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How to Find IMEI Number Samsung: Quick & Easy Guide

Written by: Emma Morris


How to Find IMEI Number Samsung

How to Find IMEI Number Samsung. Are you looking for your Samsung phone's IMEI number? It's like a digital fingerprint for your device.


Just dial *#06# to find out your phone's unique code.


Intrigued? Stick around to find out why the IMEI number is your new best friend in the digital world.


Trust us, it’s worth knowing!


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Key Takeaways

  • Dial *#06# for a quick reveal of your IMEI.
  • Your IMEI is crucial for insurance and potential refunds.
  • It's a valuable asset if your phone goes missing.
  • Save your IMEI number in multiple places for easy access.

Why Is Your IMEI Number Crucial?

Think of your IMEI number as the unique DNA code of your mobile device. When your Samsung phone gets stolen or lost, this International Mobile Equipment Identity is your primary tool for locating and deactivating it.


It's more than just a jumble of digits; it's a personalised ID card network providers use to identify your device on their system.

You can report the IMEI number to your network provider, who can block the device, rendering it useless if it was potentially stolen or found outside your possession.

It also comes in handy for checking the status and authenticity of a second-hand phone before you drop your hard-earned money.

So, know it, note it, and keep it safe. You never know when you'll need it for the future.

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Dialling *#06#

Let's kick off with the old reliable: the dial method. Grab your phone and hit *#06# on the keypad. Your screen will light up with the IMEI code. No need to even tap 'call.'



  • Fast method to receive your phone's unique number.
  • No sifting through menus.


  • If your phone's lost or stolen, this method's a no-go.

Why use this method? Because it's instant. You get the specific number you need without diving deep into settings or apps.

IMEI via Settings

Another spot to find the IMEI is in your Samsung's settings.


  • Navigate to Settings > About Phone > Status.

Your IMEI information will be there, waiting for you to scroll down and find it.



  • No need to mess with the keypad.


  • Requires access to a functioning phone screen.
  • Might be complicated for tech newbies who don't know their way around a settings menu.

This method is your go-to if you can't use your phone's keypad for some reason. Maybe the keys are as sticky as a jam jar, or you're not quite sure how to access the dialling function.


Either way, a quick hop into your settings menu will unveil your phone's unique number.

IMEI via Manuals

Have you ever wondered whether the instruction manual in the box actually serves any purpose? Well, your IMEI number is often printed on the packaging or in the manual itself.


Take a breather from your screen, flip through the booklet, and jot down the details.



  • No need for device access.
  • Straightforward for people who prefer analogy methods.


  • If you've thrown away the box and manual, you're out of luck.
  • Not the quickest way to find the IMEI.

Paperwork isn't obsolete; sometimes, it saves the day.


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IMEI via Batteries

Do you have an older Samsung phone with a removable battery? You're in luck. Remove the battery and you'll often see the IMEI printed on a sticker underneath.


Of course, this doesn't apply to newer phone where the battery is often built-in.



  • Another off-screen option.
  • Handy for older phone models.


  • Modern phones often have non-removable batteries.
  • Requires a bit of device disassembly.

Just keep in mind that disassembling your phone can be a delicate dance, so be gentle.

IMEI via Network Provider

Want to avoid turning into a digital Sherlock Holmes? Just contact your network provider.

This info is often accessible through your account dashboard or a quick call to customer service.



  • Minimal effort required.
  • Accurate and verified details.


  • May need to verify your identity.
  • Not the fastest method if customer service is slow.

Your provider will have this identification number because it helps them offer specific services for your Samsung phone.

Final Thoughts

It's a numbers game, isn't it?


Whether it's the model number, serial number, or the elusive IMEI, every detail matters when it comes to your Samsung phone.


Knowing how to find your IMEI can be a lifesaver, especially if you're dealing with a missing or compromised device.


Got more questions? Dive into our comprehensive FAQ page to untangle all your mobile mysteries. We've got answers that will leave no stone unturned.


So go ahead, arm yourself with knowledge and stay tech-savvy!

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