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Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max Deals

Written by: Emma Morris


Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max Deals

Are you eyeing the iPhone 13 Pro Max but recoiling at its hefty price tag? You're in good company.

We've unearthed the best Pro Max deals that let you flaunt a brand new device without suffering from buyer's remorse.

And guess what? It's all available at UR.co.uk.

Read on to discover more.

For an even deeper dive into our treasure trove of options, head over to our collection of all refurbished iPhone deals to find the perfect match for your needs and lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

  • Excellent battery life for on-the-go video streaming.

  • Smooth display that adapts to your every need.

  • Want all this but cheaper? Refurbished is the way for you.

What Makes the iPhone 13 Pro Max Worth Your While?

Curious if the iPhone 13 Pro Max really lives up to all that praise?

Here's the deal: whether you get your hands on a brand new model or opt for one of our stellar refurbished iPhones, the jaw-dropping specs remain the same.

So, no matter if it's old or new, you can expect the following features below when you buy your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Feature Specification
Display 6.7-inch OLED, 2778 x 1284 pixels (~458 ppi)
Dimensions 6.33 x 3.07 x 0.30 inches (160.8 x 78.1 x 7.65 mm)
Weight 238 grams
Processor Apple A15 Bionic (5 nm)
Storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB

Choosing the iPhone 13 Pro Max isn't just about flaunting another shiny Apple device.

It's more like pocketing a mini supercomputer equipped with a vivid Super Retina XDR display, a formidable A15 Bionic chip, and a range of storage choices.

It's an investment in an upgraded mobile lifestyle.

Special Features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

So, now you know the specifications of an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, let's examine its unique features that make the most complicated tasks appear like a breeze.

A Closer Look at the Camera Capabilities

Stepping into the limelight, let's talk about what really elevates the iPhone 13 Pro Max—a system with three cameras that's nothing short of extraordinary.

Whether you're a casual user of social media or an aspiring filmmaker, this phone delivers when you need it to.

  • Triple Camera System: The phone's arsenal includes a primary 12 MP sensor, an ultra-wide 12MP sensor, and a telephoto 12 MP sensor.

    Throw in a 3D sensor, and you've got yourself an all-in-one photography powerhouse.

  • Improved Sensor: The device features a hefty 48-megapixel sensor, making your photos pop in every lighting scenario—from sun-drenched landscapes to shadowy alleyways.

  • Night Mode: The camera doesn't flinch when the sun sets.

    Thanks to Night Mode, your photos stay luminous and detailed even when you're chasing twilight.

The iPhone 13 Pro Mac camera system isn't merely a list of specs and features; it's a tool that enhances your photography game.

Whether you're snapping quick selfies or capturing priceless moments - you'll always be satisfied no matter what the outcome.

A Symphony of Smoothness

One of the brightest stars in the iPhone 13 Pro Max's constellation of features is ProMotion technology, with adaptive refresh rates that soar up to 120Hz.

That's right—the display isn't stuck at one pace.

Instead, it tailors its refresh rate to the content you're devouring, whether that's an action-packed video or a simple text message.

You'll notice smoother scrolling that glides, and touch input so responsive it practically reads your mind.

Video Playback Battery Life

Some peg the iPhone 13 Pro Max's battery life at a whopping 28 hours of video playback.

To put it in perspective, that's 2.5 more hours of binge-watching your favourite shows than its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Just remember, while these numbers sound like they came from a fairy tale, the magic will vary depending on how you use your phone.

Whether you're swiping through social media or capturing precious moments, the battery life adapts.

Brand New Phone Vs refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max

Let's cut to the chase: Refurbished phones are rising stars in the tech galaxy, and it's not just about the attractive price tag.

Especially when you opt for a refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max from UR.co.uk, you're essentially getting a masterpiece without the masterpiece price.

Why refurbished takes the cake.

  • Savings: Picking a refurbished device shields you from the jaw-dropping upfront cost that often makes you think twice before clicking 'Buy Now' on a brand new phone.

  • Quality Assurance: These aren't random phones from a mysterious warehouse.

    At UR.co.uk, each undergoes a comprehensive 90-point PhoneCheck, ensuring they meet the exact same diagnostic criteria as the brand-new, shrink-wrapped versions.

  • Sustainability: By choosing refurbished, you're not just getting a phone; you're making an eco-conscious decision that contributes to a healthier planet.

  • Incentives: Don't just stop at the phone. Score 12 months of FREE insurance that covers not just accidental damage or theft, but even offers £150 accessory cover.

    It's not just a purchase; it's an investment when you buy from us.

Navigating the maze of mobile tech specs, features, and financial considerations can turn anyone's brain into mush.

Amid this whirlwind of information, one beacon of truth shines through: refurbished phones, particularly models like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, offer an unparalleled blend of value and quality.

You keep all the perks, from those lush triple cameras to that eye-popping Super Retina XDR display.

The only thing that changes? A wallet that stays plump and happy.

FAQ on the Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max

Your curiosity piqued? We get it.

The refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max is a hot ticket item that can leave you buzzing with questions.

Let's dive into the most frequent inquiries that cross our radar.

Is the refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max really unlocked?

Absolutely! When we say "sim free," we mean it.

All refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max models at UR come unlocked.

That means you're not tethered to any single network.

Want to swap out your sim card on a whim? Be our guest!

Does it support wireless charging?

Of course! Wireless charging is not a luxury; it's a necessity in today's fast-paced world.

Your refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max has got your back, letting you juice up your device without any tangled mess of cables.

Still have questions or looking for more deals that'll make your wallet sing? Explore even more by diving into our best refurbished iPhone 12 deals and refurbished iPhone 13 Pro deals. Your next great find could be just a click away!

Final Musings on the Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you're yearning for maximum depth in your smartphone experience without emptying your piggy bank, look no further.

The refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max at UR is teeming with features that put even brand-new models to shame.

Why hesitate? Dive into our curated selection of refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max devices. Each sale echoes our steadfast commitment to sustainability—shielding both your wallet and Mother Earth.

Trust us, your inner techie and eco-warrior will both be doing a happy dance.

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