out big bucks for a quality screen. Yep, no squinting or tilting needed here. This phone makes every pixel count.


Snag a Samsung Galaxy A40 from, and let your eyes bask in the vibrant display. Plus, you're backed by a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Operating System and Updates

It's an Android phone, so Google Assistant is at your beck and call. 


But it's not just about having an assistant that listens; it's about an operating system that's continually updated.


That means better security and new features without having to buy a new phone every year. Your phone gets better over time, not obsolete.

Battery Doesn’t Bail

We've talked about fancy screens and nifty operating systems, but let's get down to brass tacks—battery life.


You don't want a phone that gives up the ghost when you're halfway through your day.


The Galaxy A40 comes with a long-lasting battery that won't let you down. Even after a whole day of tapping, chatting, and snapping, this phone's still got juice.


Wondering about other Samsung deals? At, not only are you getting an excellent battery life, but you're also part of a more sustainable future—one refurbished phone at a time.

The Guts and Glory: Inside Your Budget Smartphone

So, you're itching for a deal, but you don't want to skimp on features. Sounds like a tightrope walk, but there's a safety net.


Let's talk internals, starting with the octa-core processor. Yeah, it's not just jargon; it means your budget smartphone can juggle multiple tasks without breaking a sweat.


Ideal for your multi-tab browsing and Spotify jamming sessions.


Storage isn't a game of Tetris, either. With internal storage options expanding in even the most affordable phone models, you won't have to bid adieu to your apps or memories.


By the way, if you're eyeing a Samsung A40, you might want to check out our unlocked and refurbished models. It's a pocket-friendly option that doesn't compromise on essential features.

Security That Doesn't Break the Bank

Your budget phone shouldn't make you trade off between cost and safety, right? Facial recognition and regular security updates are increasingly common, even in budget options.


Just look at Google Pixel 4a's tight security measures, not to mention that they're also on the cheaper side. Makes you think why you'd even consider other phones that dent your pocket and offer less.


Worried about longevity? No need. These budget beasts have gone through a rigorous testing process, ensuring they're in it for the long haul.


And hey, all phones from including our Google Pixel devices come with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Trust us, they're not going anywhere for a while!

Say Cheese: Nailing the Budget Smartphone Camera Game

We live in an Instagram world, folks! 


Your camera phone needs to do more than just snap a pic; it needs to capture a mood, a moment, a meme!


Budget smartphones like the Samsung A40 have upped their game, offering decent camera features like wide-angle shots and low-light capabilities.


Don't underestimate the selfie camera either; it's not an afterthought but a necessity.


So there you have it—choosing a budget smartphone doesn't mean you'll miss out on great features or compromise on quality.


Whether you prioritise long-lasting batteries, reliable performance, or a large display, there's something for everyone. 


Don't forget to keep an eye on our ever-increasing Samsung refurbished phones collection for the best value.

Best Budget Smartphones: Final Thoughts

So here's the straight talk. No need to break the bank for a phone that does the job and does it well.

With our 90-point check, 12-month warranty, and a bundle of other goodies, shopping at is basically hitting the jackpot.

You get quality, reliability, and a dose of good karma with a tree planted on your behalf.

No fuss, no muss—just great value that lets your wallet keep its cool. Time to make your ultimate decision!

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