iPad vs iPad Air a comparison

Written by: Emma Morris


iPad vs iPad Air a comparison

At first glance, the standard iPad and its Air counterparts seem remarkably alike, both boasting excellent displays and powerful processing capabilities, all wrapped in a sleek, modern design.

These similarities make the distinctions subtle, especially when compared to the substantial jump between the standard iPad and the iPad Pro.

So, why invest an extra £100 or so in the iPad Air?

Take a closer look, and you'll discover the devil is in the detail.

iPad vs iPad Air a comparison, Keep reading to find out more.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Base Level iPad: Crafted as the ideal entry-level iPad.

  • The iPad Air:  Perfect for intensive daily usage without the hefty price tag of an iPad Pro.

Basic Differences Between the Two Models

Before we dive in, take a moment to review the table below for a concise overview of the differences between the refurbished iPad and the refurbished iPad Air.

Feature Standard iPad iPad Air
Design Thicker, heavier design Thinner, lighter design
Performance Standard performance, suitable for everyday use Higher performance, better for demanding apps and multitasking
Display Quality Good quality display, but may lack some advanced features Higher-quality display, often featuring True Tone and anti-reflective coating
Price Point Generally more affordable, aimed at education and entry-level users More expensive, targeting professionals and users needing extra performance

Designs of the iPad Air and the Standard Apple iPad

It would be amiss to say there's a stark difference in design between these devices.

Both have grown in size over the years, with the standard iPad generally having larger bezels, which have reduced slightly in newer models.

Especially recently, both the iPad Air and the standard iPad have come in similar measurements, minus a few half grams and half a millimetre or so in depth and weight for the iPad Air, but in the grand scheme of things, this is evidently minor.

Display Differences

The main difference can instead be found in their displays.

If you were to examine the more recent variants, the refurbished iPad 10th generation and the refurbished iPad Air 5th generation, you would find that both feature a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with the same resolution of 2360x1640 at 264 ppi. Learn more about the iPad Air 5th gen specs here.

However, like most aspects of the iPad Air, it goes slightly beyond to provide you with better, high-quality features, such as an anti-reflective coating and a fully laminated display.

These enhancements may seem insignificant to those seeking an iPad for basic daily tasks, such as social media scrolling or watching TV shows. 

Still, for individuals dedicating extended periods to activities like drawing or video editing on the tablet, these additional features prove invaluable, greatly reducing eye strain and enhancing overall performance.

Performance of the Apple iPad vs iPad Air

Performance-wise, the iPad Air overwhelmingly outpowers the base model iPad by a considerable margin.

Don't misunderstand us; typically, the standard model features processing capabilities two years behind the iPad Air, which is still more than adequate for playing high-demand games or streaming videos for extended periods without any issues.

Plus, both have similar battery life, with the newer variants lasting up to 10 hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi. Learn more about the iPad 10th Gen specs  here.

More recently, however, the iPad Air has started to arrive with processing power aligned to that of more premium models like the iPad Pro, making it more capable of handling heavy-duty workloads faster, such as for professional usage or intense hobbies.

Accessory Support

Building on the previous point, the iPad Air is compatible with more advanced accessories than the standard iPad.

With the standard iPad, you have the option to purchase a Magic Keyboard Folio and first-generation Apple Pencil, enabling you to tap, swipe, and scroll with greater precision, almost transforming the device into a small, compact laptop.

The latest iPad Air, on the other hand, supports Apple Pencil 2nd Gen, the standard Magic Keyboard, and Smart Keyboard Folio, offering a more comprehensive range of options to suit your personal preferences.

Both generations of Apple Pencils provide a 'no lag' experience, meaning you won't really notice a difference in scrolling efficiency. 

The distinction lies more in the gestures themselves, with the second-generation Apple Pencil allowing you to switch controls with the aid of different movements.

Pricing of Refurbished Models

As you can probably expect from the features and specifications, the basic iPad is less expensive than the Air variant, making it a fantastic entry-level iPad or one for kids. Explore our "How Much is an iPad" article for a more thorough pricing examination.

Yet, did you know you can receive all these features for a fraction of the original price when you buy the gadget refurbished? 

This saves you money in the long run and allows for more mobility to purchase your perfect device, including the ever-so-desired iPad Air.

Plus, you also gain a range of extras when you buy a device from us, some of which include:

  • 12 Months FREE Insurance:  Whether it's a refurbished iPad Mini, Air, or something else entirely, each device will arrive with 12 months of FREE insurance, protecting you and your gadget from accidental damage, theft, or more.

  • FREE Delivery:  Each of our iPads comes with FREE delivery, allowing you to save money for that special day out.

  • Plant A Tree:  We also plant a tree for every device purchased from us - all part of our commitment to sustainability.

Final Thoughts on Our iPad vs iPad Air Comparison

So, there you have it, a complete overview of the difference between the iPad and iPad Air.

To sum up, the base model iPad does exactly what it says on the tin, offering you standard features for first-time buyers or those wanting a tablet for everyday use.

Meanwhile, the iPad Air is generally more advanced, perfect for individuals looking to use the device for professional or intense activity without forking out the hefty sum for an iPad Pro.

Plus, if you want to  sell a gadget, why not sell your old phone at UR.co.uk? Here, we offer an easy-to-use system that'll provide a quote in seconds.

Make the smart choice today!

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