Forget The iPhone 15 - Save Big with iPhone 14 Range!

Forget The iPhone 15 - Save Big with iPhone 14 Range!

Written by: Cristian Fry


Forget The iPhone 15 - Save Big with iPhone 14 Range!

Hold the confetti, everyone! Apple is officially launching the iPhone 15 range on the 22nd September 2023, but why spend top dollar when UR's got refurbished iPhone 14's that are just as slick?

We're talking 90-point checks, 12 months of insurance, and a bag full of goodies worth £45 included with all devices!

We'll plant a tree for you so Mother Earth doesn’t miss out on the action. Tempted? Scroll down for the nitty-gritty.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple's iPhone 15 range offers upgrades like USB-C connectivity and an improved camera set-up - but at a price that’s likely to dent your wallet.
  • The refurbished iPhone 14 range at functions just as it would fresh out of the box, without the exorbitant price tag.
  • Holding off on the iPhone 15? Smart move. Wait for the hoopla to die down and save big.
  • UR offers a bunch of awesome perks like a year-long warranty and eco-friendly practices.

Unearth the Goldmine: UR's Refurbished iPhone 14 Range

People, you don't have to rob a bank to get a killer iPhone. Meet UR's refurbished iPhone 14 range.

These beauties have undergone a 90-point check. They're Phonecheck certified. Yeah, we're pulling out all the stops.

Your concerns about warranty and insurance? Ditch 'em. We offer a 12-month warranty and a year's worth of free insurance.

Plus, if you're the indecisive type, we've got a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can date before you marry, so to speak.

Decoding the iPhone 15 Hype: Is It Worth the Fuss?

Forget The iPhone 15 - Save Big with iPhone 14 Range! Alright, let's gab about the iPhone 15. Apple's promising four models with specs that'll make tech geeks drool— an A17 Bionic processor, USB-C support (ditching lightning on iPhone for the very first time), and more.

But c'mon, it’s not like they're promising teleportation or time travel here!

In fact, if you check out our iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max models, you'll see they're no slouches.

They offer practically the same look, feel, and sizzle at a price that won't have you eating instant noodles for a month.

Sifting Through the Glitter: Practical Perks of iPhone 14

So here's the lowdown.

The iPhone 14 Plus comes with an OLED display and an epic camera too.

It's not like you're stepping into the tech stone age by choosing it over the iPhone 15. Tech specs are just half the story.

You're getting a sleek piece of machinery that has already proven itself in the real world.

And let's chat about availability. As with every new iPhone launch, getting your hands on one can prove difficult.

So, why not opt for a model that still holds its own?

It's your golden chance to snag a top-notch iPhone without elbowing through a crowd or refreshing a webpage at the speed of light!

Eco-Friendly Vibes, Seriously

While we're at it, can we talk about the tree-planting gig we got going? Yeah, for every order you make, we plant a tree.

You're not just saving cash, you're saving the planet too. It's like becoming an eco-superhero, minus the spandex.

Deal or No Deal: Why UR is Your Best Bet

Alright, take a sec to digest this. UR gives you a 12-month warranty. But wait, there's more! A 30-day money-back guarantee.

Still not convinced? How about £45 worth of accessories and 12 months of free insurance?

We're practically tossing the kitchen sink in with our refurbished iPhone 14 Pro Max deals.

You know how your grandma always said,

"Waste not, want not?" Well, this is your chance to live by those wise words.

You get an iPhone that's stellar in battery life, comes with oodles of accessories, and has been vetted harder than a contestant on a reality TV show.

Our iPhone 14 range doesn't just hold its own; it punches above its weight. It's like getting front-row concert tickets at ‘nosebleed-section’ prices.

Living on the Edge: Customization and Freedom

If you've ever felt like a rule breaker or a boundary pusher, the iPhone 14 lets you express that.

Slap on a cool case or screen protector from the £45 worth of accessories you get from us.

Not to mention, the older the iPhone, the richer the ecosystem of third-party goodies. You can trick out your phone without breaking the bank.

Camera Chronicles: The Visual Language

Sure, the iPhone 15 is poised to offer 8K video and some newfangled periscope zoom.

But let's be real; how many of us are actually shooting a Spielberg film on our phones?

The iPhone 14 already offers stunning visuals and photography, with specs almost on par with high-end DSLRs.

It's like owning a pocket-sized art studio.

The UR Seal: Beyond Just Refurbishment

Don't let the word "refurbished" give you the jitters.

At UR, every phone undergoes a 90-point check. That's 90 chances for a potential hiccup to get caught and fixed.

And as mentioned earlier, we're Phonecheck certified. That means every nook and cranny of your iPhone 14 is inspected, polished, and fine-tuned before it even thinks about reaching your doorstep.

What's the icing on the cake? How about a complete iPhone 14 range to choose from?

You've got options, folks. Need more space for those endless pet videos? Opt for a higher storage model. Looking for compact and sleek? There's an iPhone 14 size for that, too.

Life is about choices, and when it comes to snagging an iPhone, you're not just picking a device, you're picking a lifestyle.

UR provides a buffet of choices, both in product and in perks. It's a package deal; no hidden nasties, no sudden surprises.

Your move. What'll it be?

Why Buy A Refurbished iPhone from UR? Quality & Savings Guaranteed!

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