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Does Alarm Go Off when iPhone Is on Silent? - A Complete Guide

Written by: Cristian Fry


Does Alarm Go Off when iPhone Is on Silent? - A Complete Guide

Does Alarm Go Off when iPhone Is on Silent? Do alarms sound when your iPhone is switched to silent mode? The answer might surprise you.

While it's true that regular phone calls and text messages won't make any noise when your phone is silenced, your alarm will likely still be audible. 

Depending on your settings, you might hear a tone or vibration when an alarm is scheduled to go off, even with silent mode activated.

Continue reading as we explain how to customise these features and ensure your device wakes you up on time while keeping disturbances to a minimum.

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Understanding iPhone Alarms: How They Function in Sleep Mode and Turned-off

Relying solely on an alarm clock to jolt you out of a peaceful sleep can be a dreadful experience, but your iPhone alarm can make the experience less jarring and more enjoyable.

Your iPhone allows you to choose from a variety of alarm sounds that match your tastes and preferences. So, how do iPhone alarms work, even when your device is off or in sleep mode?

When your iPhone is in sleep mode, it turns off the screen and most apps to conserve power, except for the Clock app and its alarm feature.

This power-saving mechanism ensures the device wakes you up at the designated time, while saving battery power.

However, if your phone is switched off, your alarm won't go off because it needs power to work. It's good to note that if your iPhone is in airplane mode, the alarm will still work as long as it is set up correctly.

Tips for Ensuring the Reliability of iPhone Alarms with Different iPhone Settings

You can customise iPhone alarm settings to ensure the alarm works reliably. For instance, you can adjust the alarm volume to a level that you can hear when the device is in silent mode.

You can also choose an alarm tone that tickles your fancy or select a vibration pattern that alerts you without playing any sound.

You can also tap "Repeat" to set the alarm to go off at the same time every day, and if you often snooze, you can hit the "Snooze" button to get a few more minutes of sleep.

Troubleshooting Tips for iPhone Alarm Issues and Hacks for Restoring Functionality

From time to time, iPhone alarms may not work properly or fail to ring altogether.

If you encounter this type of issue, you can try troubleshooting the device yourself before contacting Apple support for assistance.

First, ensure that your device's battery isn't drained and that your device is on the correct time zone.

Check the Clock app settings to make sure that you have set up the alarm correctly and for the time you'd like to wake up.

If this doesn't work, delete the alarm and then create it again, restart your device, or reset your device's settings.

Do Alarms Sound When iPhone is on? - Final Thoughts

As long as the alarm is set on your iPhone, you can rest assured your wake-up call will sound at the scheduled time.

Whether you need to be woken up every morning or just occasionally, do not fear being late - your iPhone has your back!

So don't forget to set your alarms... you never know when you might need them!


Does your phone have to be on for the alarm to work?

Yes, your iPhone must be switched on for the alarm to sound.

To make sure the alarm works properly, just double-check that you have enough battery life left to last until at least the time your alarm is scheduled for and that it's switched on.

How do I silence my iPhone but keep alarm on?

The iPhone has a feature called ‘Do Not Disturb' which you can use to silence all notifications but still allow alarms to sound.

To enable this setting, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and tap the switch at the top of the screen. This will mute everything apart from any alarms you have set up in your calendar or Clock app.

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